7 Reasons why should Transcribe and Caption your Webinar Videos

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7 quick reasons why you should transcribe and caption your webinars

7 quick reasons why you should transcribe and caption your webinars

Webinars are here to stay thanks to the internet. Web conferences can be conducted in one place and the participants can be in any nook and corner of the world and still attend/participate from the confines of their home or from their vacation spot or even while traveling. Be it a business conference, class discussion, presentation of a medical breakthrough or even a tutorial, webinar comes to the rescue. It is necessary to provide a transcript of the webinar videos as it can be used as a ready reckoner, an immediate source of reference for the end user.

Advantages of transcribing and captioning webinar videos

 Includes viewers with hearing disability

Introducing captions in Webinar videos will be of great help to the hearing disabled. The audio and caption will be in sync thereby making it easier for them to read and follow the event or discussion. An additional provision of a transcript can be used by them as a reference at a later time. Viewership will definitely expand. By United States law it is mandatory to provide transcript and caption for the webinar videos.

Hearing Disabilities

 Facilitates easy comprehension

Easily understandable

Webinars with transcript and captions will help the audience to understand easily especially in online learning. When we hear and read simultaneously the brain grasps and remembers better.

 Native language not English

Webinar videos with captions and transcripts will make viewers with minimal knowledge of English to take an interest in the video as they can read and listen and improve their English and vocabulary. The audience may even find it difficult to understand the accent in such a case captions is a boon.

Native Language not english

 Environments too noisy and where silence is golden

In a crowded noisy environment like in a mall or in a library where silence is a must thanks to captions and transcripts you can participate in a webinar.


 Increase in business leads for SEO

Webinars with transcripts increase traffic in search results as transcripts contain keywords your audience is looking for and optimizes search engine strategy. Provision of transcripts is highly favored by professionals on the go.

Increase Revenue

 Translation into any language

Webinars with captions in a foreign language can be viewed by people from non-English speaking countries. Language is no more considered a barrier.
Language translation


Webinars with captions an added advantage for students makes learning easy as it improves their vocabulary helps in note taking, comprehension and clarifies their doubts. Students also prefer transcripts as it can be used as a reference tool.