Important Event Tech Investments

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Must-Know Event Tech Investments

Must-Know Event Tech Investments

Phases of Pandemic

Localized, National, and International lockdown were the words of the recent pandemic years, but this was not a shutdown for the Events Industry. Instead, it served as a boon to augment its vertical in the Virtual Events category. From 2021, hybrid events have become more popularized. The year 2022 is currently marching towards In-person events.

People and their choices have evolved over these three years. In an era where Events were predominantly only In-person, virtual and hybrid options have added to the competency. For mankind to keep going and stay resilient, the contribution from the Events Industry is one of the main reasons to create a positive impact on the mental well-being of the population as a whole.


Event professionals have achieved a commendable feat, quickly adapting to changes and embracing new technologies. It is not as easy as in-person events to hold the attention of audiences while simultaneously delivering a professional, engaging and successful event.

Audio, Video, Online platforms, Hosts, Guests, Speakers, Audiences Research, Audiences Invitations, Accessibility elements, Virtual Screens, Acoustics and Lighting Setup, Internet Network and Connectivity, Networking chat rooms, Participant Registration, Participant’s gift packs, Marketing and Promotional Activities, Remote F&B Arrangements – Coupons are a few of the requisites in hosting any event. No one company can cover it all within the short pandemic years.

Allies and Expansion

Each of the event theme-oriented companies have evolved in their strengths and last year was a year of significant investments, strategic partnerships, acquisitions, mergers, and massive funding. 

Major players like Cvent, vFairs, Hopins provide an end-to-end platform to meet all event requirements. However, companies like Bizzabo, mmhmm, Intrado, Cisco, MeetingPlay have joined hands with other allied companies. From the exhaustive list of these investments, we present you with a quick snapshot of the top 25 companies and their investments.

The list of companies, their numbers, the synergistic effect of investments and the magnitude of results that both the businesses can reap are tremendous.

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Value of Events Industry in 2019: $1,135 billion I Value of Events Industry in 2028: 1,552.9 billion

(Statistics reference: Allied Market Research)

The growth graph for the Events Industry is impressive. The new events tech investments that combine the two businesses’ strengths are massive. This indicates increased professional growth for individuals, companies, and there is no room for stagnation in terms of skill upgradation, knowledge sharing, product launch, digital marketing, and promotions. The unfavorable circumstances have been converted to favorable exposure and experiences.

Our commitment to the Events Industry

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