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How to record and caption lecture videos?

How to record and caption lecture videos?

Almost all videos are captioned in recent days.

What about Lecture videos then? Definitely captioning for these Lecture videos are of high priority.

Do you know why?

Movies or other shows convey the information partly through audio and partly through actions but lectures are not similar. Here words speak more than actions. So captions are the only way to make it reachable to a cross-section of students.

What’s more important in captioning a lecture video is the degree of accuracy.

Expecting perfect captions for a poor-quality audio is meaningless.

Capture high-quality audio

People, watching videos, fail most of the time in realizing that audio is equally as important as the video.

Think about students who are deaf or hard of hearing, viewers in a noisy environment or in a place where volume should be muted. In these cases, captions definitely come into the picture.

Capture lecture audioMoreover, for lectures, instructors have to focus on the quality of audio and ensure it is of high quality before further proceeding for captioning. You can opt for a high-quality microphone and record it in a noise-free environment for getting high quality and clear audio.

If you are an instructor and would like to caption your recorded lecture videos by using a captioning vendor,


Poor quality audio always costs you more when you outsource for captioning

  • Choose a better quality microphone before starting the session.
  • Opt for a silent environment without any distractions.
  • Record properly without any interruptions.
  • Find a suitable and affordable captioning service.

Some captioning service charges are high and fixed for any type and volume of data. So be careful in choosing the right captioning company that offers reasonable prices with fine quality of work.

Integrated captioning tool

You may hesitate to caption your video if it is your first attempt. It is much easy with an integrated captioning tool.
Free Captioning Tool
Many captioning service companies now offer an integrated tool to effortlessly caption your videos in simple steps.

  • It requires a quick signup
  • You can select the videos you want to caption.
  • The service team can automatically access your videos and caption it.
  • Get your captions ready once they post it back to your account.

Find the right place...

Search and find the right closed captioning service which offers you

  • Perfect captions
  • Affordable price
  • Quick TAT

Do you have any lecture recording tips? Please share with us.