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Accessibility is more than just a ramp.

CaptioningStar is one of the best end-to-end Accessibility service provider in the industry, delivering a comprehensive set of accessibility features for people with disabilities since 2007. We strictly believe that ‘Accessibility is inclusivity.’ We take the privilege of making any video content accessible to people globally, irrespective of their inability or disability. 

It is an honor to mention that we have been working closely with the top 100 Fortune companies and Event management platforms like Google, Twitter, Nike, Vimeo, Intuit, Microsoft, Amazon, and universities like the University of New Hampshire, University of Florida, New York University, the University of Chicago Medicine, to mention a few. We also support the Broadcasting, Media, and Entertainment industry like FOX News, Netflix, CNBC, History, and Grammy. We hold the responsibility to widen your audiences and engage them thoroughly.

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Our Services

CaptioningStar offers a full suite of accessibility services like Live Captions, Translations, Subtitles, Transcriptions, Language interpretations, ASL interpretations, and Oral transliterations. We also provide video post-production services like Dubbing, Voiceover, Audio description, Video editing, Restreaming, and Live streaming. We work with more than 50+ languages like Spanish, French, Chinese, Russian, Japanese, Arabic, and Korean, to name a few. All our services are ADA and FCC compliant, which are exceptionally distinct and absolutely unbeatable. 

Remote Live Captioning

Live/Real-time captioning

Live Captioning/ Live Transcription provides real-time subtitles for any of your live events or shows.

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language translation

Translations and Subtitling

Translate from the video’s source language to the target language of your choice and add subtitles.

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Closed captions

Live Stream Video Captioning

Host any type of event on any streaming platform or directly stream it on your social media pages.

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language interpretation

Language Interpretations

Multilingual live language interpretations in over 100 languages for all your meetings and events.

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Verbatim Transcripts

Get your free, proofread, verbatim print materials 48 hours after your live or post-event videos.

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video captioning

Pre-recorded Video Captioning

Do you have a library of pre-recorded videos? Upload them. We offer several post-event services.

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Audio description

Audio Description

Add an additional audio track to the video that describes the visuals on screen for the blind.

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Dubbing Voiceover

Revoice the original soundtrack in any language of your preference to target new audiences.

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Asl Interpretations

ASL Interpretations

ASL interpreting services are highly regulated. We are exceptional and employ certified interpreters.

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Our milestones

  • Seamless integration with several platforms- Zoom, Vimeo, Facebook, Adobe Connect, and more to provide accessibility
  • Translations, Interpretations, and Captions in 50+languages.
  • ADA, FCC, and WCAG compliant.
  • Turnaround time- Standard, Rush, Super Rush, & Express delivery

Our support team is responsive 24/7, 365 days, to address all queries. Take up our live chat and mention your questions. Get responses within minutes. We are flexible to meet your requirements.

Reach out to us at +1-929-416-2509 or drop in your queries to

Our services aim for Inclusion. We are the leaders in transforming speech into text and actions.

We assure, Accessibility benefits everybody, not just the disabled!!!




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