Multilingual AI Live Captioning Service for DCE Production

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AI Live Captioning Service for DCE Production

AI Live Captioning Service for DCE Production
DCE Production

Client Background:

DCE Production based in Tampa, Florida specializes in Virtual Events, Live Event Production, Hybrid Events, and Video Production. They work with corporates, non-profits, and association clients to execute one-of-a-kind events.

Executive Summary:

DCE Production approached us with a requirement for a multilingual AI live captioning service in – French, German, Korean, Simplified Chinese, and Japanese. Our team handled the project like the pros we are.


The client needed our support with AI live-captioning their event in 5 different languages for their 4-day event. The event was primarily conducted in English and had to be translated and captioned in the requested languages. AI live captioning is a great choice when hosting virtual events as it minimizes the need for staffing captioners and translators and can also generate captions in any required language but it also limits the accuracy and reliability of translated content.

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Our Solution:

Our experienced team booked the right captioners to oversee the AI translations via Streamtext and helped the client get the best quality output with ease and efficiency. As these were translated to French, German, Korean, Simplified Chinese, and Japanese pre-dominantly by AI software we wanted to have human captioners in each language over-see and ensure the quality of output. It is always better to book real-time captioners as AI translations are prone to miscommunicate the narration and take it out of context.

Client Feedback:

The client was satisfied with our overall quality and output and will be working with us long-term. Long-term projects are signed on trust, assurance, and experience – at CaptioningStar we provide consistent quality output with every project that we take up.

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