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Accurate Broadcast Captioning Service for all TV Needs

  • 40% Returns on your Investment
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  • Covering More than 100+ Networks
  • Available Across 50 States

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Broadcast Captioning

A One-Stop Solution for Broadcast Closed Captioning

  • NCRA Certified Captioners with Super Fast Fingers
  • No Time Delay-Perfect Synchronization
  • Desired Format Delivery based on the TV Station
  • Covering More than 50 languages
  • Verbatim and Transcript Delivery within 48 Hours
  • Closed Captions on TV with FCC Compliant

Know the Over-the-air Support Services

Get 40% Lower Prices Comparing Other Providers


Starting from $0.70/Min

Open Captioning

Starting from $1.5/min

Closed Captioning

Starting from $1.85/min

Foreign Language Subtitles

Starting from $7/ Min

Audio Description

Starting from $7.5/min

Live Captioning

Starting from $120/ hour

Live Subtitling

Starting from $150/hour

Broadcast Captions - A Universal Solution

Primarily focusing on Television broadcasts, the speech-to-text conversion happening in real-time during the broadcast aids millions of impaired viewers across the USA to keep themselves informed. Apart from the old analog solutions with the stenograph, the evolution of Broadcast Captions transformed its way into modern digital systems with current technology updates, proving that it’s one of the best accessibility services shaping up the world.


Types of Broadcast Captioning Services

CEA 608

Consumer Electronics Association 608 standard, commonly called as Analog Captioning

  • Position – Bottom (Standard)
  • Font Colour – White
  • Background – Black
  • No Character indication
  • No Punctuation
  • No Special Character Support
  • Encryption via Line 21
  • Multi-Language Support: French, German, Italian, Dutch, English, Portuguese, Spanish

CEA 708

Consumer Electronics Association 708 standard, commonly called as Digital Captioning.

  • Position – Following FCC guidelines, can appear anywhere on the screen without interrupting vital information.
  • Font and Colors – Customizable Font and Colors
  • Includes Punctuation, Character indication, and Filler Noises
  • Special Character support in all languages
  • Multi-language Support – Almost all languages
  • Information can be encoded via MPEG-2 Stream

Embedded Captions for TV Episodes

Get end-to-end Embedded Captions for your TV Commercials and News Captioning.

  • Direct Broadcasting Support in Desired Formats.
  • MPEG – 2, MXF & MOV Codec.
  • CEA – 708 Digital broadcasting standard followed by the USA and Canada.
  • No Character indication
  • High Definition and 4K Rendering.
  • Covering all specifications and guidelines followed in NTSC Advertising.
CDN services

Content Distribution Network

Distributions are made easier

  • Controlled spots and video files to over 28,000 destinations.
  • 100% Coverage on North America’s radio, linear TV, OTT & VOD broadcasters.
  • The Pan Regional Cable Network and LatAm broadcasters throughout Central & South America. Cost-effective, Seamless connectivity to deliver any type of advertising, promotion & program.

We Go Above and Beyond

Comparing the other captioning providers, we go the extra mile to fulfill your requirements. With others, you would have to burden yourself with 70% of the processes like integration, uploading and post-production.

We do


You just do


Utilize the saved time to improve your business.

We Cover A-Z in Accessibility


Closed Captioning

Open Captioning 

Open Captioning

Broadcast Captioning

On-site CART Captions


ASL Interpretations

Audio Description

Audio Description



Document Translation

Document Translation


LMS Captions

CaptioningStar provides complete 360-degree coverage of accessibility services. We also offer end-to-end Captioning and Documentation services for University events like Graduation Ceremonies, Seminars, and other events.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does CaptioningStar support hard-coded or soft-coded subtitles?

Yes, CaptioningStar supports both hard-coded (burned-in) subtitles and soft-coded (separate file) subtitles, depending on the client’s preference and the intended use of the content.

How does CaptioningStar handle different dialects or cultural nuances in subtitling?

CaptioningStar’s team includes translators and subtitle experts who are not only proficient in different languages but also sensitive to cultural nuances, ensuring that the subtitles are culturally appropriate and resonate with the target audience.

In which languages does CaptioningStar offer subtitling services?

We provide subtitling services in 100+ languages, supporting a diverse global audience and catering to various linguistic needs.

Can CaptioningStar handle subtitles for content with technical or specialized terminology?

Yes, CaptioningStar has subject matter experts across various fields who can accurately translate and subtitle content with specialized or technical terminology.

What is the difference between subtitles and closed captions?

Subtitles are translated versions of speech that appear on the bottom of the screen, whereas, Closed Captions are the same language content that appears on the screen.

Just Count on Our Five Stars

Excellent work all around. They met all of the City of Miramar’s needs in a timely manner. The captioning is perfect. Thanks to M Anderson and his team for all their hard work and for helping us with our content. The City of Miramar recommends them.


Andres E.H

Best Captioning reviews

TV Show Host We have been using Captioning Star for the TV show “What’s Up Orange County” for the last year. It has been a pleasure working with Mike Anderson who is always following up to make sure our orders are completed on time. Highly recommend.


Scott D. Stewart

LinkedIn reviews

Producer Director CaptioningStar did a great job on over 15 hours of material to caption. Mike Anderson and his team are very customer service oriented and do what they say they will do. Their work is consistently accurate and turnaround is never delayed.


Erik Nielsen

Best Captioning reviews

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