YouTube video captioning for 30 hours Council Meeting

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Captioning 30 hours of YouTube Videos for a Florida Based City Government’s Council Meetings – Case study

Captioning 30 hours of YouTube Videos for a Florida Based City Government’s Council Meetings – Case study

Each of our captioning stories explores how CaptioningStar helps clients to resolve their common captioning problems. From marketers to healthcare professionals, hundreds of businesses use CaptioningStar’s service to caption their videos.

‘’ CaptioningStar, I learned, should’ve been my first route, because their captions are accurate and well-placed’’

Client, Multimedia and Broadcast Manager, City Government.

For a multimedia manager, responsibilities are vast. From organizing events and streaming the events to the public, they’ll have to take care of a whole lot of moving parts.

The greater City Government, of course, our client...

Like every other state or city, the City Government we worked with conducted weekly council meetings that served as a platform for discussing civic activities and important reforms. To comply with accessibility laws, as part of the legal stipulation, the Multimedia and Broadcast Manager of the City Government required captions for their Youtube Videos with an accuracy of over 90% to help the hearing impaired.

City council meetings

The quality of the captions and the affordable price at CaptioningStar supported the City Government to reach their goal in a cinch.

With our integrated Captioning platform, facilitating easy connection with YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, and many such major video hosting platforms, the client found a way to caption the council meeting videos with over 99% accuracy.

Integration in under 15 minutes!

The client’s journey to CaptioningStar is common to many. At first, he wanted to edit the YouTube’s automatic open captions in his pre-recorded videos, mainly those of council meetings, of 1680 minutes (28 hours) duration. Besides that, he also required real-time captions for his weekly 30-minute program.

For files of such a large volume, the captioning costs are usually exorbitant. Our client had many discussions with various captioning providers in and around the city. Whether it was cost, service or workflow, nothing was up to the mark. And he was yet to find the right captioning company.

Few days passed by and through a friend’s referral, the multimedia manager of the City Government found CaptioningStar.

‘’ After many days of tirelessly scouting the captioning market to find the right company for editing my automated captions-embedded YouTube videos, I came to know about CaptioningStar,’’ said our client.

After a bit of groundwork, our client wished to start his journey with CaptioningStar.

Since the accuracy was poor with the YouTube’s automatic captions, our captioning team had to painstakingly edit the inaccurate captions.

CaptioningStar Youtube IntegrationIn CaptioningStar’s captioning platform- iTranscript, our client integrated his YouTube account within a few clicks and shared the videos to be captioned. And then the captioned files were uploaded to the client’s own private YouTube account effortlessly through the same platform.

Integrations are made easy now for captioning platforms with iTranscript.
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Our Captioning workflow- Simpler & streamlined than you can ever imagine!

Since the client uses his YouTube account as a hub for saving all his council meeting videos, he could easily access his captioned videos.

This process became simple with the help of our iTranscript platform. Now with CaptioningStar, he has an integrated account via which he could easily integrate with any of the video storage platforms and share his files within a few clicks.

iTranscript_IntegrationIn addition, we allowed the editing of captions too so the client didn’t have to revert to us for last minute changes.

Here’s how users can sign up and get started with using iTranscript:

Users will have to sign up to access iTranscript. It is as easy as signing up with Facebook!

iTranscript Login image


Captioningstar integration

Now users will have to select files that need to be captioned, and click on “Place captioning order”.

Captioning Integration


API IntegrationThe files are then sent to the production team, where a team of captioning professionals and quality analysts work over it to produce a 100% accurate captioned file.

Since our client required only the editing of the existing  YouTube’s automated captions, as a first step, the caption files were retrieved from the shared video files and then edited according to the video.

We enabled easy tracking of the project’s status and sent an email to the client.

Once the captions were quality checked, the files were again pushed back to the client’s YouTube account without additional charges.

‘’ Excellent work all around. CaptioningStar met all of the City’s needs in a timely manner. The captioning is perfect. Thanks to the Sales Expert and his team at CaptioningStar for all their hard work and for helping us with our content. The City Government recommends them.’’

Client, Multimedia and Broadcast Manager, City Government.

This user-friendly iTranscript platform, helped our client to save the City Government’s administrative burdens and time. Of course, the captioned videos opened the floodgates for public accessibility. He spends more time now on developing strategic plans for television, creating high-quality tv programming to attract viewership and monitoring the selection of programs for televising- all the things a multimedia and broadcast manager does.

Want to caption your YouTube videos at an accuracy of more than 99% without any lag? Give CaptioningStar a try.

And it isn’t the end of our story. Impressed by our amiable team and the standards of our output, the City Government decided to sign a captioning contract for a year. Surprising, right?

What’s your story? Tell us how you benefited from CaptioningStar to do more. You can also read even more client stories and find various ways by which CaptioningStar supports you to improve viewership and productivity.