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Vimeo Live Streaming

Vimeo Live Streaming

Virtual events and meetings have taken off with the advent of OTT platforms becoming affordable, and 2020 shenanigans had a major role to play too! 69% of the US population is subscribed to at least one OTT platform, Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon. With more people cutting the cord with cable network providers and migrating to online sources of entertainment and information, the demand for virtual events has skyrocketed.

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Businesses have invested time, money, and resources into developing their online presence and connecting with the end-users to help them amend and make changes based on feedback. One of the major tools and techniques used by brands to boost online engagement is live streaming events, collaborating with creators from the industry, and conducting virtual workshops to demonstrate their products and services.

Back in 2017, Vimeo acquired LiveStream a hosting platform for live videos. Since then they’ve been offering users the option to live stream, and according to a recent update they are all set to have their own OTT services.

In today’s blog, we will be diving into how to live stream on Vimeo, Closed Captioning, and Subtitling live streams. Read till the end to know more.

Live Streaming has become an integral part of any business’s marketing plan and with Vimeo, users need to sign up with the premium package which is 75$ a month to use this feature.

Once your premium account is set up, you can set up your event. Vimeo offers users the option to preview their content and setting before going live, at this point if users are happy with how things are looking they can go ahead and take the event live, if not go back and make amends to best suit their unique needs.

Vimeo Live Streams can also be simulcast, which is very unique to Vimeo, it supports streaming on Facebook, Youtube, Twitch, LinkedIn, and even custom apps! And another premium feature is that it allows for Ad-free streaming.

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The live stream feature also supports automated live captioning by AI software, which is great if you are hosting the event is in English with a requirement for English Closed Captions or Subtitles, not an ideal choice for multilingual needs or subtitling.

If you are looking to host your event for an international audience who are non-native speakers, it is mandatory that you book an external or third-party captioning service to render you this service. Vimeo or Vimeo live does not support you to assign a captioner from with the event or even the platform.

To achieve a seamless experience with external it is mandatory to purchase a special encoder (link encoder page) and decoder software for your captioner – an expensive affair, in all honesty. With the help of an encoder, captioners receive the audio feed and deliver the appropriate captions, which goes through the software again and embeds the captions in the live stream before reaching the final audience.

With virtual events on the rise, it is a wise choice to partner with a licensed vendor who can provide the perks of having an encoder without the pain of having to spend as much. CaptioningStar is one such vendor that can provide the service at nominal prices for all kinds of industries and event needs. We also supply you with the best and experienced in-house bilingual captioners who can provide bilingual automated captions too!