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Optimize the BrightSpace Management with the New Tech- SCORM

Just Plug-in all your Course Content with Ease


BrightSpace LMS Support

Catering to multiple sectors like K-12 Schools, Colleges, Universities, Private Institutes, and Corporate Firms, D2L’s Brightspace has an advantageous position in the supply chain process by providing a complete Learning Management System.

The educating platform with numerous features offers consistent SCORM support, following the guidelines in the overall purview.

The LMS managers might worry about the background process, the course uploads, and the other tracking process. CaptioningStar’s here with complete SCORM Support and beyond.

CaptioningStar - More than Just Captions

CaptioningStar is a company that specializes in providing accessibility services. With over 20 years of experience, they offer a range of services including Live Captioning, Post Captioning, Open and Closed Captioning, Audio Description Services, and other accessibility solutions. They cater to clients in various sectors such as Information Technology, Media, Event Management, Education, Legal, and more.

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Learn more about SCORM


Shared Content Object Reference Model(SCORM) is a widely accepted standard that facilitates communication between courses and LMS platforms. By adopting SCORM technology, users can benefit from easy integration, XML format support, captions for each course, and drag-and-drop functionality. This ensures seamless management of courses within an LMS, with the ability to track user progress, provide quizzes and self-evaluations, and emphasize accessibility in e-learning content design.

What do you get

Seamless Integration

Integrating course content with SCORM on any Learning Management System (LMS) is a seamless process, as LMS platforms adhere to SCORM compliance based on universal guidelines. It provides easy integration, allowing you to plug in and play your courses anywhere on the LMS of your choice.

Monitor the User’s Progress

You can monitor the usage and track the progress of users by incorporating features such as quizzes and self-evaluations at the end of each module. This enables a comprehensive assessment of user performance and enhances the tracking capabilities beyond the typical functionalities of an LMS.

Top-Notch Captioning

Ensure accessibility for every course by providing captioning services for each one. Captions are available for all course content, and they come with an easily navigable seekable feature.

XML Format

No more worries about loading large files. Experience smooth loading as the packages will load in XML format, offered in bundles and packages.

Pack On-the-Go

With SCORM’s cloud support, upload your course and assets in one place and switch to any LMS with zero technical support. SCORM allows the courses to be portable, this provides the LMS Specialist to deal with the courses with no difficulties.

Navigation Features

Additionally, a convenient search bar is included to facilitate easy navigation within the video content of the course. This ensures that learners can easily locate specific sections or information within the videos through captions and a user-friendly search function.

CaptioningStar + BrightSpace LMS

For all LMS admins, we are offering an innovative and affordable solution to save a ton of money through SCORM Compliance. With our complete integration support,

Get Complete Control over the Result

Save Time on Coding and Packaging

Save Money on Moodle tools

Reduce Your Coding Hours to Zero

We Simplify the Process in 5 Steps providing end-to-end support


Course and Asset Upload


Editing with Authoring Tools


Export SCORM Package


Run a Test after Delivery


Publish the Course on LMS

Clients Worldwide

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