Smart Meeting Assistant with Automatic and Interactive transcripts

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GoTo Meeting : Empowering success with Automatic and Interactive Transcripts

GoTo Meeting : Empowering success with Automatic and Interactive Transcripts

GoToMeeting , an online meeting platform , desktop sharing and video conferencing software enables the users to meet with other co-workers, customers , clients via the Internet in real-time. Ever since its inception , GoToMeeting is designed in such a way that it makes it easy for everyone to organize and participate in online meetings , thus eradicating the necessity to travel and allowing the users to be more productive and efficient especially during the Covid-19 pandemic.


Some of the main features of GoToMeeting allows users to collaborate on documents , deliver presentations , securely share the information from any part of the world.
GoTo meeting’s quick meeting setup , simple infrastructure and intuitive user interface delivers a seamless experience to its users and customers .

Smart Meeting Assistant Simplifies our Tasks

We all must have undergone a situation of back to back meetings with endless calls and there are high chances of losing important information like meeting schedules, or the tasks we were supposed to follow up amid the stringent deadlines.
We may not be able to find anywhere in our notes and end up spinning our heads too!

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GoToMeeting has introduced a new Smart Meeting Assistant , which is developed to simplify the task and can transcribe all the recorded meetings for easy review and sharing later !
Users can completely focus on what is said , not what to write. Meetings with customers may last for a while but the decisions and ideas shared in the meeting will have an impact.This new feature eases your writing work and focuses on what’s really important in that meeting.


This way building relationships with clients is made easier , may share brainstorming ideas later , better clarity in project deliverable. Once the meeting is done , we can search with the relevant keyword in the recorded version of the meeting transcription and share the content with a link.
A simple , short web link may contain all the information that’s required by the users.

An Effective way to keep Track of transcripts

Additional human resources are not required for recording the transcripts .GoToMeeting helps you to automatically streamline the process through Smart Meeting Assistant.

Benefits of Smart Meeting Assistant

Precise and Accurate Notes
Eliminates the tasks of writing
Time-saving technique
End to End Recording
Meeting Transcripts can be Shared easily
Stored in the Cloud

Precise and Accurate Notes Taking Precise and Accurate notes is no more a critical task . Smart Meeting Assistant ensures the notes are accurate and perfect.

It makes sure to record word-by-word meeting transcription without any human intervention.

Eliminates the task of writing Smart Meeting Assistant eliminates the task of writing and helps users to focus on listening and once the meeting is done , meeting transcription will be available to the users.

Time- Saving Technique With the transcripts recorded , users can directly search for the information with the relevant keyword. This way we can save the time by searching and listening to the entire recording.

End to End Recording The recording includes end to end transcripts that comprises audio , screen-shared content , and written transcript.Searching will automatically adjust the playback of the video content, so we can see and hear exactly when the topic was discussed.

Meeting Transcripts can be Shared easily As soon as the online meetings finish , clients can easily review the content with their customers.Participants those who were not available can later educate themselves from the recordings.

Stored in the Cloud Transcripts can be accessed online anytime since the entire data is stored on the cloud.It has an unlimited storage and access to transcripts is made easier at any point of time.
The transcripts and the voice recordings can be downloaded for users’ own records

CaptioningStar integration with GoToMeeting platform CaptioningStar with GoToMeeting platform delivers high quality captions while our captioners produce 225-325 words per minute.

Our clients prefer GoToMeeting platform and CaptioningStar successfully performed live captions for the below events.

Live Webinars,Virtual Events,Tech Conferences,Broadcasts,Board Meetings,Church Services and University Classes.