Deliver exceptional in-person event experiences

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Encourage people to attend in-person Events

Encourage people to attend in-person Events

The new era of Events

Are you trying to deliver outstanding event experiences in the new era of Events?

It would be weird to call conventional events the new era as we have been accustomed to conventional events all these years. Pre-Covid, most of us would have just attended a handful of virtual events. Post-Covid, in just overnight, we have upturned. Hundreds of virtual events are being hosted, small-scale and large-scale. Now that the virus is getting into hiding, several event planners are busy arranging in-person events. Although some event planners are still relying on virtual channels as a backup for in-person events, most others favor hosting face-to-face meetings. They are realigning to scale up the in-person attendance as well.

Now, let us stop looking up for backups as the industry increasingly returns to face-to-face gatherings, which is the emerging trend in the world of event professionals. This year is the year of new events tends. Can in-person events completely replace hybrid and virtual events? Would virtual events stay parallel to in-person events? Bizarre?? Read more.

Significance of in-person events

The process of planning, organizing, marketing, and executing in-person events is no child’s play as it used to be before. Most of us are accustomed to the advanced features of various digital event platforms. Thus, in-person events should now accommodate these value-adds. The amount of technology involved should be enhanced.

Let us understand the importance of in-person events and encourage people to attend. 

LinkedIn research states that 78% of companies have wished to return to in-person events once it’s safe.  

Host Covid Compliant events. Read more.

The ‘wow’ factor- Personal connection

People interacting in an event

By now, most of us would have experienced virtual event fatigue. That’s overwhelming. Let’s not get strangled here. We are finally seeing a return to in-person events where we gather in a place with peers to build a strong personal connection. You are free to interact with people and read their gestures and facial expressions to establish a personal connection. Meeting people directly is much more refreshing than viewing someone on screen. You get an opportunity to meet people with similar interests and share your thoughts. A good in-person connection is vital to our well-being and a successful business. 

Meeting new prospects

Business meetings

We have had no business travels or get together’s in years together. As many say, long solitary years with Zoom calls and working remotely have made us Zoomed out. What is better than looking into people’s eyes and associating with them. This is perceived as friendly and welcoming. You are free to move to an exhibit booth, start a conversation with someone related to your industry, chat with an attendee sitting next to you, have food or drinks together with them, or any other way to interact with each other in person. If your business needs to meet new prospective clients or partners, then nothing can replace the essence of an in-person experience.

The value of tactile learning

Firm handshake in a meeting

What do you think can be a more powerful gesture than a firm handshake. Here this firm handshake means the person is genuinely interested in you or your business. If you had attended a business event, you could not deny the value of tactile learning. Creating engaging learning environments with touching, hearing, sensing, and interacting with innovative ecosystems and technologies improves personal connections. This builds trust and instills a sense of confidence. Make unique opportunities to connect with delegates and exhibitors to improve new technology, connect with target audiences, and launch new products and services at a business event. Thus, be a part of this organized social event program.

Complete attendee engagement

Complete attendee engagement

Attendee engagement is a crucial factor to consider before organizing an event. We held a survey at an e-learning company to get their suggestions on virtual event engagement and in-person event attendee engagement. Most of them pointed out the fact that they felt distracted by virtual events from kids, spouses, pets, and roommates. Also, they lacked the face-to-face connection, and a few mentioned it was lifeless. You have significantly fewer or no distractions in a conventional event, unlike the virtual sessions. Two-way communication is ensured, leading to equal participation of all the attendees. The attendees are also free to interact among themselves and express their thoughts which is limited in virtual events.

Updates and insights about the market

Speakers on stage

Networking provides you with ideas about new business opportunities and enhances connections for successful business deals with other businesses. You have a favorable environment to gather insights around what is happening in the market when attending in-person industry events. This information can often be specific to new technological developments or concerns about new regulations or product launches. There isn’t anyone who cannot pick up any sort of information from an in-person event. But if you intend to gather information regarding the market, events are real treasure houses, with several industry professionals in one place. You also get a chance to know more about new products or services introduced in the industry.

Ideal for longer events

An in-person gathering

It’s pretty tiring to sit in front of your computer screen or mobile screen for long hours, especially during virtual events. You have distractions at home, observe less, and thus quickly tend to lose interest in sessions that extend more than an hour. Longer the hours, the lesser the engagement. But in an in-person event, you are free to move within. Take adequate breaks. Have food or beverages with other attendees and share your thoughts. Thus longer events can establish more physical connections. Attending industry events is fun as they are an idea for a good party. Make money and have fun at the same time. Remember, the more people are attracted to you, the more opportunities you are presented with; the power of real connection.

Enhance brand awareness

Enhance brand awareness

The in-person events industry offers enormous opportunities for marketers to drive brand awareness. Market positioning and introducing new products or services to the industry are crucial. The impact of physically being in an exhibit hall, an expo, or a trade show increases the market perception of your products. Generate new prospects from your visitors. Presenting at key industry events is a powerful way to target other industry professionals. Many conferences give you an opportunity to become a presenter, participate in panel discussions, or showcase your area of expertise. Grab the attention of your sponsors and develop related networking activities. Thus, in-person events have major financial benefits for businesses and local economies. Experience real-world branding. 

Virtual events are here to stay, but consider attending in-person events whenever possible as they generate more impactful business opportunities and promote real human connection. After all, humans are social animals. Thus, we thrive the best when we are in the company of others. 

Accessibility for in-person events

In-person events hosted after this would follow the hybrid model. Thus, event planners would have to plan their accessibility needs well ahead of time to include their in-person and virtual attendees. Various services from CaptioningStar include live captioning, ASL interpretations, translations & subtitles, and language interpretations. We also offer post-event services like closed captions, video editing, transcripts, and voiceover, and we can also stream it on other live streaming, OTT, and VOD platforms. Contact us to know more about our services and our turnaround time.