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9 best ways how you can reproduce the Live event captions and videos post webinar

9 best ways how you can reproduce the Live event captions and videos post webinar

As COVID-19 makes its way across the globe there have been a number of events were cancelled or postponed due to social distancing ,avoiding the mass gathering to control the spread of deadly virus. Since the onset of Covid-19, there has been a significant surge in virtual events too. The experts from different industries learned to overcome the situation by adapting to the new change and planned extensively to conduct the events virtually.

It has taken a stroll in our day to day lives and in spite of its severe impact on our livelihood, we have to thank technology for providing the support to connect virtually.

If the right strategic plan is implemented using the right technology , virtual events have the potential to reach a much wider audience than the events conducted through traditional methods.

According to the statistics from mobile market data provider App Annie , video conferencing platforms have seen a drastic increase in growth since March 2020. It has also reported that Business communication apps have surged in recent weeks with 90% downloads which was earlier 45% during the pre-Covid-19 period.

Users are accessing both ios and Google play store to download the video conferencing platforms hence it made a huge difference with the number of downloads that happened during the crisis. As the people have to follow the social isolation, using video conferencing platforms has the potential to support them without affecting their productivity.

Since the world has gone virtual , people across the globe are now working from home and this has led to a new form of work culture. Thanks to the technology for bringing us together, to collaborate and create amazing work!

Let us see some of the popular Video conferencing platforms in detail which has seen tremendous growth in this unprecedented situation.

Experts found Virtual events to be the best alternative especially during these challenging times.This has led to the remarkable growth of Video Conferencing platforms like Microsoft Teams , Zoom , Goto Meeting , Webex , Google Meet which have become indispensable during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Live Captioning Tools

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams has seen a 75% increase in monthly users in Italy alone which was one among the most affected countries due to Covid-19.Microsoft Teams hits 44 million daily users over the last 2 months of Covid-19 outbreak.

microsoft Teams

As per their last update in the month of March,the company said 12 million new people started using its service on a daily basis Microsoft said 12 million new people started using its service on a daily basis. The increased activity is a combination of existing and new users. Microsoft Teams the proportion of meetings and calls that included video more than doubled to 43% from 21% over the month of March.

GoTo Meeting

GoTo Meeting with its high definition face -to-face group video conferencing have experienced a 20% spike in daily usage during the Covid-19 pandemic.GoToMeeting is also the easiest-to-use collaboration product on the market.

Gotometting 1

Google Hangouts Meet

As per the latest reports , Google reports surge in Hangouts meet usage amid Covid-19 . The daily usage of Hangouts Meet is 25 times what it was in January. Over the last few weeks, day-over-day growth has surpassed 60%.

google hangout


Stream Text is a text platform that delivers Real Time /LiveCaption solutions used by captioners ,CART and court reporting service providers since 2003.Due to the current scenario, Stream Text is widely used by the Captioners for E-learning , Trainings , Seminars ,legislative sessions and Technical Meetings.

stream text


Though Zoom is facing security issues in recent times it still emerges to be one among the best video conferencing platforms with a rapid increase in users to 200 million in March which was earlier 10 million in December 2019.

The growth in popularity of these apps is evident from download data.The need of these platforms has become inevitable and used primarily for e-learning where 100% interaction is achieved between teachers and students , University seminars , Online training ,Technical Meetings ,Interviews ,Legal environment etc


Live Captioning & Post event Transcript

For any event the captioning guidelines set forth by ADA (Americans with Disability Act) and EIA (Electronics Industrial Alliance CEA-608 and CEA-708) to be met.

As per ADA compliance , any website or the videos published must be accessible to the people who are deaf or have difficulty in hearing.Approximately 48 million Americans have some degree of hearing loss.

Live Captioning is a process of producing the captions to the words spoken in an event or a meeting.This is usually performed by either a human being also termed as captioner , who can work on-site or remotely or an automated system which performs the job of a real time captioner.

When it is said through automation, the accuracy of captions are ineffective when compared to real-time human captioners.The Automatic captions rely on automated speech recognition software (ASR) to convert spoken audio into text on-screen. The main disadvantage is we cannot rely on Automatic captions alone to achieve accurate captions and transcripts whereas Human Captioners can produce up to 99% accuracy.

At CaptioningStar we ensure to deliver impeccable captions after 3-Step QC to Maintain Accuracy.Our captioners are certified steno writers from NCRA and we execute our captioning projects adhering to ADA compliance and FCC laws.

Whenever an event comes to an endpoint most of the Live Captioning Companies deliver the raw transcript of the same event which will help the organizer to help the audience who were unable to attend the event. The transcript will help the organizer to deliver this in various formats say, presentation, interactive video, subtitled version, uploading it to their official YouTube account etc., This will not reduce the quality of content being shown to the non-attendees as the same information of the session will also be available in the post event formats as well.

In case if the Live Captioning Companies used an automated system , the transcript could be found in the software which may not contain the accuracy. To eradicate this , it is always preferred to use the below explained methodologies to reach a wider audience and to boost the user engagement.

Let’s take a look at the 8 Ways how you can reproduce the virtual event conducted and get benefited.

Adding Video/Audio embedded interactive transcripts in your website

The post Virtual event Video can be published on your Website and can be promoted to attract more traffic to your domain. The Interactive transcripts allow users to interact with video in an entirely innovative way.

Imperative Steps of publishing the Virtual Event Video on Website

When your Video is embedded on the Website , make sure your recorded video is really interesting.
Most importantly the size of the video matters a lot. Keep the video as short as possible and if your recorded video is broad make sure to post a series of videos on your domain.

A newly released HubSpot Research report indicates

Consumers want to see videos from brands
Comparison to email newsletters
Social image-based content

If the video is embedded with Interactive Transcripts, whenever users search for a particular word in the video, the video automatically navigates to the corresponding section of the video.

With the Interactive Transcript the scrolling transcript can be seen while watching the video, with current captions highlighted as the video plays. We can also scroll through the transcript and click any word to play the video from that point.

Example: Imagine a student studies for an upcoming exam on Fundamentals of Digital Marketing course.To study, he decide to watch a previously recorded video on university’s online learning portal.The recorded video is embedded with Interactive Transcripts so the student can easily search for the term he wanted to learn.If he wanted to learn more about On page Optimization of SEO he can search with relevant keyword and directly navigate to the desired point in the video.


Benefits of using Video interactive transcripts in Website Interactive transcripts make your video more searchable and creates engagement among users.

People with hearing impairments or even normal hearing can easily recall the information as they both see and hear it . These interactive transcripts also help to connect with our customers in a totally new way.

When the content is engaging and more valuable to the customers there are more chances of the video getting displayed on the first page of Google.

Incase of any server issue the Interactive transcripts serves as an important factor for internal communications.

Enable Closed Captions at your video channels

The post virtual event transcripts can be uploaded to any of your favorite platforms like Youtube,Vimeo, Facebook, Brightcove etc..,


Use a Custom Thumbnail on Youtube

  • It is always recommended to use a resolution of 1280 * 720
    (Select the best moment from your event and place that as the Thumbnail)
  • Upload the thumbnail image in either .JPG , .GIF , .BMP and .PNG
  • Ensure that Thumbnail is appealing and can be viewable both in Mobiles and Desktop.

Use Keyword Rich Title and Description

  • Optimize your Youtube Video content for the right keywords , it helps you gain organic views by informing both the users and search engines what your virtual event video is all about.
  • Video Description has to entice users and will help to increase the CTR of your video.

Use Relevant Tags
YouTube video tags further helps to distinguish what your video content is about and helps the algorithm understand what users will view when they see your video.

Video Post

Make use of Intro video for Branding

  • Ensure to include a 3-5 seconds clip of your brand and the event details you would like to promote.

Utilize YouTube Playlist Or Add Video To An Existing Playlist
If you want to get more views and increase your followers try utilizing Youtube playlist.
If you are creating a new playlist to upload your video of virtual event

  1. Provide an insightful name to the playlist & insert a keyword in the title of the playlist.
  2. Add a detailed description of your playlist.
  3. Make sure to post your next event video to the same playlist and group the similar event videos to the same playlist.

YouTube playlists also appear in search results. By doing this, further discovery of your videos is increased.

Popular videos

Create End Screens

End screens serve the unique function at the end of your video. It’s a chance to provide users who enjoyed your content with all the relevant information regarding your channel, other playlists, recommended videos, and your verified website.

End screens are an extraordinary way to promote your own content before YouTube’s algorithms recommend other popular videos and pull people away from your channel and videos.

Creating a transcript to go along with the video and uploading it to the favourite platform is super easy to do and is a great way to increase both the video’s visibility and boost the SEO for the video. These videos can be made private or public and can be accessed to any group of people.

Similar to Youtube platform , Brightcove platform is the leading online video hosting platform and can be used widely to build the brand.

Here is an example of a digital marketing agency producing french subtitled youtube videos for their clients to get their brands promoted across french speaking people. The digital marketing agency hosted a client to conduct automated facebook live video. Then they hired a translation company to edit automated facebook live transcripts and translate it to Candadian French. Their idea was to add french subtitles and upload it to youtube. It was double the cost, double the effort and double the time. We gave them an idea of hiring a bilingual captioner from us who could listen to the facebook live video and live captioning it in French language. Instead of converting live automatic facebook transcripts into canadian french language they can straight away use the speaking to a french captions used during the facebook live. So the company did not wait for someone to translate the english and upload it to YouTube channel.They saved close to $500 per video.

Choose your favourite OTT platform using the video produced from your Live event

An OTT is “over-the-top” and refers to the practice of streaming content to customers directly over the web and not through the traditional distribution channels of cable, broadcast, or satellite TV. The future of entertainment lies in OTT — one that is already unfolding. Gone are the days when people used to watch movies and shows on television and over a period of time with an advent in Internet and technology , we are introduced to watch movies and entertainment content through Online streaming platform which is nothing but OTT.

OTT Platforms can be accessed through any medium desktops, personal laptops ,smartphones ,tablets and even on televisions through a wide variety of applications, media players etc. Check out some of the popular OTT platforms here:


Did you know that 64% of internet users in the United States have at least one OTT subscription? Where Netflix alone has 152 million subscribers.

Here is an example of a Cookery Show and how they achieved more followers while uploading the Cooking videos in OTT platform.
The show organizers after the completion of shooting the Real Time Cooking videos have sent the video file to a Captioning Company for enabling the Captions in the cookery videos.
The captioners helped them to add subtitles with accuracy where they expanded their reach into other countries.

Benefits of Captions used in OTT platforms:
Subtitles appear at the bottom of the screen in Netflix /Disney Hotstar
Disney HotStar to help the viewers who may not be fluent in the language being spoken .Translation and Subtitles make your videos accessible, searchable and engaging.
We all know that 80% of videos on social media are watched without sound.

Importance of enabling Translation /Subtitle in Videos

Screenshot 2020 05 13 at 10.19.47 PM

  • We can reach wider audiences
  • A real boon to the people who have hearing impairments
  • Helps people to watch the videos while they are travelling or who don’t prefer to switch on the audio.

Screenshot 2020 05 13 at 10.21.56 PM

  • Improves the Comprehension
  • Can be a great advantage for the people who are non native English speakers.
  • More Engagement
  • Boost SEO ranking in Google

Own a Video on Demand (VOD) account with Virtual Videos

When your Virtual Event video is produced , one of the next steps will be converting it to VOD platform. Video on Demand (VOD) refers to the practise of allowing the users to access video entertainment via the Internet. There is no room for any typical static broadcasting schedule . VOD allows the users to permanently download the video content to a desktop ,smartphones to enjoy the uninterrupted video content.

Types of VOD platform
There are three main types of VOD platform SVOD,TVOD,AVOD.


  • SVOD stands for subscription video on demand, and is also sometimes referred to as subscription VOD.
  • SVOD allows the users to access a complete library of videos for a specific paid service.This subscription may be charged daily , monthly or yearly depending on the service.
  • Once the user chooses the plan and pays for the subscription he can access as many videos as possible with high speed Internet connectivity.


Transactional Video on Demand allows the user to buy video content on a pay-per-view basis. It’s basically different from SVOD, where the user is charged per video or package rather than gain access to the entire video library.



AVOD stands for Ad-based Video-on-demand refers to the ad based video on demand that is free to its users. Ad revenue is used for offset production and hosting costs. AVOD generates lower revenue when compared with SVOD and TVOD.

They converted their virtual videos into a SVOD account (Subscription Video on Demand)

Key Points of VOD platform due to the effect of Covid-19

  • Netflix Packs on Record 16 Million Subscribers in Q1 of 2020, Getting Huge Lift From Coronavirus Lockdowns.
  • Within five months of initial launch, Disney Plus has signed up 50 million paid subscribers worldwide, the media company said.
  • As per Warner Media streaming of HBO Now was up more than 40% from March 14-24 2020 versus the previous four-week average.

Let’s have a closer look at Fitness Center Virtual classes and how they gained more followers.
The company with 13 branches all over the world began to gain more followers once they started releasing the virtual videos of aerobic exercises and dance fitness programmes. They converted the virtual videos into a SVOD , subscription based video account and whenever a new video is added , the company will approach a Captioning partner to embed closed captions in the Video produced.

Once the Video is added with the Captions they will upload it to their SVOD platform and make it available to their clients.

Own a Video on Demand (VOD) account with Virtual Videos

Most of the universities in the United States have additional technology infrastructure to conduct classes online. E-learning technique totally relies on Video conferencing platforms such as Microsoft Teams, GoTo Webinar , Cisco Webex , and Zoom.

E-learning helps us during this time of crisis and it is also beneficial in terms of sharing the knowledge with a group of people who cannot step out of their homes.

E-learning can be termed as transfer of skills and knowledge from a person to a large number of recipients or students at the same or different times.

The National Center for Educational Statistics reports around 20,000 deaf and hard of hearing students attend post-secondary educational institutions each year.

Each university has acquired a premium e-Learning application such as Blackboard, Adobe Captivate, Articulate 360, Moodle etc. The Tutor can record the live classrooms Course and upload it on specific e-learning software with the captions embedded in it.There are many ways that you could convert the post event transcripts received from the captioning company into SRT, .VTT or whatever the format which suits your application.
Students can then view the video with cc enabled and learn the course with their preferred language without any disruption.

Screenshot 2020 05 13 at 10.54.05 PM
How does your virtual classroom videos benefit students once it gets uploaded to your internal learning system?

  • Promotes greater accessibility
  • Reaches wider set of audiences
  • It boosts the knowledge power
  • It meets the needs of ADA compliance
  • Helpful to non-native English Speakers
  • Access to Deaf or hearing impaired students made convenient.

Market the videos created at your Virtual Event.

51% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best ROI.

72% of businesses say video has improved their conversion rate.

Video marketing as the name suggests helps in promoting the brand ,product or service through engaging and captivating videos.

The viewers watch videos with captions an average of 12% longer than videos that don’t have them. Videos have started to dominate the online marketing industry

The engaging videos with captions help in reaching new audiences , increase focus, motivate the viewer to share among the others ,improve the average watch time , and boost your SEO ranking.Once your virtual event video is available choose the right platform to market it.

How does the Video Marketing works

An engaging video is created on behalf of the company while promoting its service or product. This type of marketing drive sales, raises brand awareness of your products or services , and increases the leads.

  • Video Marketing like other marketing strategies involves well structured plans in advance to target the right audience.
  • Most of the videos use Storytelling technique to engage the audience , so the marketer will prepare how and what type of content to be delivered in the video.
  • Video has to be short while providing the value to the customers and proper editing has to be met before publishing it online.
  • Then it’s all about promotion! Videos are then published to the platforms like Youtube and other social media.
  • Once the promotion is done ,the final step is to track the metrics and analytics of Video using the tools available in the market.This way we can determine which video performs the best.

Lets see some of the best ways to promote your Videos through Social Media

Share Videos on Social Media Channels

  • The Event videos can be shared on your company’s Social Media accounts like Facebook,Twitter ,Linkedin and Pinterest.
  • Know the best time to schedule your Video post , each platform has a different set of audiences and as per your target audience schedule the posts with respect to their active time.
  • Scheduling the videos on a regular basis improves your ranking and informs your users about your existence.

Use Facebook Remarketing technique to Use Facebook Remarketing technique to Prospects

Facebook custom audiences allow you to show ads to people who have already interacted with your Website , apps or Business Social Media pages.

Marketing team of the Event can show the event video ads to the users who left the website without purchasing a ticket before.This helps you to draw their attention and you may look forward to meeting these people as your new participants for your next event.

Harness the Power of Visual Testimonials

You must have received impressive comments on your previous Video session from the participants. They must have given you wonderful feedback on some speakers or sessions which they found interesting.

Try to make use of these Testimonials and create Video testimonials with quotes and comments.You can share these Testimonials through Email Campaign marketing campaigns ,social media channels , blog posts , website etc.This way you build trust and reliability with your audiences.

Share Resources with your Attendees

Virtual events may comprise a series of sessions on various topics which could be informative to the participants . They may find it useful in the future and will be happy to join you next virtual event.

Once you post a blog , audio,video ,graphics ,updates ,blurbs associated with your Event on Social Media platform provide a CTA so that participants can share it to their social media handle or download the session.

Tag the Attendees in Social Updates

When you publish the video on Social Media , also tag your participants and create a status update.This gives the people an opportunity to comment and discuss about the event thereby increasing the user engagement.

Share Pictures of Speakers from your Virtual Event

Your Speakers are now your Brand promoters.Provide an exposure to your speakers while sharing their pictures and tagging their social media handle.
They can directly engage with the audiences and even after the virtual event is completed you might still see the participants still indulging in a conversation with your Speakers.

Create Social Media Groups

This helps you to post your Videos and try increasing the followers on a daily basis.The more valuable content you provide the more you gain the followers to your group.
Even Participants can share their thoughts and provide useful insights and no wonder even your next event Speaker could be your participant too.

For example Let’s check out how the World’s largest food services and facilities management company managed to promote their brand through YouTube Marketing.
The video comprises 3 minutes about the product and its valuable benefits.The Video mainly focussed on how their product has helped their customers. When we offered the captions to their Videos it even reached more audience and increased the visibility in search engines.

Improve brand awareness & Increase video channel subscribers

Video SEO is similar to Website SEO. It is a process of optimizing your videos to be indexed and ranked on Search engine & Video site results pages for relevant keyword searches.

Key points in Video Optimization

  • Keywords have to be placed in the Video Title ,URL, Description and relevant tags associated with the business have to be provided.
  • Ensure to provide Subtitles and Closed Captions (CC) which can help in boosting YouTube SEO.
  • Adding Call to Actions encouraging the users to like , subscribe and comment on your videos plays a vital role in Video optimization.
  • Make sure to engage the audience within the first 15 seconds of your video which helps in gaining the amount of time that a viewer has watched the video.
  • Discovery Digital Networks found an overall increase of 7.32% in views for captioned videos.

Simple SEO tips to help improve your Videos Search Rankings

  • Post your Event video on your own domain .
  • Perform a keyword Research using Manual Brainstorming / Keyword planner tool and Make sure to use Keywords in Title , Description , Heading Tags that are relevant to the subject.
  • Video titles should be 60 characters in length , Description should be maximum of 160 characters and include compelling CTA’s for the audience to download and share the video.
  • Transcribe your Event Video content as it might cater to the needs of different readers and 85% of business executives prefer reading over watching videos.
  • Implement Schema Markup- You can enhance your video search while implementing Schema Markup which serves as an additional information to the audiences.In the schema markup you may add Video content length,uploaded date etc.
  • When it comes to hosting your video on YouTube or Vimeo create a channel of yours and follow the similar steps of optimizing the title and description with relevant keywords.
  • Use an SRT file to add Subtitles and Closed Captions , this can boost your search engine rankings for your YouTube Search.
  • Focus on Mobile Optimization – the number of people that own a smart and feature phone is 4.78 Billion, making up 61.51% of the world’s population.Ensure your Video is accessible from Smartphones and fit to any devices.
  • Prioritize Viewer Feedback – The more you focus on viewers , encouraging their feedback makes you to create a better virtual event in future.
  • Build Links /Social Shares – When your video attains a high quality with a great content users will eventually link to your site.This aids in improving your brand awareness and you will soon witness to see your subscribers to grow rapidly.
  • Increase Conversions – Try to make your Landing page captivating while adding the Video and increase the conversion rate.

Let’s see how the City of Miramar reached a greater visibility with the optimization of their YouTube Channel and by adding Captions to their videos.

City of Miramar of Florida , diligently follows the ADA compliance to reach Deaf or hard of hearing people to broadcast their YouTube videos on Council Meetings. They have been utilizing our Captioning service for a while and their process is as follows:
Usually the video in SRT format will be sent to the Captioning Company and our captioners help them to produce captions to make the council meetings accessible to everyone.

Enrich the Online Event with Podcasting

Podcasting Nearly 51% of U.S. adults have listened to a podcast.

Podcasting is an Alternative to Video. The Audio file can be extracted from the Virtual Event and uploaded to podcasting platforms like

Buzzsprout, Captivate, Transistor,Simplecast,Podbean,Castos

Podcasting helps in boosting the traffic , audio files can be easily uploaded, helps in building better relationships with the audience and they are highly engaging.Podcasts are easy to consume and are portable.
Podcasts are much effective where iTunes is responsible for as much as 70% of a podcast’s listens and downloads.

Red and Purple Process Flow ChartWe help you in extracting the Audio file from your virtual event video and build your own podcasting channel to reach millions of listeners.

Let’s take a look at the below steps on how we perform it

Step 1: Once the audio file is extracted we choose a Niche for your Podcast.
Step 2: Choosing a Podcast Name,Description and Design.Each channel has its own specifications and here are iTunes’ requirements:

  • A minimum size of 1400 x 1400 pixels.
  • A maximum size of 3000 x 3000 pixels.
  • 72 dpi.
  • JPEG or PNG format.
  • In the RGB color space.

Step 3: Choosing Your Podcast Hosting Provider

We pick a reliable, good quality host to increase your listeners.Hosting providers like Soundcloud ,Podbean ,Podamatic ,Fireside are available and as per your cost and budget we decide to choose the Podcast Hosting provider.Once the podcast is published we help you to promote it in different ways.
Promoting it on Social Media

  • We will post your episode on Facebook ,Twitter featuring the itunes URL.
  • Create Images using Canva or Pablo , share those on social media with a link to iTunes.
  • Create a strong audience base and release several podcasts of the event.

Improve brand awareness & Increase video channel subscribers

It enhances the understanding of the audience experience and mitigates the risk of misinterpreting information. Individuals who were not able to attend the event for any reasons can easily access the information.The Webinars can be converted to PPT format and can be shared on SlideShare to enable easy access to the participants and to the audience who missed to attend the event.

How to promote videos through SlideShare

Step 1: Create a captivating Title and First Slide
To entice the audience and to create a first impression , the title has to be compelling and should drag the reader in.The headline should be bold and unique which is solely responsible for increasing CTR.
The images are equally imperative and should allure the audience to keep themselves hooked up with the content.

Step 2 : Include a Call to Action
SlideShare’s CTA feature allows you to insert a clickable link in your deck, making it easier for the user to navigate your funnel.

Step 3: Embed Your SlideShare on Your Company Blog
This way you can build backlinks towards your blog post and both the blog and presentation will rank higher.

Step 4: Optimize Your Presentation for SEO

According to slideshare tags increase searchability by 30
Optimize the title with keywords , add a compelling description , give the authority to users to download, add relevant tags improves the visibility.
Hanapin Digital Marketing Agency in Indiana has a long-standing reputation for being one of the best digital agencies and they have a practise of recording and podcasting their Webinar events. The Agency were successfully able to build brand awareness to their services as a result of reaching a wider audience.


As mentioned all the way back up at the top of this post , we believe these 9 ways were constructive enough to reproduce your virtual videos and get benefited with the help of tactics mentioned above.