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Smarter Captions
for Smarter People

AI-Powered Accessibility Solutions,
Built for a Better Tomorrow

AI solutions for every accessible need

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100% AI Generated Captions,
Quality Assured By Humans

Build with a Human Heart and AI Intelligence

AI Captioning

With Robust and embedding support for any player

  • Our AI captioning is capable of understanding the nuances of the Language
  • It recognizes Accent, Slang, and Other Factors
AI Subtitling

AI Subtitling

Delivering the essence of Nativity to Connect Everyone

  • Over 100+ languages are Available in a Single Platform
  • Redefined AI subtitling solution with Complete Support

AI Transcription

Discover the intelligent form of Speech-to-Text

  • Smarter Large Language Models that Quickly Recognize All Accents.
  • Trained in over 12 languages
AI Transcription
AI Translation

AI Translation

Experience the richness in translating the content with our AI-powered localizing tool

  • Precise and Accurate to the Core
  • 100+ Languages Readily Available

AI Voice Over

Our Synthesized automated voice systems help you voice your content within a snap,

  • With background music
  • Pausing
  • Editing
AI Voice Over
AI Dubbing

AI Dubbing

Connect with locals across the world with our AI-powered dubbing

  • Realistic voices
  • Supporting over 12 languages
  • Various accents and slang in Text-to-Speech format

Currently Offering Only for the
Enterprises and Bulk Orders

100% AI

Based Content Creation

tickAI Voice Over

tickAI Captioning

tickAI Translation

50% AI

Based Content Creation

tickAI Voice Over

tickAI Captioning

tickAI Translation

100% Human

Based Content Creation

tickAI Voice Over

tickAI Captioning

tickAI Translation

CaptioningStar’s Expertise


With close to 2 decades of Human Expertise, We are determined to walk the extra mile to provide AI Captioning Services with utmost accuracy and authenticity.

AI Eye Contact Correction

Are you a Creator/Influencer, struggling with reading the script on your videos now?
We have just the right solution for your worries.

With the help of AI, correct your eye contact in a jiff with no extra time on the integration of a separate tool.

Live AI Eye Correction

Live AI Eye Contact

Post-Production AI
Eye Contact Correction

Post AI Eye Correction

Benefits of Generative AI Solution

There are a  plethora of benefits swarm over generative AI solutions


Save Time & Money

Time is money in terms of modern saying, with exclusive generative AI Solutions, you get to save both.


Maximize Productivity

Automation takes care of the tedious repetitive tasks, leaving us a bunch load of focus time to increase productivity.


Creation Becomes Easier

It is pure magic to create audio, text, translations, transcription, and dubbing just by prompts.

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