Top 10 captioning tools you need to be familiar with to increase viewership

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Top 10 captioning tools you must know to gain more viewers

Top 10 captioning tools you must know to gain more viewers

Captioning creates an easy access to your videos. But do you find captioning as a hard chore when you do it yourself?  I guess many yeses.

But I will say No, and it’s rather simple. Let me say how it can be easy.

To make your work effortless, 1000s of captioning tools are available online. It may be a free tool or a commercial tool, the choice is yours.

Here comes the list of 10 captioning tools just for you

Handpicked Content:- 10 Free Useful Captioning Tools that will make captioning a breeze. Download a free PDF of the Top 10 Captioning Tools

1. Amara

Have you felt frustrated during watching videos of other languages that you won’t speak? Of course, I have experienced it many times while watching a foreign language movie or a series and also hardly in videos related to my subject stuff until I came to know about captioning.

AMARA Captioning tool

Amara is a popular and user-friendly tool for captioning, subtitling and translating. This tool captions any video for free.

You may like to know that

  • Amara’s transcription interface is simple and intuitive
  • Amara provides you a private and secured workspace
  • This tool automatically pauses after every four seconds allowing you to transcribe as you hear.
  • This tool allows you to rewind the video with shortcut buttons if you have good control over the keyboard.

You may find it interesting to know that the tool allows pausing the video automatically after a fixed time because, for instance, you could not follow up with the audio of the file due to a minor distraction like a calling bell, or a mobile ring so it will be useful for you to relax after every fixed second.

Moreover, our human brain has the tendency to lose the concentration often.

But some users feel that

  • Editing text across the captions in Amara seems tricky.

2. YouTube Captions

YouTube has an option ’Transcribe and AutoSync’ to caption the videos which is of free of cost. YouTube encourages you to accomplish it with few simple steps.

Youtube Captioning

You may like to know that

YouTube captioning is a better choice for you in case you wanna caption the videos, not for commercial purpose. You can try captioning videos for free and in a simple interface on YouTube as a part of your entertainment.

But do you know

  • YouTube’s automatic captions are not indexed by Google due to its inaccuracy

3. Overstream

Overstream is a free captioning tool. You can produce stream of captions through Overstream which is uploaded to the video file automatically, without making any changes to the original video.

Overstream Captioning Tool

You may like to know that

  • Overstream is a better choice when it is for YouTube videos since sometimes captioning YouTube videos may violate copyright law.
  • A new feature is introduced to save the SRT transcript file separately in your computer or copy it in a separate storage.

This new feature may help you when you need a transcript copy of the caption file for your reference or if some client needs it.

But some people found

  • Overstream is slower and it has no keyboard interface.

4. MAGpie

MAGpie is an open source, closed captioning software which captions videos for free. It is an audio description authoring tool which helps hard of hearing or deaf public and who finds language as a barrier to access the software tools.

You may like to know that

  • With MAGpie, you can have captions in each track for the same video in different languages.
  • You can even copy the exact time codes from one track to other if it is a word-for-word translation.

If you wanna caption the video file for more than one language, then MAGpie helps you do that with the availability of multi-languages.

But you may feel that

  • It is difficult to proofread or spell-check the transcript once it is made into captions in MAGpie.

5. CaptionMaker

CaptionMaker is a paid captioning tool which allows you to create, edit and encode video captions for television, web and mobile devices.

Captionmaker captioning tool

You may like to know that

  • CaptionMaker enables an easy access to television, web and mobile viewers.
  • CaptionMaker’s auto time stamp feature reduces the time to time stamp your closed captions
  • Timed text speech in CaptionMaker allows you to get the results faster than the real time. So it helps to save your time.
  • The speech engine supports multiple languages.

Some captioning tools are only accessible through computers or laptops depending on their configuration. But with CaptionMaker you can access with mobile phones and also with TV.

6. Dotsub

Dotsub basic is free and the advanced version of Dotsub allows a free trial. Dotsub is a browser-based, self-contained system for captioning videos in multiple languages. It is not automation and humans do transcription and translation.

dotsub captioning tool

You may like to know that

  • Dotsub works well on different platforms like web devices, mobile devices and so on.
  • Dotsub is easy and fun to work with the user-friendly interface.
  • The tool is designed such that, a beginner or an experienced personnel could work with it in a comfortable way.
  • Dotsub offers an accurate and high-quality caption with time-coding at a cost less than you imagine.

Are you new to the field of captioning? Doesn’t know even the basics of captioning? No worries. This is the right tool for you to choose. It has a very simple interface and you can do it without others hand.

But do you know

  • With DotSUB, you can caption videos only less than 25 minutes and the subtitling page stays saved.

7. Scribe Pro

Scribe Pro is a commercial tool for captioning as well as transcribing. It is a professional toolkit which is used for generating automatic transcription, editing, aligning and checking caption files and also embeds captions to files.

Scribepro captioning tool

You may like to know that

  • This tool supports all caption files and video formats.
  • Exports files at a faster rate and accuracy in editing captions.

For instance, you have a pdf document of the caption file. After trying with much captioning software you were disappointed with the file format of yours doesn’t match with the software. Whether it’s like all the doors are closed?

Here we are. Scribe Pro supports all file formats to make you comfortable and simplify your process.

But do you know

  • Scribe Pro lacks the ability to play files quickly.
  • The free trial is about 14 days and it limits some features

8. Camstasia (captionsync)

This tool is a paid tool used for creating audio and video recordings and in addition, creates captioning using a speech-to-text feature.

CaptionSync Captioning Tool

You may like to know that

  • Camstasia has an in-built ‘caption editor’ option to automatically caption your videos.
  • You can also export audio files to a third party service for captioning the videos and again you can import the files.

But do you know

  • Many consider this tool is not as robust as other programs
  • When editing there is usually a lag and the video looks terrible when we review it after captioning.

9. Captionate

Captionate is a paid tool but at a low cost.  The native format of Captionate is Flash video player (FLV).  You can also use the demo version which is for 10 days to make your decision.

Captionate Captioning Tool

You may like to know that

  • You can have multi languages track in a single caption.
  • You can export or import caption data as TT XML (Timed Text XML)
  • You can easily track the display name, language code, type and target wpm (words per minute) of each language track.

10. CaptioningStar

As the name says its ‘free’. The CaptioningStar provides captions to your videos automatically when you provide with an audio or video transcript.

In minutes, the CaptioningStar provides accurate and well-timed captions in a variety of file formats for all types of videos.

You may like to know that

  • The workflow remains super secured and ensures you that your information is safe and confidential.
  • This captioning tool makes sure that the spoken words are captured and provide 99% accuracy.


Captioning your videos not only make people view you more. Captioning also conveys your information to the hard of hearing or deaf people by viewing the text. Do you know? People from different regions could access the other language videos through captions. Captions broke the barriers for language. I am sure that you can caption the videos yourself now after visiting this blog.

These Captioning tools make your job super easy and a free tool adds advantage to it. So search for captioning tools which benefit you and hope this blog gives you some idea for it.