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We deliver high-quality Broadcast Captioning Services using CEA-608 and CEA-708 standards.

At CaptioningStar, we are a team of human captioners and not software, that delivers premium quality captions for all your television programs. We are compliant with CEA-608, and CEA-708 closed captioning standards in broadcasting television. CEA-608, also known as Line 21 captions, is the standard for analog TV, while CEA-708 captions are the new standard for digital television.


Difference Between CEA 608 and CEA 708 Captions

CEA-608 Format Analog CEA-708 Format Digital
It appears in analog broadcastsIt appears in digital broadcasts
Appears in a standard position at the bottom of the screen with a black background in white lettersCan appear anywhere on the screen as long as it complies to FCC guidelines without blocking the essential information on-screen.
It does not include punctuation, noises, or indicate which character is speaking It includes punctuation, non-speech noises, and they indentify the speaker
Cannot support special characters of alphabets used in other languages Supports all special characters and alphabets used in most languages
Support 7 languages: French, German, Italian, Dutch, English, Portuguese, Spanish Supports almost all languages
Information can be encrypted via Line 21 Information can be encoded via MPEG-2 streams

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We work with all over-the-air television networks.

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Broadcast networks can be commercial, non-commercial, religious, educational, shopping, and many more. For millions and millions of users throughout the world enjoying these networks, we engage them with error-free closed captions and live captions. Captions are extremely helpful for the deaf and hard-of-hearing and non-native speakers. All you need to do is just hire us.

Not only TV stations, but we also work for advertising agencies, web broadcasters, record companies, music promoters, broadcast cable networks, and award shows ensuring the highest quality captions. We are a part of other events, conferences, remote meetings, news and weather reports, sports, concerts, etc.

File Formats Supported

Different types of caption formats have been in use for different types of broadcasts. Here are a few common captioning formats used by television networks and streaming providers. 

CEA-608: This is an analog format used extensively in North America. According to the FCC, in the United States, the analog format is 608. CEA- 608 is also known as Line 21 where captions are encoded into Line 21 of the television signal.

CEA- 708: The 708 captions are the new standards for digital television in North America. Thus the closed captions are rendered in digital format. 708 captions are most preferred and are considered standard by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). 

OTHER BROADCASTING FORMATS: .ebu stl, .scc, .mcc, .aaf, .cap, .dts, .ttml, .webvtt

European markets use Teletext, EBU-STL, and DVB Teletext/Subtitles.

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