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First Class Audio Description Services

Make your videos accessible for all, With our exclusive audio description service, get precise and high-quality services to cater to the needs of the challenged.

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At CaptioningStar,

We Strive to Deliver Exceptional Quality

  • Highly trained Professionals Voice the Videos
  • Affordable Prices-Best in the market
  • Fully Compliant with SEC 508
  • Both Extended and Standard Audio Description Services
  • Professional Script Preparation
  • Compliant with Audio Description Coalition Standard
  • Compliant with American Foundation for the Blind Standard
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Customized for your Industry Needs

Museums are centers where history, culture, and heritage come to life. Tours integrated with Audio Description Services for the exhibits elevate the entire experience for the blind and disabled. We have exclusively worked for multiple museums to provide end-to-end Accessibility services, covering Live Captioning, Image Captioning, Audio Tours, 3D Virtual Tours, Live and Post Virtual services.

The recent boom in the consumption of media on OTT platforms paved an easy way to integrate Audio Description Services to help the disabled. CaptioningStar worked on more than 50+ movies covering major OTT platforms worldwide like Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, HBO Max, Disney+, Apple+ and etc.

We don’t restrict ourselves within a boundary called post-audio description. We extend our services for Live Virtual events like Business Meetings, Conferences, Webinars, and other Marketing Streams on the platforms like Youtube, Zoom, Facebook, and Vimeo.

Delve Deeper into the World of Audio Description

Audio Description Services

Know More About Audio Description Service

Audio Description Services are a type of accessibility service, audio description consists of an audio file that can be played simultaneously with a film or program, where a narrator describes visual elements of the video that provides an audio track that describes the visual content for the blind or visually impaired people, also called as Descriptive Video.

Process of Audio Description

The audio description service supplements the existing audio of a program or film by providing additional information about the visual elements such as

  • Actions
  • Body language
  • Facial expressions
  • Scene changes
  • Significant visual details

At CaptioningStar, we write the AD scripts with the help of the right
professionals and record with a Professional Voice Artist/Preferred
Voice Artist in the required language or accent.

Audio description process

Types of Audio Description

Commonly, Audio Description Services are delivered in two types,

Standard Audio Description

Standard Audio Description

  • Brief Narration
  • Focuses on the Key Visual Elements
  • Provides Adequate Context Explanation
  • Describes the Objects

To enhance the original content rather than detract from it, it is important to keep them concise enough to fit into the allocated time for standard Audio Description.

Extended Audio Description

  • Detailed Narration
  • Focuses on Nuances and Detailed Elements
  • Inclusive Explanation of Minute Details
  • Delves Deeper into the Surroundings, Colors, and more details.

Extended audio description temporarily pauses the audio and video to allow critical information to be delivered.

Extended audio

We offer both Descriptive Video services at affordable costs

our expert team will guide you to choose the right service after analyzing the nature of the content.

We cater to all kinds


Films & Series

Explainer Animations

TV Episodes

Corporate Videos

Museum Exhibit

E-Learning Courses

Gaming & Simulation Videos

Theater Art Videos


All Post Production Services in a Single Package

  • Audio Description Script Writing – Voice Over Recording – Editing/ Mixing – Audio Engineering & Restoration.
  • Foreign Language Dubbing and Layback Services.
  • DVD Mastering and Blu-Ray Mastering & Formatting.
All Post Production Services in a Single Package

Audio Description Workflow

Audio Description Workflow

Just Count on Our Five Stars

We are a fortune 500 company and recently contracted out to Captioning Star for the past few months now and their service is impeccable. Audio to transcripts turnaround is done quickly. Communications with the Production and Support team has been outstanding. Highly recommend!

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Heather Linkfield

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Captioningstar provides excellent transcription tools for film documentaries.
It’s online system streamlines the process of obtaining accurate and timecoded interview transcripts that are critical to the story editing process.

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Salvatore Salvia

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Great final deliverable and great communication. We needed VTT files created from transcripts and their team did a wonderful job. We got a sample file early on to test and they delivered the full file set earlier than expected. I’d definitely recommend Captioning Star.

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Erik Nielsen

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Everything about Audio Description Services, Here at CaptioningStar!

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