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We deliver high-quality Broadcast captioning services. We also use the CEA-608 and CEA-708 standards.

At CaptioningStar, we are a team of human captioners and not software that delivers premium quality captions for all your television programs. We are compliant with CEA-608, and CEA-708 closed captioning standards in broadcasting television. CAE-608, also known as Line 21 captions, is the standard for analog TV, while CAE-708 captions are the new standard for digital television.

ADA and FCC Compliance

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), a civil rights law, ensures discrimination against people with disabilities in accessing technology and web content. Media services should also comply with the Federal Communications Center (FCC) regulations. We abide by these guidelines in every content we produce.

Impeccable Quality

Forget the cause of our mistakes; it’s how we correct them. That makes us stand unique. We hire native human translators for live broadcast captioning. For pre-recorded TV programs, accurate transcripts are provided and are time-coded for the perfect audio-video sync. Also, linguistics quality assurance (LQA) is performed

Turnaround Time

We offer different turnaround times like Standard, Rush, Super Rush, and Express delivery. In each case, the number of business days required to deliver the task is in the decreasing order from Standard to Express delivery. We also ensure that the time delay for live captions is within 2 to 5 seconds

We work with all over-the-air television networks.

Broadcast networks can be commercial, non-commercial, religious, educational, shopping, and many more. For millions and millions of users throughout the world enjoying these networks, we engage you with error-free closed captions and live captions. Captions are extremely helpful for the deaf and hard-of-hearing and non-native speakers. All you need to do is just hire us.

Steps required to write high-quality captions

It is mandatory for production companies to encode closed captions for all their television programs, movies, documentaries, and dramas. Broadcast closed captions are a legal requirement for your video content. Thus we put our maximum efforts to offer high quality, reliable, and affordable services.

The steps are outlined below

  • Identification of speakers and the quality of the audio
  • Instant speech to text conversion for encoding live captions
  • Transcriptions for pre-recorded programs
  • Proofreading the transcripts and the formatting style as per channel regulations
  • Splitting the text lines or defining the character limitations
  • Timestamping the text and encoding them
  • Rechecking them to assure the perfect audio-video synchronization
  • Converting closed captions to required file formats
  • Embedding captions, CEA-608 and CEA-708 standard upon requirement.

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Spot & Video broadcast master requirements

Advertising (only) File naming conventions

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NTSC Advertising & Music Video Specifications

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Master Video Specifications

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