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The world going virtual – Zoom is yours safest bet

The world going virtual – Zoom is yours safest bet

As we all know, Zoom is one of the most trusted Video Conferencing, Virtual Event, Virtual Zoom, Web conferencing and Webinar platforms for most of the top organizations as it can reach millions of people and helps to grow your business.


Zoom’s video conferencing quality and reliability ensures everyone has a seamless experience. Its Unique multimedia and interactivity features lead to better sales.

According to Bernstein’s estimate it has been reported that in the year 2019 , 1.99 million people were added to the platform and used it effectively to conduct business meetings.

How Covid-19 pandemic added more active users to Zoom Webinar

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced most of the organizations around the globe to work remotely ,the 9 year old platform has emerged as a prominent platform not only for virtual meetings and elearning classes but also required for church services,brunches ,non-profit organization’s conferences etc.

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As per the business need most of the corporate are conducting virtual meetings and as a result Bernstein’s estimate has reported that the company added 200 million active users so far in 2020 due to Covid-19 pandemic and since last February, educators from more than 90,000 schools across 20 countries have begun using Zoom to teach their students remotely.

How Zoom Webinar has become indispensable among all the users

The prime minister of The United Kingdom Boris Johnson tweeted a picture of himself hosting a cabinet meeting via Zoom platform. There were several questions about the platform’s security and how it can be used vitally for Government meetings.

Later an official announcement was made by a Cabinet Office spokesperson to clarify the fact “In the current unprecedented situation  the need for effective channels of communication is vital” . Zoom reported to BBC that it considers user security more seriously and globally around 2000 institutions from the world’s largest financial services to leading telecommunications providers , government agencies , universities , healthcare have confidently chosen Zoom for its confidentiality purposes.

On the other hand the Facebook group Zoom Memes for Self Quarantines,” with nearly 3,95,000 members has been posting captivating videos to engage the audience during quarantine.

CaptioningStar expand its Client Base with Zoom platform

CaptioningStar received 150 live captioning requests during March 2020 in which 95% of the inquiries are for Zoom. Most of the customers prefer Zoom as it delivers a top-notch captioning service for large meetings and conferencing with several participants connected virtually.

We have a strong client base who uses our Zoom live captioning services and they are as follows: 

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Adding closed captions to Live Zoom Events like Webinars, Recordings , and meetings improves video accessibility for hearing impaired participants and also essential for the participants who speak different languages.

CaptioningStar , a leading Captioning provider has assisted Zoom users for the last two years with live captions and closed captioning services for universities, schools, corporates and non-profit organizations.

Is it safe to access Zoom?

Zoom has overcome its security flaws in the past, which allowed an intruder to remove attendees from meetings, hacked users screens , and sent spoof messages to users.
But now as said , it has taken the security measures seriously and providing a seamless experience to its users.

Below are the steps that has to be meticulously taken to access the Zoom platform :

  • A public meeting link is public, so don’t share it with anyone you don’t trust.
  • Set up a password for participants to verify their authenticity before joining the meeting.
  • Ensure you are the only person in control of the meeting and not to give hosting access to other participants .
  • Incase of any malicious activity or harassment and cyberattacks are encountered directly it can be reported to Zoom firm.

Zoom Expands its boundary to other Industries

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues Zoom expands its footing across other industries offering its services to K-12 schools in Canada, India , Newzealand , Australia ,and Israel.

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On March 29th Zoom lifted the 40-minute meeting limit on free Basic Accounts as a small step to favour K-12 schools across different countries.

Zoom have partnered with Clever to make Zoom accessible to most schools globally making it easy for them to use e-learning during the time of emergency crisis,

Zoom with Clever provides the below features that benefits the K-12 schools:

Zoom has added more users so far this year than in 2019 2

Know the Recent Requisite for Zoom platform

In recent weeks , Zoom has emerged as the most downloaded app on the Apple App store , continuously breaking its download records.
According to app tracking firm Apptopia , it has been reported on March 23, Zoom was downloaded 2.13 million times worldwide, up from 2.04 million the day before.

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Zoom has been downloaded more than 50 million times on the Google app store alone as a matter of fact to stay in touch with work colleagues, friends and family.

Since the product is easier and more robust than its competitors Zoom has seen a remarkable growth as it becomes inevitable to most of the organizations especially during the time of remote meetings. Closed Captioning with Zoom improves accessibility to DHH (Deaf or Hard Hearing students) , improves your online visibility as the search engines can crawl the text provided in the video , enhances the user experience , reaches a wider audience and improves the watch time as it grabs your audience attention.

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Eric Yuvan , CEO of Zoom said “Zoom is doing everything we can to provide resources and support to those navigating the coronavirus outbreak” .Yuvan who grew up in China ,the country which was the epicenter of Covid-19 wrote in an official blog post that the Company has removed a 40-minute limit on meetings of more than two people for free users in China.

CaptioningStar diligently follows ADA compliance for any virtual meeting and Zoom with its nine years in the making has seen a phenomenal growth to support the users globally to connect them virtually