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Things work out best for those who make the best of how things work out

Things work out best for those who make the best of how things work out

“Things work out best for those who make the best of how things work out”

We just reached yet another Milestone !

We have successfully Live Captioned 2000+ hours of Events during Covid-19 pandemic and offered both Open and Closed Captioning services for our customers across the globe.

2020 07 03

Virtual Events and the Future of Business Gatherings in the Post COVID-19

Well as the physical events are kept on hold we received inquiries from top organizations for providing them closed/open captioning services to reach a wider set of audience and to help the individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing  to access the content.Companies have had to reinvent themselves when it comes to hosting virtual events.While before offering our services to our customers pre-consultation services on different virtual event platforms like Zoom ,Webex , GoTo Webinar , RingCentral , LifeSize , Adobe Connect were provided to eradicate the pain points of our clients.

Most of our customers were definite about their virtual event platform and some were clueless about choosing the right platform for their Meeting / Webinar. As per their requirement , the team at CaptioningStar helped them to discover the right platform like Vimeo Live Stream , Facebook Live and YouTube Live if they wanted to livestream their event and reach millions of potential customers across the globe.


“The greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it.”
― Molière

Yes there were many challenges while we performed Live Captioning for 200 + clients especially when we had to stretch and work in different time zones to meet our customer expectations. But we ensured to hire the best Human Translators / Captioners who helped us to achieve our end goal and fulfil our client requirement.

Meeting Critical Deadlines

Some of the project’s deadlines were critical , less than 48hours of Live Event but our captioners made sure to deliver their best and performed a three-step QC after completion and in case of any errors, were corrected by an editor with native language experience.Our Sales Team did their best by quickly responding to the customers queries which was highly appreciated by our Leads.

Clients whom we worked recently during the Covid-19 pandemic

2020 04 231

And to keep those good vibes rolling ✌️, here’s what just a handful more of our members had to say:

  • We've been using Caption Star's services for over two years and their work has been top notch. They were fast, efficiently, and effectively. Mike Anderson and his team are always ready to communicate and we've always gotten our captioning needs completed on time. Thanks for all your hard work, Captioning Star!

    Andres Hernandez

  • Working with Mike at CaptioningStar has been phenomenal! Captioning has been a vital part of work with webinars especially with the pandemic occurring. This company is extremely responsive and with the highest level of professionalism. We highly recommend Mike and CaptioningStar!

    Tonya Koslo

  • These folks did a great job under pressure. We had an international Zoom room full of advocates and Judy Heumann was the speaker. We had neglected to contract a captioner for the event. I googled and found these folks. Within minutes we had it up and running. Quality life-savers.

    Thomas Neuville

  • They have provided us with subtitles for a number of videos including some translations. Really fairly priced and offer great service quickly. Highly recommended!

    John Luck

  • Very easy to work with, great customer service, they did an excellent job providing live captions for a zoom broadcast and for a good price too.

    Sarah Myles

  • Extraordinary service and customer care. I asked Mike Anderson and his team to caption two very sensitive yet graphic documentaries about autopsy, fully expecting that they'd turn the job down. Just the opposite happened, they tackled these very hard to watch titles and did a magnificent job. In fact, both documentaries featured a renowned Japanese coroner that was tough to understand due to his native accent. Mike and his team nailed the transcription. I cannot recommend Captioning Star enough

    Michael Kriegsman

  • We have worked with CaptioningStar for 3 of our webinars now. We have been very happy with their services and according to a recent user survey, our users have found the live captions to be a great addition to our webinars. We look forward to working with CaptioningStar for our upcoming webinars. We would highly recommend their services – everyone we have worked with at CaptioningStar has been very helpful and professional.

    Katie Schloer

  • Easy to work with, prompt, responsive and accommodating. We will definitely use Captioning Star in the future for closed-captioning at our business conferences.

    Lynn Krieger

  • I was blown away by the outstanding service we received by CaptioningStar. Prompt, professional and a great value for the level of service you get and quality product. I would highly recommend CaptioningStar.

    Russ Rhea

  • We use Captioning Star for all of our caption needs. Their customer service, professionalism and speed is unmatched. Highly recommend.

    The Power Group