Spanish subtitle integration on OTT platforms

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How to Integrate Spanish Subtitles on OTT platforms

How to Integrate Spanish Subtitles on OTT platforms

We always find a particular culture most appealing to us. It can be the way they dress, the food they consume, the working culture they follow, and much more. Though we get enough information from books and other sources, nothing compares to seeing everything on a video. Videos are a great way to understand a culture. A few minutes of video footage can tell you a lot about how people in that culture act. Let us look at the culture of Spanish people as more than a third of the world’s population speaks Spanish. This is nearly as many people as the entire European Union.

Spanish Subtitles on OTT platforms

A variety of movies and web series are available on OTT platforms like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, Sling TV, and many more. With just subscriptions, we get access to hundreds and hundreds of shows. Most Spanish programs on these platforms have Spanish captions and subtitles. Captions are for the hard-of-hearing individuals, and subtitles are translations. When you are unaware of the language spoken, subtitles should definitely be used. You can change subtitles, captions, and alternate audio for various TV shows and movies using these services.

How are subtitles prepared at CaptioningStar?

Let us consider a Chinese movie. Suppose you need to prepare subtitles for this movie in Spanish. Let’s discuss the processes involved in making subtitles.

  • The files need to be uploaded to our server. This is just a click away. You hit the upload button on the home screen to upload your files. You can upload a maximum of 5 files per upload, and the size of each file should be no larger than 2GB. For additional support, just contact our live chat, and we’ll get back to you As soon as possible.
  • Our team immediately assigns a certified Spanish translator to prepare transcripts. The translator is a native speaker of the language with years of experience. We ensure they comprehend the language better, for this language has numerous dialects.
  • Translators start to hear the audio and draft the transcripts. Timestamps are added to the scripts to support the production team to encode the subtitles with ease.
  • We provide verbatim transcriptions, which include fillers, shutters, non-voice dialogues, music, and lyrics. Also, non-verbatim transcription is a clean, readable text that contains essential meaning behind the spoken statements (fillers are excluded).
  • Once the scripts are ready, we have native language editors audit the scripts. By the end of this audit, the transcripts are 99% accurate.
  • The production team comes to light. They time code the subtitles, encode the scripts and the subtitles appear on the screen after decoding.
  • The synchronization of the audio and the title is ensured for time- lag. We assure to eliminate this lag completely. 

Finally, our subtitles in Spanish are ready. Watch the movie in your native language at your comfort zone. 

How to include Spanish subtitles in the OTT:

The process of adding subtitles to any video content streamed on any OTT platform has been a child’s play since multilingual genres have garnered interest from audiences worldwide, breaking linguistic barriers. The basic steps to add subtitles, irrespective of the device in which the content is being streamed, are almost identical for all OTT platforms. Click on the screen to find the subtitles icon, usually placed at the top right or bottom of the screen, and click on the subtitle track, which needs to be added as per your choice. There you go with the successful adding of the subtitle file.

To make this more clear, let us discuss the steps to add subtitles to the Netflix streaming platform.

  1. Open Netflix.
  2. Play the movie/show of your choice.
  3. Based on the device you are streaming the content, follow the procedure below.
Mobile phones, tablets, and computersTap or click on the screen
Smart TV, Blu-ray players, gaming systems set-top boxes, streaming media playersPress the up or down arrow on the remote
Apple TV 2 or Apple TV 3Hold on to the center button on the Apple TV remote
Apple TV 4 and Apple TV 4KSwipe down on the Apple TV remote


  1. At either top or bottom of the screen, select this dialog box . TVs may have the language options on the bottom of the screen generally without an icon. Choose from the languages shown or select others to view all the languages available. 
  1. You have the subtitles appearing. You can also make changes to the audio. Enjoy your shows anytime, anywhere. 

Similar to the Spanish subtitles, CaptioningStar is a professional service provider for end-to-end captioning and subtitling in more than 100 different languages. Worth every penny! Let it be any virtual event; try us.