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Council Meetings to Press Event

City Councils and city offices are responsible for conducting smooth operations of the city. They monitor and enhance the well-being of the residents, these tasks include weekly and monthly meetings that air publicly. Moreover, they interact with the residents directly via press meetings, community meetings, and feedback sessions.

We provide complete accessibility support for the city offices to seamlessly deliver the messages and the happenings with the help of our robust accessibility solutions.

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Legislation, Development, and Accessibility

A Government example setting would be establishing and transforming the community’s well-being to a much more accessible one. Extending their hands beyond the Legislation which solely exists for the cause of development, a complete development can only be attained after providing an equitable platform for everyone.

CaptioningStar, fighting for the cause, extends its support to meet the needs of the disabled community by offering a wide range of accessibility services. Since 2007, we have supported the entire community with  various accessibility services.

Let’s Build an Inclusive Community Together

Audio Description Services

Make your city’s visual content accessible to visually impaired citizens with our top-notch audio description services. Our team of professional describers will ensure that every visual detail is vividly and accurately conveyed.

Closed Captioning

Enhance the accessibility of your videos with our precise and timely closed captioning services. From city council meetings to public announcements, we make sure everyone can follow along, including the deaf and hard-of-hearing community.

Live Captioning for Events

For town halls, public forums, or any live event, our real-time captioning service allows every citizen to participate fully, regardless of hearing ability.

Transcription Services

Get accurate transcriptions of meetings, speeches, and city events, making it easier for all residents to stay informed about local government activities.

Translation and Localization

Cater to your diverse community with our translation and localization services, breaking language barriers and fostering inclusivity.

Following All Accessibility Guidelines




Section 508

We Go Above and Beyond

Comparing the other captioning providers, we go the extra mile to fulfill your requirements. With others, you would have to burden yourself with 70% of the processes like integration, uploading and post-production.

We do


You just do


Utilize the saved time to improve your business.

We Cover A-Z in Accessibility

Just Count on Our Five Stars

We are a fortune 500 company and recently contracted out to Captioning Star for the past few months now and their service is impeccable. Audio to transcripts turnaround is done quickly. Communications with the Production and Support team has been outstanding. Highly recommend!

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Heather Linkfield

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Captioningstar provides excellent transcription tools for film documentaries.
It’s online system streamlines the process of obtaining accurate and timecoded interview transcripts that are critical to the story editing process.

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Salvatore Salvia

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Great final deliverable and great communication. We needed VTT files created from transcripts and their team did a wonderful job. We got a sample file early on to test and they delivered the full file set earlier than expected. I’d definitely recommend Captioning Star.

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Erik Nielsen

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Frequently Asked Questions

What accessibility services does CaptioningStar offer for city offices?

CaptioningStar provides live captioning for meetings and events, ensuring accessibility for individuals with hearing impairments.

How can city offices benefit from CaptioningStar's accessibility services?

City offices can enhance inclusivity and compliance with accessibility regulations, fostering greater community engagement and participation.

Is CaptioningStar's live captioning service available for virtual and in-person meetings?

Yes, CaptioningStar offers live captioning for both virtual meetings conducted online and in-person meetings held at city offices..

How does live captioning work for city office meetings?

Trained captioners transcribe spoken content in real-time, displaying captions on screens or devices for individuals to read along during meetings.

What languages are supported by CaptioningStar's live captioning service?

CaptioningStar provides live captioning in 100+ languages to accommodate diverse populations within city offices and communities.