Case Study - Facts of Remote CART Captioning for Honda Center

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Nitty-Gritty Details of Remote CART Captioning for Honda Center

Nitty-Gritty Details of Remote CART Captioning for Honda Center

Honda Center is a premier entertainment and sports center in California. Located in Anaheim, this center is owned by the Honda Motor Company. It’s a popular venue for several concerts and sports, including Elton John and USA Basketball, to name just a few.

ADA compliance and Honda Center

The center’s director of events, Quinn Macklin called the front desk at CaptioningStar to know if we provided Communication Access Real-Time Translation (CART) services. The receptionist responded saying captioning services are our specialty, and any services associated with it are within our realm. Fortunately, Honda Center was aware of ADA compliance and the services and the importance of letting the content accessible to visitors with disabilities. Because in most of the cases we had to explain to clients why it is mandatory. Hence, they were considering how good our service is, cost, and not the compliance. Let’s have a look at how CaptioningStar was assigned to provide live captioning service for the event “ New Kids on the Block”. Keep reading this quick case study to understand how the reliability and accuracy of our captioning services helped Honda Center and the director of events’ feedback on the end product (live caption).

Captioning Organized for a Hearing Impaired Ticketed Guest

Hearing impaired

Quinn explained that one of their ticketed guests for the concert was deaf and the responsibility lies in their hands to make the event accessible to that individual. That’s the reason why they were in need of live captions.

The center’s director before calling the front desk had visited our website and had familiarized himself about the bouquet of services the company provided.

Given two choices ‘onsite’ or ‘remote’

Live captioning

CaptioningStar proposed two choices to Quinn, either we send one of our captioning staff to the venue or provide real-time remote services. The center’s director chose the remote option, stating it would be a safer option, with better accuracy assured.

Before we set up the remote captioning facility, we confirmed from Quinn the availability of WiFi connection and audio support systems that would be provided to the captioning personal who would be assigned to them.

On the day of the event accurate captions were beamed live, the hearing impaired guest had no reason to complain, and seemed pretty satisfied with the outcome.

Following the efficient live captioning operations that were completed without a glitch, Mr. Quinn sent us the word of appreciation, stating –

“First, I was not sure about working with CaptioningStar but now I am happy that I did. I knew, captioning isn’t as easy as we imagine but CaptioningStar’s real-time captioner delivered real-time captions in a cinch. For all my future captioning requirements, I would surely contact CaptioningStar for its best-in-class service at a more reasonable price in the industry”.                                                           

Quinn Mackin
Director of Events
Honda Center