How Accessibility Elements Made Money Heist The Buzzword On Netflix

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How Accessibility Elements Made Money Heist the Buzzword on Netflix?

How Accessibility Elements Made Money Heist the Buzzword on Netflix?

The traverse of the world from a busy lifestyle to a home-bound state.

But the covid 19 pandemic has brought drastic changes in people’s lifestyle, mental health, and quality of life worldwide. The unprecedented challenge to public health forced the government to enforce multiple lockdowns. These lockdowns forced people to stay indoors, and we were confined to four walls. Most of the population entered the solitary mode. Border closures and confinement measures isolated people from having social interactions. Despite social and economic disruptions, most people had nothing to do indoors. Necessities and services that were once sought found their way to our doorsteps during the pandemic. Thanks to the strong, well-established, inclusive network access to everyone around the globe.

A mind more inclined towards entertainment.

This internet service which is racist-free, found entry into every common household, making them stay connected throughout the pandemic. This was when people started making use of boredom, be it either productive or pure entertainment. Online courses, webinars, virtual classrooms and discussions, virtual presentations, virtual physical training classes, online cooking classes, high-level government-to-government virtual meetings, OTT platforms for streaming desired shows/movies, and many more events started taking tremendous pace with the imposition of lockdowns. Adding to all this is when people started thinking about their own well-being, they realized how their mental health is crucial for a healthy family. People slowly started relaxing. Subscriptions to the OTT platforms and games became their biggest preference to ease them. It was their most sought out entertainment. 

The boom of OTT Platforms

OTT stands for Over-The-Top. An OTT service is nothing but a platform that provides video and live stream feed to the viewers streamed through the Internet, instead of the traditional cables being laid. However, cables are confined to regions, giving us limited access to various other languages across the globe. From the onset of 2012, the OTT video services have directly impacted traditional pay-TV(s) – reasons owing to various factors such as cost-effectiveness, convenience, zero associated costs, ease of use, time flexibility, etc. 

Accessibility Elements on Netflix


Lately, it has been the entertainment in the COVID-induced lockdowns. The world has witnessed a revolution of computing devices and smartphones over the past two decades, making them essential or inevitable. OTT platforms like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, HBO Now, ESPN+, Sling TV, and many more services have taken this to their advantage to deliver content to people’s comfort at very reasonable prices. In turn, these OTT platforms started to gain popularity, thereby winning more customers. It is said that 85% of all internet users in the United States watched online video content monthly on any of their devices. The online streaming business started booming.

Types of OTT Platforms.

There have been three models of VOD in recent times. It’s SVOD, TVOD, and AVOD. Let us discuss everything in detail to get a clear idea of which model to choose.

SVOD or Subscription Video on Demand.

Based on the subscription pack, you pay, and the user gets access to a library of video content. SVOD service providers have various packages with varying price ranges to match the needs of the customers. We pay for the amount of video content available and better streaming quality. This service is provided with the help of satellites and the internet. SVOD allows its users to download and watch the content until they have a valid subscription pack. You will lose access to the content as soon as the subscription runs out.  

The best examples of SVOD platforms are Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, where users get access to a library of content.

TVOD or Transactional Video on Demand.

On the TVOD platform, there is no subscription. Rather pay only for that which you wish to watch. Just purchase the movie or show. Once the content is purchased, it can be watched whenever you want any number of times. TVOD service providers offer packages on each film as you require. If you don’t wish to get the video and have it in your movie collection forever, you could just rent one for a little while, maybe weeks, and watch them before you lose access. 

YouTube, Google Play movies, Amazon Rent, iTunes are all examples of TVOD.

AVOD or Ad-supported Video on Demand.

As the name implies, this platform is supported with ads. It is the most convenient service for people who are unable to pay for subscriptions. Users don’t have to pay money at all. They can ultimately access the content anytime for free. The ads are displayed here to generate revenue for the service provider. Many of us should have seen ads appearing in between videos. You have no control over the ads, and they generally appear for a few seconds. These advertisements that promote brands are the key to revenue. If you are trying to market your videos and products on VOD platforms, this AVOD is the best option. 

YouTube and SlingTV are AVODs. You can opt for uninterrupted video content by paying for the content you watch.

Accessibility Elements on Netflix


Statistics regarding the OTT viewers in the United States- 2018- 2024.

By the end of 2019, Netflix had the most number of viewers in the United States, which was about 154.4 million people. According to Statista, the number of subscribers is predicted to rise to over 182 million subscribers by 2021. The second-largest subscription video on demand platform is Amazon. By 2024, Disney+, which was launched in 2019, is predicted to have the third-highest number of subscribers as of 2024.  

The line chart shown below indicates and also predicts the number of subscribers in millions of various platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Apple TV, and ESPN in the United States from 2018 and also predicts the subscriber count by 2024.

Language knows no geographical boundaries.

Nevertheless, all these OTT platforms have broken barriers of regions and languages, starting to deliver content to anyone and everywhere on the Earth with access to the Internet. Thus OTT platforms have been on a steady rise in the recent past. Monthly and yearly subscriptions and the Video-on-Demand (VOD) services enable them to watch their favorite programs numerous times. It has made OTT service the future of the content-creating industry, with a number of producers and filmmakers making launches through these platforms – their work of art. Just adding new customers to their platforms is no big success, but retaining the customers over longer periods of time is the biggest challenge. That is when the video content in all the platforms started getting diversified. 

A lot of genres were being added to retain the crowd to the platform. Many movies, series, TV shows, and documentaries are available for live streaming and can be re-watched at your convenience. That is when Netflix acquired the streaming rights of Money Heist, Squid game, HBO Now telecasted Game of thrones, Amazon Prime acquired The boys, The Good Doctor, Disney Hotstar is streaming Sex and the city, Grey’s Anatomy. Thus each OTT platform started to pick series and shows from various genres to make them stand out among various other platforms. 

Accessibility Elements on Netflix
It is evident that Netflix has the highest number of subscribers. In this article, let us discuss how Money Heist became the most-watched series on Netflix, and on what terms Netflix accepts video content. Money Heist is a Spanish series that has stolen millions and millions of hearts throughout the world with its awesome heists. This series crossed all geographical barriers with captions, subtitles, and voiceover as their main accessibility features. The hard-of-hearing population, non-native speakers, and foreign language people are equally enjoying the show, despite being streamed in Spanish. 

What content does Netflix accept?

Netflix, the video-on-demand subscription-based streaming service allows members to watch TV shows and movies without commercials on any device that is connected to the internet. Thus subscribers can play, pause or resume watching without commercials.

Netflix is one of the world’s leading entertainment services with 241 million paid memberships in 190+ countries. 

In addition, in the absence of an internet connection, Netflix offers you the service to download TV shows and movies to iOS, Android, or Windows 10 devices. Watch TV shows, series, documentaries, and feature films as much as you want, anytime, anywhere.

Accessibility Elements on Netflix
Do you have any ideas for a show or film?

Are you yearning to send it to Netflix? Let’s see how to send it.

Random customers cannot drop ideas here. Netflix keeps in touch with licensed literary agents, producers, attorneys, managers, or entertainment executives with whom they have a pre-existing relationship and are attached to a quality cast. All other ideas or content submitted by other means is considered an ‘unsolicited submission’.

Thus, Netflix does not accept unsolicited materials or ideas. 

Also, remember that Netflix no longer considers captions and subtitles as secondary assets. You need to provide a separate closed caption file when you submit your content. Follow the Netflix closed captioning specifications. Closed captions are also called timed-text files.

Web series- More popular than ever!

Most of us today are engaged for long hours with web series. Web series have the potential to become popular almost immediately and go viral. Hence they are in the limelight for distribution by major TV and film companies. These web series telecasted today build momentum, episode by episode, creating utmost curiosity among its viewers. Thus web series are top-notch entertainers. A web series accommodates more information than movies, but they are split into seasons and further split as episodes. Each episode is a short story. You are free to create a pause to take a coffee break or open a new tab.

Web series are easy to watch with just a stable internet connection. They have a definite number of episodes and you can watch them all in one go, the binge-watch. 

Accessibility Elements on Netflix
Most web series are providing better and original content than any other feature presentation. A multitude of opportunities has been created for actors, writers, independent producers, directors, and other industry professionals who want to feature their creativity at a lower budget rather than large budget productions. The talent once rejected by the film industry is slowly gaining its pace in this area. The upper hand with web series is that the rules that govern television series are not extended to web series. Thus you are free to create stories on bold subjects with limited risks. 

Our subject ‘Money Heist’ is based on a bold crime drama. 

Money Heist- An introduction.

“Beware of someone who has nothing to lose.” The objective behind this series. 

The series was originally conceived by Alex Pina and was directed by Jesus Colmenar in 2017. Set in Madrid, this is a Spanish series and was named ‘La Casa de Papel, a heist which has been never attempted before on Spanish television. Taking advantage of the typical heist he spans a considerably longer narrative arc with numerous characters. 

Accessibility Elements on Netflix
The first part of this series was aired on free-to-air Spanish TV channel Antena 3. Initially, the show received good reviews and the first part was watched by over four million viewers. It remained a leader in the commercial target group but there was a gradual decrease in the number of viewers as the show aired at different time slots and because of the summer break within the parts. The commercial break was responsible for the disruption in the narrative flow of the series.

Acquisition by Netflix.

Money Heist isn’t the first Spanish series to be streamed on Netflix. Earlier in 2015, it streamed ‘Club de Cuervos’, a Mexican comedy-drama. The popularity of this series sparked Netflix to invest in more Spanish-language series. Thus, despite regarding Money Heist as a failure, Netflix acquired the streaming rights of this content on 1 July 2017 and made it available on Netflix Spain. 

More Spanish web series with captions

Later in December 2017, Netflix acquired the global streaming rights of this series. Initially, this series was available only in Spanish but Netflix dubbed the series and renamed it as ‘Money Heist’ for distribution to the English-speaking audience.  Ever since then, people who are dying to watch web series, Money Heist is the recommendation that every TV nerd would suggest. ‘La Casa de Papel’ is full of nail-biting tension, betrayal, emotional backstories, hidden character drama, and a plan so meticulously drafted. This became the most-watched non-English series on Netflix in 2018. On accessing the viewer experience, it’s evident that this show on Netflix reached people better than Antena 3. The experience on Antena 3 versus Netflix was very different although the flavor of the series remained the same. Within 4 months of streaming, it became a sought-after show without any dedicated marketing campaign. The drastic rise in the number of viewers made Netflix sign a global exclusive overall deal with the creator Alex Pina. 

Accessibility Elements on Netflix
Some people in Spain were unaware of its original Antena 3 broadcast. In fact, they came to know the series only from Netflix. Javier Gomez Santander wrote in the El Mundo as “Money Heist had no promotion or anything. Netflix put it in that pile of series that it has, which is like the sock drawer that you never look in and from which only the algorithm can rescue you, and we didn’t think it was a big deal.” 

To understand the real popularity of this show and its reach globally, we will have to recall a few words stated by Professor Álvaro Morte. He said that people around the world started studying Spanish because of the Money Heist as they wanted to hear their real voices.

Accessibility Elements on Netflix

Fascinating!! Isn’t it? 

Many people researched the internet to know if Money Heist would continue to season 6. Unfortunately no. There is nothing called Money Heist Season 6. The Money Heist series has 5 episodes. The first season has 12 episodes, the second, 12, the third, 13, the fourth 14, and the fifth 10. The fifth season was split into two parts and each part had 5 episodes. The fifth part alone was watched by 69 million viewers in the first 4 weeks after the season’s release, and Netflix is still counting.

Money Heist- The plot.

Money Heist, originally in Spanish called ‘La Casa de Papel’ with the literal translation: The house of Paper is a fascinating heist drama series. It is aptly named so because the plot of the series revolves around crafting a perfect heist to rob the bank, Royal Mint of Spain. The mastermind behind the heist goes by the name ‘The Professor’ with his brother Berlin (revealed later in the series), and puts together a group of criminals who pull out a lifetimes’ heist. His plan is super strong and his foolproof executions are just mesmerizing on screen. The Professor chose them as a member of the group because of their different skill sets and there is something familiar with all the characters in this series, which goes as ‘Beware of someone who has nothing to lose’. With the bunch of antagonists, the story proceeds and turns them into adorable protagonist characters. 

Accessibility Elements on Netflix
Each character’s personality depicts the different cultural Spanish backgrounds, throwing a proximal familiarity that makes it stand out from other Korean, Chinese or American series. The show has three exclusive elements- red jumpsuits, Salvador mask, and ‘Bella Ciao’. The character names are replaced with the names of cities to protect their identity. The idea is not just to rob some money and run away, but to hold hostages until they print their own money in the bank. With several subplots in the present, flashbacks sequels, the story keeps the audience on the edge of their seats. In the later season, as the memory of deceased Berlin, the Professor pulls up another heist on the Bank of Spain. 

The breath-grasping series, which holds no certainty for the next upcoming minute, was the most-watched non-English series worldwide, with a considerable chunk from Mediterranean Europe and the Latin American world.

Awards won by Money Heist.

In the last 4 seasons premiered, Money Heist, out of 30 nominations in total, garnered a whopping 26 titles/awards.

Accessibility Elements on Netflix

In 2017 the series received the Premios Iris and Fotogramas de Plata awards for Best Screenplay and Audience award respectively, thus totaling two.

In 2018 it won a total of 7 awards which included the Spanish Actors Union awards, Premios Feroz awards, Premios Iris awards, 46th International Emmy Awards, MIIM awards, Golden Nymph awards, and the Festival de Luchon awards.

In 2019 the series won all 5 award categories in the Premios Iris awards, and 1 in the Spanish Actors Union Awards, totaling 6 awards.

In 2020, out of 11 nominations, the series was put to, it won 1 in the Spanish Actors Union Awards, 3 in the Platino Awards, thus totaling 4.

How did Money Heist traverse the world?

This series reached an international audience when Netflix first dubbed it in English. It helped Money Heist become the intercontinental phenomenon it is today. This series gained a worldwide audience with dubbing, captions & subtitles, and audio description. Along with English, this series was also dubbed in French, Polish, and Brazilian Portuguese, opening it to a larger audience. Thus it became the top viewed show on Netflix in these six countries, namely France, Italy, Chile, Portugal, Brazil, and Argentina.

Accessibility Elements on NetflixIf you are not contented with watching the dubbed series, you can watch the show in Spanish but with subtitles which are available in English, European Spanish, French, Polish, and Arabic. Dubbed shows also have captions that run parallel to the words you hear. The main aim of captions and subtitles is to eliminate discrimination and to provide equal access to viewers with hearing impairments. 

Money Heist and India.

With the launch of Netflix in India in  2016, Indian subscribers grew dramatically. With the closure of theaters owing to the pandemic, the huge Indian market gradually shifted to digital platforms. With around 151 million paid memberships all over the world, Netflix did find a very large market, by entering India. Members in India watch Netflix mostly on their mobile phones, in fact, the mobile streaming of Netflix is the highest in India than anywhere else in the world. This has led Netflix to release an India-specific plan for users to pay for using one single mobile or tablet to view the entire library for a very low monthly fee. This in turn has increased the subscriber base for Netflix. According to Statista, Netflix India recorded a revenue of over nine billion Indian rupees in the year 2020.  

Money Heists’ top market after the launch of the 5th series was India, followed by the US and then Spain, an analysis by Parrot analytics said. With the premiere of new episodes, the demand grew by 122.6 times more than the average series. The two volumes of Money Heist part 5 were released on September 3, and December 3, 2021, respectively. From 5th December, Netflix streamed the show in regional languages like Tamil, Telugu, and Hindi for audiences in India as it aims to build its global footprint. Dubbing, Captions, and Subtitles are evergreen for a successful show.

Accessibility means inclusivity.

We strive hard to make every single thing accessible to every single person with a disability. Digital accessibility is not about the disabled users being able to access the website, it is about everyone being able to access it without any discrimination. There are several accessibility features like assistive listening system, audio/video description, font size controls, keyboard shortcuts, screen readers, voice commands, and when watching videos it can be playback speeds, dubbed shows, captions and subtitles, voiceover.

Accessibility Elements on Netflix
Watch any content on Netflix with captions and subtitles. All the shows on Netflix are accessible today. All the accessibility features available in Netflix take inclusivity a step ahead. 

Read below to know more about the most important accessibility feature- captions and subtitles.

Impressive benefits of Captions and subtitles.

Captions aren’t just time-synchronized transcripts. They are beyond it, making your videos accessible in all possible ways. Accessibility provides an equal opportunity to everyone despite any impairments the user might have. Closed Captions and

Subtitles break all barriers and help reach out to more potential population in many ways. This accelerated the growth of the entertainment industry. More consumers subscribed to various OTT platforms as video consumption has increased manifold. Let us discuss the importance of Captions.

ADA and FCC compliant:

According to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), places of public accommodation are to be made more accessible for people with disabilities. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) also requires strict guideline adherence for video programming delivered over both TV and the internet to support the disabled.

In fact, Netflix was sued by the US National Association of the Deaf in 2011 for not providing closed captions for the deaf and hard of hearing for all its content, citing that the company violated the Americans with Disabilities Act. Later, Netflix captioned its entire library by 2014 and stated that their new content would make captions available within seven days of release. Today, Netflix captioning specs are so high. Adhering to these specs is not just to get them approved by Netflix, but to accommodate everyone’s viewing needs and preferences. Most files are rejected for poor translations rather than any other sort of error.

Avoid being sued by associating with CaptioningStar.

Let us save you from these rejections. Any content submitted to Netflix should carry timed text files according to the Netflix general requirements. We know it’s time-consuming to understand all these specs and create timed text files for your shows and movies. At CaptioningStar, we strictly adhere to all the requirements of Netflix to provide valid captions which are over 99% accurate. We assure to work on your projects with certified translators and captioners. Contact us anytime!!!

Boost the audience's attention and comprehension with captions:

Videos with captions engage the audience for longer hours. According to Verizon media, 80% of consumers are more likely to watch the entire video when captions are available. It has been known that closed captions increase the average watch time by 12%. Most of the viewers subscribe to streaming platforms to watch multilingual content. Hence including captions would make foreign language programs more accessible keeping up the viewership. The good news is that captions and subtitles can bring in tens of thousands of subscribers to your platform and you can retain them for longer times. 

Approachable to all kinds of audiences:

According to the WHO, globally, about 1.5 billion people live with some degree of hearing loss. Also, nearly 1 out of 3 people over 65 years are affected by disabling hearing loss. Captions and subtitles are primary accessibility features for the deaf and hard-of-hearing population. Some people among the audience might also suffer from learning and behavioral difficulties like auditory processing disorder or Autism. With captions, let these people enjoy shows like the rest of us. 

Captions are not only for people with disabilities but also for people like us. 80% of US consumers are more likely to watch an entire video when captions are available. Most people watch videos on mute if closed captions have been enabled. It’s sensible to watch programs only with subtitles in noise-sensitive environments. Audio and captions together enhance retention and keep the information intact. 

We have several award-winning multilingual TV programs and videos on various OTT platforms. We get an opportunity to watch these foreign language programs with accurate captions. Now languages and geographical barriers are no longer a hindrance to multilingual video content. For second-language speakers, captions aid them in learning the language better. 

Web series like Squid game, Money Heist, and Game of Thrones, became super popular and most-watched shows. They traversed the world within months.

Manage your Captioning and Dubbing work here.

CaptioningStar aims to make your video content accessible to all despite any disabilities. We strictly adhere to ADA and FCC captioning guidelines. Captions are the best way to maintain viewership and accessibility. An inclusive content should accommodate a wide range of diversity- all races, sex, age, socio-economic status, learning behavior, and disabilities. Accessible shows win more audiences. More audience means more subscribers. Accurate accessible captions to all your videos enhance engagement and retain customers.

We are a team of dedicated professionals preparing captions that accurately sync with the audio. Our certified linguistics translate videos and prepare subtitles in languages of your choice. We provide translations in more than 100 languages. 

As discussed, with dubbing, any program can be translated to a language the audience wants to hear.  At CaptioningStar, our voice artists hide the evidence of translations making the foreign content appear native to the target audience. Thus your TV shows, movies, or series can be syndicated or licensed to be released in markets other than the original country of creation. Dubbing is a very specific skill. It requires word-to-word lip-synchronization. On a scene, we might need more words or fewer words than the source content to bring out the expressions of the video. Thus we prepare transcripts accordingly. We are also keen enough to match not only the movement of the lips but also the acting, emotion, and intonation. 

Most OTT platforms are into dubbing their content to open up to a wider audience. With our specialized voice actors and sound engineers, flawless dubbing is ensured. This time-consuming process needs perfection and that’s why we use better software, new applications, and plugins for each project.