SCORM 1.2 is the new favorite for the LMS Admins

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LMS Admins Prefer SCORM to Enable Easier Upload of Courses: Know Why

LMS Admins Prefer SCORM to Enable Easier Upload of Courses: Know Why
Learning Management Systems

LMS Overview

Learning Management Systems(LMS), an interactive learning module used for teaching virtually. The perception of learning took a turn when the internet boomed. As the LMS progressed, Teachers used LMS as an additional medium to reach their students through videos. However, during COVID, the consumption of e-learning went through a massive transformation, live classes happened over interactive LMS. This is a paradigm shift for the entire education industry, witnessing the next phase of evolution.

People started getting degrees via E-learning, and it has now become reliable and credible. In the post-covid situation, the era of LMS slowly gaining momentum with so much more innovation. LMS is used by various organizations like Small-time Institutes, Schools, Colleges, Universities, Corporate firms, and various other E-Learning platforms. With internet support, access gets easier for individuals to get the desired courses.

A wide range of content is being uploaded to LMS

  • University Recorded Lectures
  • Instructional Guidelines
  • Workplace Training
  • Self-Learning Subjects

There are a variety of LMS platforms that provide the hosting of courses, like Moodle, Canvas, SkyPrep, iSpring, Echo 360, and many more. These platforms have easy accessibility to the courses hosted on their platforms.

Top Universities and Colleges, administer the courses online with the help of LMS Admins. LMS Administrators would deal entire process going behind the uploading and administration of the courses. Every firm, company, and educational institution would hire an experienced individual to curate all the courses on the LMS. They play a crucial role in creating an assessment of the learner group by tracking their progress and activities.

Learners can choose to consume and interact with the content updated in the LMS.
However, The LMS admins are the ones who make the process easier by managing the complete library of courses. LMS admins function as a bridge between the teachers and the students, elevating the level of education beyond its boundaries.

SCORM Compliance

Sharable Content Object Reference Model is a cloud-based storage drop system providing drag-and-drop compatibility for all Learning Management Systems. Uploading and extracting content becomes easier with SCORM as it delivers a highly compressed format supported in every LMS.

This prevalent compliant system provides guidelines to upload and manage the LMS courses with a specific set, allowing the administrators to easily make the courses adaptable to multiple other compliant LMS.

SCORM isn’t really a regulatory system, it structures the aggregation of the content with a cumulative framework uniting the LMS combination to accept the content universally. Moreover, it offers personalized space to inculcate the desired LMS styles and functioning.

Why do we recommend SCORM 1.2?

SCORM is the ultimate tool that eases the uploading process in the LMS, the tedious processes will be simplified with an easily installable API. The API’s compatibility range exceeds the required limits and functions as a universal compliance covering all forms of LMS platforms.

LMS benefits

The asset of the courses can be uploaded in a zip package, enabling the LMS to easily interact with the courses. The respective courses and its asset would get an edge when transferred from one LMS to another. Simply put, SCORM allows adaptability.

Benefits of SCORM

SCORM for LMS captions


SCORM compliance allows for the creation of customized training programs using shareable content objects (SCOs) that can be mixed and matched to cater to specific needs. LMS Admins can use LMS tools to personalize content for specific groups of learners and create rules that adapt the educational content based on learners’ progress, inputs, and skill levels.


As the regular standard form, SCORM allows the course content to be switched among multiple LMS platforms which are compliant with SCORM. Migration becomes an easy task with the help of the SCORM cloud, as the assets and courses will act as a plug-in file. The Administrators can drag and drop with the help of cloud support.


With SCORM, achieve the most interactive learning experience, drafted by the user’s choice. SCORM provides a range of features that help in engagement and Stimulation. The features include mini-quizzes, expandable components, and directing learners to click on images and other onscreen elements rendering dynamic texts. The mentioned features enhance the learner experience, variably reflecting in the learner’s assessment.


SCORM authoring tools provide ease in making adjustments and changes to learning content without affecting the stability and continuity of the training scheme. The flexibility enables quick and clean adjustments to be made to the content using a wide range of authoring tools.


SCORM is such an important feature for organizations looking to improve their training effectiveness. By allowing the users to track a wide range of data points, SCORM-compliant LMS systems provide an unprecedented level of insight into how the learners are interacting with the content.

  1. Admins can track test and quiz results to get a sense of how much learners are retaining and can track their overall performance. This helps the LMS Admins can pinpoint areas where learners may be struggling and adjust their training accordingly.
  2. With SCORM, the Admins can also track pages viewed and for how long, giving them a sense of content performance identifying knowledge gaps and updation gets easier.

Perhaps most importantly, SCORM allows the administrators to track learner progress so that they can easily resume where they left off.

In General,

    • Upload and deploy SCORM-compliant content within the LMS.
    • Track learner progress and completion of the modules.
    • Generate reports on learner activity and assessment results.
    • Provide a unified learning experience for learners across different SCORM-compliant content.
    • Ensure exchangeability between different e-learning systems.

Overall, we enable universities and organizations to effectively deliver and manage e-learning content, while providing valuable tracking and reporting capabilities to enhance the effectiveness of training programs.

Apart from the usual uploading service, LMS Admins can enjoy various benefits from CaptioningStar exclusively including,

  • High-Quality File with a reduced size in XML format to overcome buffering problems.
  • Easy Plug-in and play anywhere.
  • Search Bar for Easy navigation inside the content.

All at affordable costs, saving a huge load of money.

Why CaptioningStar?

CaptioningStar, a leading provider of Captioning Services, offers various sets of services including Closed Captioning, Live Captioning, Open Captioning, Broadcast Services, Audio Descriptions, and Post Production Services. Our Clientpool includes highly reputed brands from Media, IT, Finance, Universities, and Event management sectors. We provide complete support for Broadcast captioning and end-to-end support for LMS platforms.

We offer customized support for LMS management, LMS Admins can stay at ease now, as we take care of all the heavy lifting. We help all the courses are uploaded in the right place making sure it follows SCORM Compliance.

More than Just LMS Support

Our innovative solutions make LMS support much easier, adapting to the current market trends and the flouring space of the E-Learning Space with the help of SCORM. It provides easy trackability and an installer package option.

SCORM 1.2 is a widely-used standard for e-learning content, and LMS platforms can be integrated with SCORM-compliant content to provide a seamless user experience for learners.

CaptioningStar’s Experience with SCORM Support

CaptioiningStar offers an exclusive range of support services for LMS platforms with SCORM compatibility.

We expand our services to a plethora of LMS platforms, listed below:

  • Moodle
  • Blackboard
  • Canvas
  • SkyPrep
  • D2L BrightSpace
  • Edmodo
  • TalentLMS
  • Cornerstone OnDemand
  • Docebo
  • iSpring Learn
  • Absorb LMS
  • LearnUpon
  • SuccessFactors LMS
  • Bridge LMS
  • WizIQ
  • Echo 360
LMS captions

Accessibility Services

Accessibility services are essential for any Learning Management System (LMS) to ensure that students with disabilities can access course content and participate in online learning activities. Some of the accessibility services that an LMS should provide include:

Captioning and Transcripts

Video and audio content should be captioned and transcribed to make them accessible to students who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Keyboard Navigation

The LMS should be designed so that students can navigate through the content using only a keyboard, as some students with disabilities may not be able to use a mouse.

High-Contrast Mode

The LMS should offer a high-contrast mode that can help students with visual impairments to read the content more easily.

The LMS should allow students to adjust the font size and color to suit their needs.

Accessible Forms and Quizzes

Forms and quizzes should be designed in a way that is accessible to all students, including those with disabilities.

By providing these accessibility services, an LMS can ensure that all students can access course content and participate in online learning activities regardless of their abilities or disabilities.

CaptioningStar aids in covering multiple aspects of Accessibility Sevices.

Closed Captioning for LMS

Course videos, Educating Videos, and Tutorials uploaded on those platforms need captioning to augment the learning providing supplementary support to fulfill the learning needs of the users. Closed Captioning provides holistic coverage of reading skills and listening skills, confirming spelling and word usage. With Closed Captions, the course video reaches a wide audience beyond the boundaries.

Additionally, the Closed Captions here work as a transcript, doubling its usage as reading material. LMS Managers make sure every course gets captioned before uploading.


Learners are from every part of the world, who consume the LMS’ video content. This essentially creates a demand to regionalize the content, however, regionalization would burn a hole in the host’s pockets. To avoid spending more, an easy solution would be subtitling. Additionally, we can cover the disabled who are hard of hearing.

CaptioningStar supports subtitling services in over 50+ languages, captioned by native speakers consulting industry experts.


Reputed Universities like the University of Texas, West Linn Wilsonville Schools, and other major universities have availed our LMS support services with SCORM Package.
CaptioningStar aims to change the E-learning space with the new age technology at an affordable cost with utmost feasibility. Joining hands with us would render high benefits, resulting in doubling your investment.

All the courses being offered in any language would need a transcript to be added to the LMS. Transcripts can also be used as reading materials. It can be translated into the desired language, we support English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, and more than 45+ languages to engage with audiences spread all around the world. One Course with multiple languages support.

With 18+ years of experience in the captioning industry, our services have a proven track record of delivering complete end-to-end support to clients in various industries.

Reputed Universities like the University of Texas, West Linn Wilsonville Schools, and other major universities have availed our LMS support services with SCORM Package.
CaptioningStar aims to change the E-learning space with the new age technology at an affordable cost with utmost feasibility. Joining hands with us would render high benefits, resulting in doubling your investment.

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