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Workplace Learning on Articulate has Gotten Even Better With CaptioningStar

Just Plug-in all your Course Content with Ease


Articulate LMS Support

Articulate uses in-depth Technological support to provide a comprehensive suite of E-learning platforms for Workplace learning. More than 12000 organizations including the Fortune 100 have partnered with Articulate to produce effective workplace learning modules.

CaptioningStar - More than Just Captions

CaptioningStar provides top-notch services including Closed Captioning, Live Captioning, Open Captioning, Broadcast Services, Audio Descriptions, and Post Production Services. We cater to clients from various industries, such as media, IT, finance, universities, and event management. With our Broadcast captioning services, we ensure that our clients’ content is captioned accurately and delivered on time.

Additionally, we provide end-to-end support for LMS platforms, including customized LMS management solutions. This allows LMS Admins to have peace of mind, as we take care of all the heavy lifting, ensuring that courses are uploaded to the right place and follow SCORM compliance.

CS screen

Learn more about SCORM


Shared Content Object Reference Model(SCORM) is a cloud-based storage drop system that allows for easy drag-and-drop compatibility with all Learning Management Systems. It simplifies the process of uploading and extracting content by delivering a highly compressed format that is universally supported by every LMS.

This widely recognized compliance system provides guidelines for uploading and managing LMS courses with a specific set of rules that enable administrators to make the courses adaptable to multiple other compliant LMS.

SCORM is not a regulatory system, but rather a framework that unites the LMS combination to accept content in a standardized format. Additionally, it offers a customizable space to incorporate desired LMS styles and functionalities.

What do you get

Integration Support

CaptioningStar provides complete support for Articulate including all the plans with the SCORM background.

Intensive Tracking

Get extensive tracking features, and accomplish more on course management by monitoring the user’s progress.

Captioning for Each Course

Avail captioning for each course, with an easily seek able facility. Additionally, a search bar will provide easy navigation to the course content within the video.

Upload as a Package

Effortless management gets possible as the course loading happens in XML format, which creates an extra space to upload as a package.

Drag and Drop

Just upload once to the SCORM cloud and access your courses anywhere. Pack your courses and take them anywhere as SCORM provides multi-platform compatibility.

Accessibility Guaranteed

No more struggles with on API crisscross, offer a seamless experience for disabled people with accurate captioning.

CaptioningStar + Articulate LMS

For all LMS admins, we are offering an innovative and affordable solution to save a ton of money through SCORM Compliance. With our complete integration support,

Get Complete Control over the Result

Save Time on Coding and Packaging

Save Money on Moodle tools

Reduce Your Coding Hours to Zero

We Simplify the Process in 5 Steps providing end-to-end support


Course and Asset Upload


Editing with Authoring Tools


Export SCORM Package


Run a Test after Delivery


Publish the Course on LMS

Clients Worldwide

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