Know how CaptioningStar offered captions for video production Company

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Know how CaptioningStar offered a video production company word-perfect captions

Know how CaptioningStar offered a video production company word-perfect captions

About Us

Our CEO’s mantra has always been aiming for the stars.

CaptioningStar started as a fledgling enterprise. Though it has not been a bed of roses, facing stiff competition, determination and sheer hard work by our team of experienced and professional captioners saw CaptioningStar rise to its heights. We are thankful to our team who worked around the clock overcoming obstacles one by one to make sure CaptioningStar is a force to reckon with.

Mike and his need for captions...

Mike, head of a popular video production company in Texas, produces videos for almost all categories from media to healthcare, having a diverse client base. His videos are famous for their professionalism and creativity. With clients all around the region, Mike was super busy having a 24/7 schedule.

Our first talk…

On a busy Wednesday noon, we at CaptioningStar, received a call from a video production company. Yes, it was Mike. From his tone, we understood his desperation and need for faultless captions.


What Mike faced…

Video captioning service I had enquired with many captioning services for captioning my videos related to healthcare. But none of the calls boosted my confidence level. Finally, I decided to give it to a large captioning company in New Mexico. But to my surprise, many words were misspelled and misinterpreted. I felt helpless and didn’t know whom to turn to. At that time my friend John recommended your services as he had prior experience working with you,’ said Mike.

We explained about our Video Captioning services and our experience in this field during his call. But the statement which made Mike say an instant ‘Yes’ was when we said, ‘We also do medical transcription for many healthcare organizations in and around the United States hence we were familiar with the medical terms used by the doctors.’

Apart from that, we also explained that CaptioningStar receives files from a diverse client base which shows our versatility. We also added that we were ready to work with all genre files as we have a dedicated in-house team who are well-versed and experienced in captioning…

iTranscript CaptioningStar

Mike’s voice turned from one of desperation to joy as we offered him a free trial.

Mike was impressed with our trial in captioning and he decided to work with us. We had to caption 40 video files that were 60 minutes long each.

iTranscript- Just what the doctor ordered

iTranscript, an application which makes your job of transcribing videos easier. Everything is carried out on a single platform and saves you time which is more valuable than your dollars.

Guides to Use

 Fill out the TAT requirements, the audio category under which your file falls after signing up for the iTranscript account.

 You can interface iTranscript with all major, online file sharing and storage platforms.

 Our caption writers would log in to the platform, download the files and caption the videos.

 After completion, you can download the captions in SRT, webVTT (HTML5), QuickText (QuickTime),DFXP (Adobe flash), TTML, SMPTE-TT, SCC (web media, iTunes, iOS, DVD ), CAP (Cheetah), 608/708, RealText (Real Media), SBV (YouTube), Adobe Encore, SMI or SAMI (Windows Media), WMP.TXT, STL (DVD Studio Pro), EBU.STL, Avid DS, Avid.AAF and Captionate.

 You are given editing options that will enable you to edit and make changes to your captions.

Interactive transcripts are transcripts that are synchronized with the audio content of the recording and are highlighted simultaneously as the speaker speaks. Such transcripts are also provided by us.

Video Captioning Service


Accurate icon  Our captioners captioned the videos given by Mike, which were mostly of doctor’s interviews, tips for leading a healthy lifestyle and major treatments provided by the hospital.

Accurate icon  Any captioning company would face challenges while captioning such videos but we at CaptioningStar found it to be a cakewalk as we have an in-house team of experienced captioners and medical transcribers.

Accurate icon  Mike seemed to be happy and quite satisfied after our delivery of captions. But we realized how happy we had made him only when he called us, a month later.

Accurate icon  An unexpected call on a fine Monday morning and its Mike again. He shared his happiness and feedback from the hospital.

Accurate icon  The hospital was very satisfied with the captioning of the videos and said that many visitors along with the patients felt it was engaging and helpful as senior citizens, and those with hearing impairment could better comprehend the videos because of the captions.

Accurate icon  Moreover, the audio volume can also be decreased or muted, in a place like a hospital, that requires silence.

Accurate icon  Mike then cheerfully added, ‘ You gave me more than I expected and made me super happy. So I have decided to send all my captioning requirements to CaptioningStar only. You will be my captioner henceforth.’

Video Captioning Service