Hybrid Event Captioning for any type of Hybrid Event.

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Scale up your next Hybrid Event with Hybrid Event Captioning.

Scale up your next Hybrid Event with Hybrid Event Captioning.

Hybrid events- An Introduction

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Although hybrid occurrences have been taking place since 2012, they have recently gained attention, particularly in the wake of the epidemic. The epidemic and technological improvements have permanently altered how we host events and meetings. Until the mid of 2020, virtual events were prominent. With more advanced digital settings becoming easier for people, hybrid and virtual events have become popular choices for hosting conferences, seminars, workshops, training sessions, product launches or portfolios, promoting goods or services, and more. Thus, hybrid events are in-demand as the world starts to open up. Participants can now select whether they want to attend meetings or events in person or virtually.

Inclusivity for Events

Virtual Event Captioning

Inclusivity begins with adding captions and translated subtitles for your events. Before the pandemic, there weren’t many concepts regarding live videos except news, sports, and award shows. Most of us knew pre-recorded videos as most of the video content we watched earlier was once recorded and telecasted later. These videos had Closed, Open, and Embedded Captions. With the onset of the Covid 19, virtual events have become valuable assets to the Events Industry. The concept of live closed captioning came into place with live virtual events. Virtual Event Captioning was mandatory by law for people with disabilities and to include audiences worldwide despite geographical constraints.

Hybrid Event Inclusivity

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Hybrid events are a blend of live and virtual events. These events do not split your attendees as live and virtual despite your in-person and remote audiences. While this logic seems weird, good hybrid events seamlessly connect the live in-person and virtual participants creating no separate groups. Thus, hybrid events are one event that provides two experiences for two typically different audiences. Both audiences should be included without any discrimination to host a successful hybrid event. There came the essence of adding captions and subtitles.

Including captions and subtitles to hybrid events is called ‘Hybrid Event Captioning.’ Here, captions must be output into multiple platforms to support the two audiences. Without captions, you are not compliant with the law and fail to accommodate the deaf and hard-of-learning population. Also, you are free to have an American Sign Language (ASL) Interpreter in the in-person event, record and stream the event with the ASL Interpretations to the virtual audiences as well. Both your attendees would have access to Captions and ASL Interpretations.

Why is Hybrid Event Captioning Important?

  1. Approachable to all kinds of audiences irrespective of learning or behavioral difficulties.
  2. Includes the deaf and hard-of-hearing population. Also, the ESL speakers.
  3. Reach a broad spectrum of audiences and keep them engaged with hybrid captions.
  4. Greater comprehension, better retention. Double the sustainability of information. 
  5. Translate captions. Subtitles break the language barriers and multiply opportunities.

How is Hybrid Event Captioning done?

Hybrid Event Captioning is real-time captioning or subtitling for both in-person and online audiences. At CaptioningStar, we would be streaming captions to multiple destinations from a single source. With over 2,000 hours of live captioning and live subtitling, and 15,000+ hours of pre-recorded captioning, we have explored everything under the Sun to stream captions to any platform. 

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There are two ways in which in-person attendees can view captions and subtitles. Our captioning software can output to multiple platforms at the same time. 

  • The giant onsite screen where captions are displayed as and when the event is produced/ telecasted-  The captioner can remain remote or on-site. 
  • Streamtext links using which captions and translations can be viewed on a separate screen- laptops and smartphones.

The virtual attendees can view the captions on  

  • The event management platform or video conferencing app in which the captions are displayed at the bottom 
  • If the event is streamed on a live streaming platform, we use an encoder to enable captions on the platform. 
  • The virtual attendees can also use Streamtext links to view captions on a separate screen like the in-person attendees. 

We seamlessly integrate with almost all the hybrid management platforms and video conferencing platforms for any types of events or broadcasts. Upon requirement we can also provide AI captions that are over 85% accurate. We ensure these captions are read by manual proofreaders for utmost accuracy- over 99%. We are not limited to any captioning format output and accommodate all your requirements.

Captions are Mandate by Law

It is, first and foremost, a legal duty. Websites and online events are considered places of public accommodation under Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Hybrid events must therefore offer accessibility in order to prevent the possibility of discrimination against those who have disabilities. 

Additionally, the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) demand that users with disabilities and senior citizens have equal access to websites. Reaching out to a broader audience is one of the key benefits of hosting accessible events. Plan your event’s material with consideration for visual, auditory, neurological, motor, and cognitive limitations. Your event will be inclusive and interactive for everyone in this way, regardless of any obstacles.

Schedule your hybrid event captioning needs in our new platform

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iSchedule, our new scheduling all-in-one platform, is an easy yet powerful platform to schedule your live events in just a few clicks. Our user-friendly dashboard is the key to acclerate your scheduling. Never miss events or details with our calendar. Download invoices in one click and make hassle-free payments. Raise tickets if you have any concerns, and our team would be happy to resolve them within 24 hours. 

We also offer numerous post-event services. Place your post-event service orders, edit, and restream/playback the video at your designated platforms to reach a broader spectrum of audiences.

Other Services from CaptioningStar

We help hybrid event organizers with their accessibility needs. Our other services include ASL interpretations, language interpretations, translations, transcriptions/ verbatim print materials, closed captions for post-event videos, and live streaming your pre-recorded content on live streaming platforms. Contact us with all your queries, and we will get back to you in 24 hours.

Turn your hybrid events into memorable experiences!!!