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What is Audio Description?

Audio Description is an additional audio track that describes (short verbal descriptions) the visuals on the screen like the facial expressions, background, costumes, or the changes in the scene in detail for the blind or people with low vision. Thus, it’s a form of narration. Audio Description is also referred to as Video Description.

At CaptioningStar, we professionally produce AD scripts and record with your preferred voice artist/ narrator voice in any language or accent.

Audio Description

Types of Audio Description

audio description

Standard Descriptions

Standard Descriptions permit snippets of narration that are inserted into pauses within a program’s dialogue (original video content). You can convey a small amount of detail for the content. Not all your expressions can fit into these pauses, making them unsuitable at times.

Extended Audio Descriptions

Extended audio descriptions describe every minuscule of the program as the source video is temporarily paused while the extended audio descriptions continue. After the complete description, the source video resumes again. Works wonders for the visually impaired.

Confused about what to choose? Our experts will guide you through.

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How do we add Audio Descriptions?

We first understand how much time is there in between the dialogue or action sequences, or music score to add a description. Our trained describers prepare the scripts accordingly and decide what visual cues need to be described. These scripts are then read by a professional narrator. Finally, the descriptions are mixed/added with the main program audio without disturbing the original content.

What elements do we describe in the video?

  • Facial expressions
  • Speaker identification
  • Setting and screen
  • Body language and gestures
  • Costumes
  • Multi-media effects and lighting
  • Dance and other movements
  • Individual mannerisms
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