The action be taken for organising in-person events

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Best Practices for planning In-Person Events

Best Practices for planning In-Person Events

Time to re-connect

Mankind has always been naturally pushed to exhibit resilience, and the pandemic is no exception. Now that we have learned to manage uncertainties despite the uneventful pandemic years, it’s time to reconnect, meet and greet each other in person.

Another massive change for the Events Industry is where it has to refocus on organizing the pre-pandemic style of predominantly in-person events. When in full gear of all paraphernalia for virtual and hybrid events, there is a need to rejuvenate and accommodate In-person events.

More care, New normal

An invite, A walk-in. No more simplistic format for In-person events. New health protocols – sanitization, masks, vaccinations, new food requisites, new social distancing rules, and travel restrictions for attendees. Defining best practices at every stage gauges the success of the event of any type and scale.

The human connection, the in-person greeting of each other, is invaluable. The social movement of people from different places, gathering at a common event place, networking with like-minded professionals, sharing knowledge,  expanding contact base, forming meaningful connections are the best things that can make a difference.

Make effective planning

Look forward, assess, plan and execute your events in the best direction possible. Check out for flexible venues, payment terms in the event of uncertainties, hygiene parameters, health priorities, simultaneous management of participants in-person, and virtual attendance.

Inputs from Industry Player - Hopins

Being one of the major players in the Events Industry, here are some valuable pointers from Hopins. A deep dive into each of them is sure to take your event to great heights.

The list of best practices are as listed in the infographic below. Feel free to download a copy for your future reference.

Brace up yourselves!

We hope this helped for an insightful awareness in determining the preparedness to handle In-person events. As much as we are delighted to reconnect with people, we have to take the appropriate measures in conducting these In-person events.

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