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Experts Discuss about the necessity of post virtual event video

Virtual Events Take Centre Stage During Covid-19

Virtual events are nothing new but owing to the current situation of Covid-19 pandemic we’re seeing many organizers pivot from in-person to digital. COVID-19 has had a huge impact on business, with the Live events industry one of the first to be hit.

The rise of technology and launch of new Virtual Event platforms has led organizations to conduct Virtual Meetings / Webinars or Event by choosing the right platforms like Zoom , Webex , GoToWebinar , RingCentral, Adobe Connect ,Life Size and Streaming platforms such as YouTubeLive ,Facebook Live and Vimeo to LiveStream their events.

Make the most out of Post Virtual Event Videos

Post Virtual Event Video/content can be used wisely through live streaming or on-demand video through the various tools/resources available today.These Videos can be promoted through Social Media channels to gain more visibility which inturn helps the organization to establish its brand identity.

Whenever a user searches with a relevant keyword on Social Media your Post Event Video /Content is likely to appear and you may not know this User can turn out to be your potential customer.

Most of the people who utilize our Live Captioning Services were not aware of the Benefits of Using Post Event Video/Content .In an effort to understand the importance of Post Virtual Event Video and how it is to be promoted for better yields, Soma Nathan ,Vice President at CaptioningStar & TranscriptionStar gathered a group of Digital Strategists and Event Industry experts from prominent B2B and Event companies and asked their opinion on How to make use of the Post Virtual Event Video / Content and why the customers are missing out this vital service .

We prioritized opinions and first-hand information from experts in Marketing,Event Management and various other industries..

Greg Ward

Greg Ward is a professional MC, Speaker and Television Presenter (live and virtual) with over 20 years of experience on the global stage. He has presented to more than half-a-million live event attendees of events through 15 countries and many more in the digital space (a recent virtual event seeing him keynote to attendees in 17 countries) and as an Internet broadcaster, he believes deeply in the power of well-crafted video.

I think there’s a pitch that needs to be made back to your clients in terms of repurposing the transcription. The angle would be along the lines of ‘one presentation, many different uses’ (but worded more enticingly). Every presentation could be repurposed as a blog post, a book chapter, short snippets can become LinkedIn marketing videos (already captioned), Facebook posts, email newsletter content and more.
The likelihood of many people watching a whole captioned video AFTER a Live events are going to be very low (as you have already seen) so your pitch would be best about how to use it after the fact. Perhaps there’s a secondary sales opportunity for you to pitch to your clients, where you offer to do all of the above – doing short video edits (in conjunction with their needs) and/or blog posting.

Ricky Wolff

Ricky Wolff is a results-driven tech marketing leader with several years of experience in the IT industry. Experienced in developing and executing marketing strategies, demand generation and designing powerful social media strategies. His take on Post Virtual Event Video /Content : Videos in marketing are now more relevant than ever. With the right video marketing strategy, you are able to lift engagement in your marketing campaigns. By incorporating videos in virtual events, you are able to engage your audience and combat digital fatigue that many of us are facing right now.

Incorporate videos on your landing pages to capture the attention of your visitors. You’ll see that your landing page conversion rates will improve. Be mindful of the duration of the videos. Nobody is going to watch a 15-minute video if they are early stages of product research. Keep your videos short and concise and at the end of each video, introduce the next best action for your audience. Think of series on Netflix, they are designed for you to binge-watch. This is what you should achieve with your video marketing efforts.

Clement Labbe

Experienced Digital Marketing Professional with his specialities in Affiliate Marketing, B2B & B2C Marketing, Tech Marketing, SEO, Paid Search, Online PR, Events, Social Media, Online Medias, White Labels, General Management, Online Marketing, Market Analysis, Business Strategies, Business Development, Networking.His Opinion on Post Virtual Event Video /Content:

With the current situation virtual events are definitely becoming a part of many companies’ strategy. I believe most of the companies running virtual events are taking advantage of this and sharing the content post event within their social media platforms and within their websites. Often widely accessible and sometimes as a way to generate leads and interest from customers.

Scott Douglas Clary

Marketing & Sales Exec  @ ExciteM / Grass Valley | Host @ The Success Story Podcast  shared his opinion on making use of Post Virtual Event Video/Content, I would say recordings of the event are extremely important, and expected. And can also be used for marketing collateral. So it can be used internally and with customers / guests as well.

Kristin Markowski

Business Development Representative at SlidesLive had to share her thoughts on Making Use of Post Virtual Event Video/Content. I think my best advice from past experience would be to have short, flashy clips to promote the video / event, “highlights”. Those kinds of clips get the most traction online. I think I’m our current climate the sense of community from attending virtual events together are the best way to connect.

Paul Cook

Events Writer, Hybrid and Virtual Events Producer, Author & Lecturer. He helps organisations in the events industry improve via creative content and found one of the right person to comment about Making use of Post Virtual Event Video/Content

I have always found that video content helps me best if it is in Bite sized chunks – I can then create discussion by targeting a certain video. I don’t like it in a big chunk as I know my viewers will not go through a lengthy video but they will look at a smaller one. I like it to be edited clear of the good morning, good evening, housekeeping notices etc as the video is now on-demand anyway. I like video to be clean of adverts or pop ups. Any sponsor videos I would have as separate and would top and tail them as to why they were involved in the event etc.

I think that’s down to the individual organisation and the channels they use to communicate with their audience and whether they are closed or open to the public etc. But social media channels work well. Popping the videos on YT/Video and then having web-links to them could also work. Every organisation will have a different approach to this.

Nigel Taylor

Nigel , with a career spanning over 2 decades with a consistent reputation for delivering better production value for clients within budget had to share this on How to make use of Post Virtual Event Video/Content. Well, it depends on the content. Possibly it could be cut down into some kind of summary of the event.

Holly Shannon 1

I’d make audiograms or short format videos. 30 second to 1 minute to feature on social media as a “taster”. If you capture a minute of intriguing content, they may click the link you provide for the entire event on YouTube.Twitter would be great for an audiogram. YouTube you could do shorter form video to capture attention with a link to full video in comments.Then capturing the transcript could be helpful. The video and transcript could live in their blog on their websites and will increase SEOs. And if people view the short video or audiogram they can be enticed to see the whole thing. The link should be to the blog on the website. Great pull marketing tool.

Meryl Evans

Working with her, you get an experienced digital marketer who develops, executes, and evolves marketing plans for B2B and B2C companies.She had a clear understanding on How to make use of Post Virtual Event Video/content

Here are ideas to capitalize on your live video after it airs:
  • Publish a summary of the key points covered in a follow-up.
  • Caption the video and re-publish it as a recording.
  • Write a blog post or status update.
  • Convert it into a presentation to publish on Slideshare.
  • Create short captioned videos sharing bite-sized concepts.
  • Turn it into an email-based course.
  • Develop a webinar. (The presentation will help here!)
  • Post a Q&A on the website.
Laszlo Bihary

Web, Video Designer ,Social Media Marketer, SEO Expert had this to say from his experience. I would tell them that almost nobody reads anymore, when he is surfing the net, and that they only got a couple of seconds to get the Attention of the future client, wish is around 8 Seconds.Video Spots with Sound and motion are like a magnet and most people want to see what the story is behind.

Jackson Passy

ELearning Content Creator had to share his opinion when he was asked Why the customers are not aware of using the Post Virtual Event Video/Content
I made a training for some Customers who also refused to publish their content online, the reason was that the training was specifically reserved for their Customers. So they didn’t want people to see their eLearning contents if they were not clients. Other companies do sell their training, so off course they don’t want people to view their content for free by publishing on social networks.
If the training is free, and the product/service is for everyone, then I don’t understand why not seizing the opportunity to attract other people by showing them your skills, competitive advantage and ability to teach? if they don’t do it, then they potentially give the opportunity to another competitor to steal their spot. Competitors are keen nowadays. So your arguments to convince them will depend on their reasons for refusing doing it.

Michael Mulcahy

Management & Business Consultant having thirty years of hotel sales and marketing experience, had to say when he was asked “Are the customers missing something without utilizing the Post Virtual Event Video/Content”?

I’d look into the competitors information and then check out their websites and their news articles listed on google.

Paul Miller

Executive Producer – COO at City Sound Stage LLC had shared his belief when he was asked “Are the customers missing something without utilizing the Post Virtual Event Video/Content”?

I think you would have to make people aware that the service is needed/beneficial for them. If they don’t use it, what are they missing out on? What are the benefits?I would suggest that you make a list of who your buyers are. Then the 3 reasons why they are missing out

Natalie Drew

I’d post it on FB and LinkedIn of course if the content has value, not just a team meeting. For the internal team meetings it’s good to have the recording instead of notes so that everyone can go back and refresh their memory if they need to. If it’s something educational it can also be referenced in a blog with a link to youtube video.


Vice President at CaptioningStar & TranscriptionStar had a strong vision to offer Post Virtual Event services to customers due to the sudden surge in Virtual Events and the Work from Home has become the new norm.He further added,necessity of Post Virtual Event videos have become imperative for any organization to build their brand identity and to monetize the Video even after the Post Event.There have been several ways to reproduce the Live Event and to promote the Video / Content online to improve your customer base.

What CaptioningStar has learnt and inherited from these experts

As we performed the Experts Roundup on how wisely we can make use of Post Virtual Event Videos has brought a new vision towards our organization growth.Despite the Covid-19 times when most of the businesses had faced a critical situation , hosting the virtual events and smoothly transitioning the business from face to face gatherings to remote meetings have helped the professionals to run their show.On that note,making use of these Post Event Videos would be a real beneficiary for most of the Event organizers, Marketing Professionals , SVOD Specialist,E-learning consultant to increase their customer base, draw more visitors to the domain and improves the business ROI.