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CASE STUDY – End-to-End Live Captioning and Post Captioning services of an Online Study Material for the District School of Florida.

CASE STUDY – End-to-End Live Captioning and Post Captioning services of an Online Study Material for the District School of Florida.


The Corona pandemic has severely disrupted the lifestyle of young and adults alike, the scale has been so widespread that it has resulted in the closure of schools in the United States, causing unprecedented disruptions of schools in every state.

Almost 124,000 U.S public and private schools have been impacted, in 45 states, 4 U.S territories, and the District of Columbia, with 55.1 million students affected due to the closure of their schools.

The sudden closure of the school has spurred many schools to host online classrooms for the beleaguered students so that their education can continue unhindered.


In the same vein, a district school in Florida reached out to us to see if we can help them transcript their online classes that would be hosted through Zoom video conferences. The school IT administration also required the online stream to be recorded and encoded into a video format, with captions added to the video, and integrated into the e-learning platform ‘Blackboard’.


One of the students in the online classroom was hearing impaired, and captions were being added to the online study material to fulfill his needs. The school would LIVE stream the online classes for fifteen hours every week. After being briefed by our sales team on how the process would be accomplished, and the cost for the service, a dry run was conducted for the administration, which decided to move forward.
On the scheduled day, the LIVE stream of the classes were transcribed and recorded. Using a video editing software Camtasia, transition effects were added to the video. The transcript was also edited, time coded, and converted into an SRT format.

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Using Adobe media encoder, the video was encoded and converted into an MP4 format, to make it compatible with all browsers and media players, including the ‘Blackboard’ platform.
After end-to-end editing and processing, the online study videos of the school were posted on the e-learning Blackboard portal. The satisfied school administration continues to assign us the responsibilities of posting online classroom videos to ‘Blackboard’, after end-to-end editing, processing and captioning the videos.

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