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Sign Language Interpretations for any industry, any event.

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ASL Interpretation Services from CaptioningStar.

American Sign Language is one of the fastest growing languages requested in the United States today. In order to work as a sign language interpreter, there are requisite skills and experience. We ensure that all our interpreters are trained and they hold a national certification from RID/NAD (Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf/ National Associate of the Deaf). Interpreters should also have essential physical abilities like manual and finger dexterity, wrist finger speed, and dual limb coordination.


How do we include all the above population?

Hire Sign Language Interpreters. The deaf and hard of hearing individuals generally rely on sign language. They find it difficult to pick up everything from subtitles, particularly when they are group conversations or hidden faces. Facial features such as eyebrow motion or lip-mouth movements are significant in ASL as they form the crucial part of the grammatical system. 

Sign language has its own grammar, syntax and stylistic nuances and works much better for the hard of hearing population. Also, many people in the deaf community struggle to follow English. Keeping all this in mind, let us prefer to employ sign language interpreters for all types of events and meetings. 

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Why do you need a Sign Language Interpreter?

According to the WHO, more than 450 million people worldwide have disabling hearing loss and 34 million among them are children.

Other services offered by CaptioningStar

Live/Real-time captioning

Live Captioning/ Live Transcription provides real-time subtitles for any of your live events or shows.

Translations and

Translate from the video’s source language to the target language of your choice and add subtitles.

Live Stream Video Captioning

Host any type of event on any streaming platform or directly stream it on your social media pages.

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Multilingual live language interpretations in over 100 languages for all your meetings and events.

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StreamText Real-time Captioning

Make your live/ real-time captions appear on a separate window or device with StreamText.

Pre-recorded Video Captioning

Do you have a library of pre-recorded videos? Upload them. We offer several post-event services.


Add an additional audio track to the video that describes the visuals on screen for the blind.

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Revoice the original soundtrack in any language of your preference to target new audiences.

Verbatim print materials -transcripts

Get your free, proofread, verbatim print materials 48 hours after your live or post-event videos.

We cater to every industry that exists today




Virtual events

Hybrid events


Live sessions


Top reasons to choose CaptioningStar

Qualified interpreters holding national certifications from RID/NAD

ASL interpreters are specialized in interpreting industry niche content

Seamless integrations with various platforms for remote interpreting

We offer email, phone, and live chat support round the clock- 24/7.

We offer both on-site and remote interpreting services

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