Captioning Star supports Adobe Connect Platform

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CaptioningStar is trusted by 500+ New Yorkers

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Vendor Comparison Table

Here is a Comparison Template that has all our features and specialties listed. You can use this online template to compare the services and features provided by other vendors with CaptioningStar. Thus, this template would be easy to analyze the features and price of services from multiple providers.

Finally, you are free to download the table for further reference.

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Captioning service highlights

CaptioningStar provides premium Live Webinar / Virtual Event Captioning services with Adobe Connect platform. We have expertise and technology to channel the live captions virtually with 99% of accuracy in captions.

  • CaptioningStar along with Adobe Connect delivers more secure content and aims for confidential result tracking
  • Captioners with relevant experience of 18 years in the field produce timely delivery of captions at affordable rates.

Top captioning services we offer (but not limited to)

Closed captioning service

40% of video production companies in NY use our closed captions.

Open captioning service

About 90% of the clients recognized us as a worthwhile resource.

Real time captioning service

History of captioning around 1000+ hours in real time.

Embedded captioning service

Delivered captions in 15+ customized output formats.

Remote live captioning service

Captions streamed in seconds even when kilometers apart.

Broadcast captioning service

Captioned 25+ types of TV shows in top-rated channels.