The advantages of pre-recording videos for live events

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Benefits of pre-recorded content in a live event

Benefits of pre-recorded content in a live event

The live video streaming industry is exploding. Live content is watching something as it’s happening. It’s more of a connection; it feels more human and keeps us busy and engaged. Live streaming allows you to reach anyone across the globe as geographical or size constraints no longer limit you. You can make your event more accessible for people who couldn’t be reached otherwise. It is also a great way to engage your audience in real-time. 

Now, do you have several pre-recorded videos in your library? Trying to make them available to the worldwide audience?

If yes, take the idea of hosting your live events with pre-recorded content. You can avail all the benefits of a live video with the flexibility of pre-recorded streaming. Live-streaming your pre-recorded videos allows you to have full control over the content you broadcast.

Most online media platforms like event management companies, live-streaming, and social media platforms today have premiere features that allow pre-recorded videos for their live streams and events. Crowdcast, Brightcove, Vimeo, Zoom, Kaltura, DaCast, Facebook, LinkedIn, Periscope, Instagram, YouTube to name a few. Thus, creators find enough time to connect with their audience by answering live chat questions while the pre-recorded videos are played on streaming platforms.

Before we understand the methods for sharing pre-recorded content in a live event, let us look into the benefits of pre-recorded content in a live event. 

Advantages of pre-recorded content in a live event

1.Entitled to make foolproof live stream

Any trouble with your internet connection, for instance, inadequate upload speeds when streaming, can make you frustrated with the picture quality, dropped frames, or low audio quality. Sudden background disturbances can also embarrass you when on live. Remember not to disappoint your audience and the experience the viewers would have.

Prerecorder content

In such cases, pre-recorded videos are the right choice. Forget your internet speeds and go for multiple takes at your convenience. No video freezing and no disturbances.

2.Greater control over your content

You must have watched several bloopers on live shows. Live-streaming is unedited and unscripted, and many have screwed up on live events. When pre-recording your video, you have the privilege of taking any number of takes. You get full control over your video as you pre-produce the content and elevate the production quality in post-production. Thus, when you are ready for a live, you can record content that exactly looks like your original live stream.

3.Put the presenters at ease

The presenter or the speaker is the face of the event. They are the key to a successful live stream. Here, the greatest benefit of pre-recorded content is that it puts your speaker at ease, and thus, they would be able to deliver amazing content. Straining the presenter would flop your show. 

Your presenters can go for multiple recordings to deliver their best. The presentation can be polished and delivered in the best possible way you can, ultimately leading to less stress. This also boosts their confidence and get a complete control of the event. 

If in case the pre-recorded videos have technical issues, they can be fixed as and when free and can be continued thereon, which is otherwise not possible with live sessions. Create a relaxed environment that would ensure quality content for your attendees, partners, and sponsors.

4.Creating professional live videos

Not all live videos are perfect. Many people fail to notice and don’t consider mistakes when watching a live stream. But that is not the same with creating corporate videos or any other videos because you have no room for errors here. The wise choice here is to pre-record your content.  

The entertainment industry is keen on using professionally made videos to reach a wider audience and have more impact.

video gif

While many companies focus on transparency, they are free to stream everything live, including mistakes whereas others wish to have an error-free stream. For instance, if you are producing live streams of your cosmetic items to help shoppers discover your brand, you cannot afford to make mistakes, or the feeling of live should not hold you back from listing out your unique features. 

Thus to showcase it professionally, consider using pre-recorded content with proper lighting sound editing, and you are free to prepare your scripts well in advance.

5.More flexibility

Nothing ever goes as planned. Pre-recorded videos add more flexibility to your schedules. You may have an appointment with the doctor or need to attend a meeting when you generally go live. Here you get an opportunity to record your live streams and schedule them at the normal time, rather than calling it off or postponing. You still have time for all your commitments and obligations, providing greater flexibility as and when you need it. 

6.Ample interaction with the audience

When live streaming, you are definitely busy presenting to interest your audience and hold them for long hours. You would not find enough time to engage your viewers in real-time and may miss a number of comments. This can frustrate your audience as they don’t feel connected to your content. 

With pre-recording your content, presenters have enough time to read the questions coming in during the presentation and thus gather their views for the Q&A or chat sessions. Therefore, you get a chance to develop a good rapport with your customers and can hook them to your videos for a long time.

7.Option for creativity

pre-recorded content

Your power of creativity may not always be influential in all instances, especially when you do live broadcasts. Everything you perform should be spontaneous.  

Exploring your creativity becomes challenging while live streaming by yourself. You may tend to miss a lot of creative elements because you have too much to handle, the show, and your audience. 

With pre-recorded streaming, you can gather all your creative stuff in the creation process and make your content complete and satisfying. This is also less stressful for a live streamer.

Methods for sharing pre-recorded content in a live event

1.Screen share with audio

With a chromium (Open source web browser project) based browser, you can easily share your screen with audio to your audience. It is as simple as sharing your screen for a meeting or presentation.

2.A virtual webcam

Spice up your webcast!!! With third-party software, you can broadcast your pre-recorded video content in real-time. You would be able to pass the live feed to any streaming platform from a webcam. Ensure to choose reliable third-party software.

3.RTMP Encoder

RTMP stands for Real Time Streaming Protocol. Using an RTMP encoder, transmit your video files to any online video hosting platform. Thus, your prerecorded videos are perfect on video hosting platforms. This encoder is compatible with most of the widely available hosting platforms.

The importance of a pre-recorded shows with captions

Despite your interactions with the audience while the pre-recorded video is playing, have you ever thought about including captions in your recorded content. Captions are always a great way to engage your viewers. With captions, you can approach all kinds of audiences. Eliminate discrimination and provide equal access to populations with hearing impairments and ESL speakers. 

For foreign language speakers, get your content translated to various languages of your choice. Thus, you would reach a wider acquaintance who are’nt aware of the video’s source language. 

Captions and subtitles retain the information intact and keep up the viewership. When live streaming, a live captioner should be secured. You cannot expect absolute audio and video synchronization. There are 2 to 7 seconds time delay in live-captioning. Thus, it’s easy to add captions for pre-recorded videos. Absolute audio and video synchronization can be ensured. Once you are done with recording, captions can be added along with your post-production work.

Hire CaptioningStar for high-quality captions

At CaptioningStar we provide captions in any format you demand, and we also suggest the formats that are compatible with your videos. We translate it to more than 50 languages and offer reliable subtitles to target the worldwide population. We even translate your captions to widen your audience. 

Captioningstar recently worked with an event management company and a live communication agency in the US and the UK. We were able to deliver them captions in English and translated the pre-recorded videos into Spanish, French, simplified Chinese, Chinese traditional, Arabic, Indonesian, Latin, Brazilian Portuguese, Vietnamese, Thai, German, Taiwanese Mandarin, and Italian for live streaming.  With translations, they were able to attract a large-scale audience worldwide.

Thus when your pre-recorded videos go live, captions appear as and when the presenter speaks, making it a remarkable live video. You have all the benefits of a live video with the flexibility of pre-recorded streaming. 

Happy pre-recording to make your live content perfect!!!