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Absorb LMS Management made Easier with SCORM

Just Plug-in all your Course Content with Ease

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Absorb LMS Support

With customers panning out over various sectors, Absorb LMS supports a line of big players like the University of Chicago, SONY, Gap. However, the managers of LMS immensely rely on themselves to curate the courses and assets. This consumes a lot of manpower and manhours to load the courses, manage and track the users’ progress.

To simplify the needs of LMS management, CaptioningStar brings you the finest solution to overcome the problems.

CaptioningStar - More than Just Captions

CaptioningStar, the industry leader with over 20 years of experience, covering captioning services for various industries like Finance, IT, Schools, Colleges, Universities, and other corporate industries.

What do we do? We cover all the aspects of captioning with experienced captioners. Services like Live Captioning, Open Captioning, Subtitling, Broadcast Captioning, and Audio Description Services along with primary services like transcription and translation. We are experts in supporting Live, Post events captioning and comprehensive support for LMS course integration.

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Learn more about SCORM


Shared Content Object Reference Model(SCORM)1.2 stands out as an exceptionally efficient version among all SCORM versions, streamlining the course uploading process to a Learning Management System (LMS)
SCORM eases the communication between the LMS and the courses and significantly reduces tediousness.

It offers a straightforward API installation, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of LMS platforms, thereby serving as a universal compliance solution.

What do you get

Hassle-Free Integration

Integrating course content with SCORM on any LMS becomes a breeze due to the easy compatibility of LMS platforms with SCORM compliance standards. The process seamlessly supports the integration, allowing for a hassle-free experience. Simply plug in the SCORM content and enjoy the ability to play it anywhere within the LMS environment.

Monitor the User

Effortlessly monitor the user’s progress and track their usage by going beyond the standard interaction features. Enhance the learning experience by incorporating quizzes and self-evaluations at the conclusion of each module. This approach enables comprehensive tracking of the user’s advancements and offers valuable insights into their performance.

Courses with Captions

Captioning is an essential part of the courses, providing users with the convenience of easily understanding the course content. Enhance accessibility by including a search bar that enables seamless navigation within the video content of the course.

XML to Ease Loading

No more worrying about loading large files and enjoy a seamless experience with smooth loading. The packages are efficiently loaded in XML format, ensuring optimal performance and eliminating any potential issues with file size. The XML carries both the courses and its assets.

Drag and Drop the Courses

Experience the convenience of a single upload to the SCORM cloud, allowing you to access your courses from anywhere. Seamlessly package your courses and carry them with you, as SCORM ensures compatibility across multiple platforms.

Emphasis on Accessibility

SCORM compliance mandates e-learning courses to be designed and developed with accessibility in mind.  Making e-learning accessible to everyone.

CaptioningStar + Absorb LMS

For all LMS admins, we are offering an innovative and affordable solution to save a ton of money through SCORM Compliance. With our complete integration support,

Get Complete Control over the Result

Save Time on Coding and Packaging

Save Money on Moodle tools

Reduce Your Coding Hours to Zero

We Simplify the Process in 5 Steps providing end-to-end support


Course and Asset Upload


Editing with Authoring Tools


Export SCORM Package


Run a Test after Delivery


Publish the Course on LMS

Clients Worldwide

University of Texas