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Improve Engagement with CaptioningStar’s Closed Captions for E-Learning Videos

Across the globe the spread of novel coronavirus Covid-19 has led to profound changes in social interaction and the education industry has not been immune. The field of E-Learning has gained popularity and the approach towards online education has evolved in recent times.It also encourages the students to learn on-demand and provides greater flexibility by learning at their convenient time. Enabling closed captions for e-learning videos in Adobe Connect can improve learner engagement and help the individuals who are d/Deaf or hard of hearing instruction. CaptioningStar makes it easy to caption and subtitle all your current online courses and videos! Why to wait ? Send your E-Learning videos now !

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Add Value to your E-Learning Videos with us!

  • Send your E-learning tutorials in any file format to us. 99% accurate closed captions will be produced by our captioners who are certified from NCRA.
  • We offer different captioning styles knowing your expectations like roll up, pop on and paint on. You can choose the style you need.
  • We have an experienced captioning team who regularly work on e-learning videos and our expert in many platforms like Blackboard , Canva etc.
  • A team of Quality experts triple checks the captions produced and their objective is to bring about 100% accurate captions
  • We ensure to offer the closed captions that are timely and perfectly synchronized with the speech delivered by the instructor /moderator.
  • We can also help in uploading your e-learning tutorials to platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo to increase the chance of reaching a larger audience.

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At CaptioningStar we can enable subtitles in multiple languages, besides English. Your online courses become more accessible and reach a larger audience when subtitles are available in your student’s native language. If you’re selling your courses online, this could result in higher sales as it reaches the Global audience.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

No setup is required and we do not charge for any setup.

We offer our services on an hourly basis as it is important to hire a captioner and we support at least 30 minutes of captioning an event /meeting /webinar.

Yes our CART/broadcast captioners are certified steno writers from NCRA.

Yes they are available. We have Spanish , English ,French ,Portuguese ,Japanese and Chinese Bilingual captioners.

It’s recommended to inform us between 2hours -48 hours prior to hiring our service. This helps in smooth transition between both the parties.

 Yes we do. We even offer a 10-30% discount if your organization continuously conduct virtual Events.

Yes we do End to End services right from Live Captioning the Video and Post Live Captioning activities.

Yes we have worked with 50+ Virtual event organizers and helped them in both pre event services like Marketing, Free Webinar services and Post Event services.

Yes we are well versed with Adobe Connect End to End services right from Adobe Connect Training offer / Setup/Marketing and end to end services.

Post event we support 25+ languages .

Yes we offer a free 15 minutes Adobe Connect live captioning test session.

Yes we provide Live  Automated Captioning for Adobe Connect.

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