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Spanish Web Series with CC in the OTT

Spanish Web Series with CC in the OTT

The popularity of web series

Most of us today are engaged for long hours with web series. Most of the series telecasted today build momentum, episode by episode, creating utmost curiosity among its viewers. Thus web series are top-notch entertainers. A web series accommodates more information than movies, but they are split into seasons and further split as episodes. Each episode is a short story. You are free to create a pause to take a coffee break or open a new tab.  

People worldwide access multilingual content with the help of captions. In almost all the web series available today, closed captions have been enabled. The Spanish series have captions in Spanish for the deaf and hard of hearing individuals, and non-native speakers, whereas subtitles are for foreign language speakers. CaptioningStar is a professional service provider for all your video captioning needs.

Web series are gaining popularity and are released in various languages. Since Spanish speakers make a third of our population, let’s discuss a few Spanish series in this article. No genre is left untouched, from documentaries to dramas, thrillers to horrors, and crime stories to romance. Four web series of different genres are our topic of interest. These series are now being aired on various OTT platforms.

Money Heist

This fascinating heist drama series revolves around a central character, ‘The Professor,’ who, together with some other people, pulls out a lifetime’s heist, one in the Royal Mint of Spain and another in the Bank of Spain. There is something familiar with all the characters in this series, and it goes as follows, ‘Beware of someone who has nothing to lose. This makes each of them strong. The plan is made super strong by the foolproof execution command provided by the professor. Of course, with time, there pop many problems, a natural outcome of people involved in the crime when emotions start taking control of them, which shakes the plan and puts everyone’s interests and lives in danger. The master behind the whole plot is put into a tight spot where he makes intelligent moves and amends the plan accordingly to keep the project and the crew alive.

money heist

The breath-grasping series, which holds no certainty for the next upcoming minute, was the most-watched non-English series worldwide, with a considerable chunk from Mediterranean Europe and the Latin American world. The series was initially streamed on Antena 3 – a Spanish terrestrial network, in 2017. Netflix acquired the global streaming rights of the series towards the end of 2017. After being on Netflix, the show garnered a huge fan following, which has made Season 5 of the series the most anticipated release of 2021. Netflix stated that 65 million households checked out this series. This considerable success was mainly attributed to the availability of closed captions and subtitles in most of the regional languages.

It received many awards; the notable ones include the Best Drama Series at the 46th International Emmy Awards and Iris awards for the best screenplay.

Vis A Vis

A Spanish title that translates to “Face to Face” was a Spanish serial drama TV series produced by Globomedia. Season 1 (2015) and Season 2 (2016) of the show were premiered by Antena 3, a Spanish TV network, which then decided to stop the production of the series. Fox Spain, another Spanish TV network, picked up the production rights of the series and telecasted Season 3 (2018) and Season 4 (2019). In fact, it was the most-watched pay-TV of its period. It was after this period that Netflix bought the global streaming rights to the series.

The plot is all about a female character named Macarena Ferreiro, who is convicted with a very high bail set for fiscal offenses, which she commits for the love she has for her boss. The hardships she faces with her inmates and the face-off with the officers in prison are excellently portrayed. Their day-to-day struggle in overcoming the guilt of committing a crime and their efforts to handle it creates curiosity. Meanwhile, their families strive to pull them out on bail to set them free. The challenges they face to get all this done is what the story revolves about. 

Spanish Web Series with CC

The series gained a lot of followers immediately after streaming it globally on a successful platform, Netflix. Numerous in-field experts throughout the world have appreciated its storyline. You get a lot of followers and subscribers when the content is understood. Multilingual content is only accessible through captions or voice-over. There lies the power of captions.

It has received an international fan base and has pulled many awards, including the Spanish Actors Union Awards, for different categories in successive years. Captions and subtitles played a significant role in making the series a global hit. It went hand in hand with the unimaginable production capabilities of the team, making it a success.

El Presidente

The Chilean drama ‘El Presidente’ is based on a real-life conspiracy. It’s about the 2015 ‘FIFA Gate corruption scandal.’ The main character Sergio Jadue is the director of a small-town soccer club in Chile. He unexpectedly becomes the president of the Chilean National Soccer Association. Along the way, he becomes the protege of Julio Grandano, the president of the Argentina Football Association, who was considered to be the godfather of soccer at the time and also gains power among the executives of CONMEBOL (South American Football Confederation). 

This series covers the participation of Sergio Jadue with his deputy Luis Bedoya in ultimately helping an FBI agent Harris. They together reveal the conspiracy as part of the US government’s probe into global FIFA corruption. They identify the money laundering and corruption towards these CONMEBOL executives. The series has eight episodes, and the Chilean Accent is used here. El Presidente was released on Amazon Prime on June 5, 2020. 

Spanish Web Series with CC in the OTT

Both closed captions and subtitles are available for this series. Subtitles are made in more than 30 languages, and this is also dubbed into 9+ languages. Its availability in numerous languages has crow-pleading potential and effortlessly drives more subscriptions. At CaptioningStar, we provide captioning services to any OTT platform in more than 150 languages to seamlessly increase your viewers and subscriptions.


This wonderfully narrated teen thriller Spanish drama revolves around the conflict which keeps arising now and then when three working-class boys – named Samuel, Nadia, and Christian and their wealthy classmates. The three are provided with scholarships to join an elite private school in Spain. The scholarship was provided by a  construction company that was obliged to do so for the faulty construction of the school.  The elite does take all shortcuts to keep the working-class boys at bay to show them their superior wealth status. In turn, the three boys keep resisting, which pushes each side to take the extreme measure needed to safeguard their own interests, leading to a murder. 

Spanish Web Series with CC in the OTT

The series was telecasted for the first time on Netflix in 2018, with subsequent years telecasting Season 2, Season 3, and Season 4. The following season is due for 2022. For three successive years, from 2019 to 2021, the show has received the GLAAD Media Awards for the Outstanding Scripted Television Series (Spanish – language). It had a huge fan base that just in a month’s time after the release of Season 1, it was streamed by over 20 million accounts. The quick worldwide success made Elite take only 12 days to be renewed by Netflix for a second season. This series had captions only in English and European Spanish. Despite just two languages, it picked up millions of viewers. TV Shows’ top 50 most followed shows rated it as the second most followed Spanish-language TV show. It was also dubbed in English.

The above show is an example to illustrate the power of closed captions and subtitles. Come to us with any number of seasons and any number of episodes. Our team would deliver you the most accurate captions and subtitles. At CaptioningStar, we work round the clock, and get in touch with us at your convenience. 

Do watch all these series with Captions for the best user experience. Captions are definitely important for hard-of-hearing people and subtitles for non-native speakers.