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A niggling worry runs in the back of your mind “will I be able to upload so many files in a jiffy without any disruption and is it going to take the whole day long and be a colossal waste of my time.” Just for you, we have developed an in-house dedicated platform where just by a click of a button you can integrate your files from Youtube, Facebook, Dropbox be it Vimeo or Wistia to our platform.

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Why SCORM is Essential for Your LMS: A Comprehensive Guide

There are millions of courses and other small modules present around the LMS, but nothing collides or gets lost. Who makes this possible? LMS administrators, Instructional Designers, Specialists, and Course Authors manage it meticulously. The persons behind the wheel, taking care of all the heavy lifting, would always require the right tools to manage their [...]

LMS Admins Prefer SCORM to Enable Easier Upload of Courses: Know Why

.ra_section_title_647cd290e5af6 h2{font-size:32px;border-bottom-color:normal;color:#3c3e79;font-family:Poppins;font-weight:600;font-style:normal;} LMS Overview Learning Management Systems(LMS), an interactive learning module used for teaching virtually. The perception of learning took a turn when the internet boomed. As the LMS progressed, Teachers used LMS as an additional medium to reach their students through videos. However, during COVID, the consumption of e-learning went through a massive transformation, [...]

All you need to know about American Sign Language (ASL) Interpretations

American Sign Language (ASL) is the predominantly used language in the US and many parts of Canada. Around half a million people use this language regularly. With the increased usage, American Sign Language has been accepted as an academic necessity and a professional degree in the US. Though ASL is not a universally accepted language, [...]

Case Studies

On-Site CART captions for the Loyola Marymount University

CaptioningStar has been a stalwart in the media industry for the past two decades, revolutionizing accessibility services with our innovative solutions. Our expertise extends to major sectors such as IT, media, industries, and more. Over the years, we have proudly served over 16,000 clients from diverse domains, consistently enriching the media landscape. Let's delve into [...]

Live Captioning for SIDEM – Supporting Concurrent Sessions in Zoom

.ra_section_title_647cd2922099f h2{font-size:25px;border-bottom-color:normal;color:#3b3e7a;font-family:Roboto;font-weight:700;font-style:normal;} SIDEM Group CaptioningStar, one of the pioneers of live, post, and open captioning services, was recently approached by the SIDEM Group. SIDEM Group is a full-service creative, event planning, and management company based out of Washington D.C., They devised strategies for various government institutions, private sectors, and various other global events on Seminars, [...]

Utzu Logigan – A Rare Client’s Request for Our Services

CaptioningStar is a renowned provider of a wide range of captioning services, catering to clients ranging from small businesses to large organizations. Our expertise in captioning has made us a go-to option for many clients, and we always strive to deliver exceptional services that exceed their expectations. In this case study, we will discuss our [...]