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Trusted by over 1000 Educational institutions worldwide.

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Closed Captioning Services for Universities

We deliver high-quality Closed Captioning Services for Universities and Schools worldwide.

The learning perspective of each individual has changed across the globe. Thousands of educational institutions have transformed from traditional methods to remote learning. They have adopted high-quality education technology and digital capabilities.

Captioning has been the main part of this so-called technology. At CaptioningStar, we are a team of human captioners who deliver premium quality captions for your live lectures, academic videos, and e-learning materials with integrations into your existing LMS platform.

Live Captioning for in-person lectures and live-streamed lectures

The perfect way to make your University and other higher education live sessions accessible to students is just by enabling real-time captions. In live captioning, we give students immediate access to the text version of the spoken words to assist them better in their studies, especially the deaf and hard of hearing, non-native English speakers, English language learners, and those with learning disabilities.

We seamlessly integrate with any LMS platform or Video conferencing app of your choice for e-learning. Get accurate captions to provide apt learning materials from CaptioningStar.

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We work with all the widely used LMS platforms.

CaptioningStar seamlessly integrates with all the LMS platforms that are widely used by schools and educational institutions. To name a few, Blackboard, Kaltura, Moodle, Canvas, and Udemy. These LMS applications help you administer, track, report, and deliver learning programs. Other e-learning video platforms include Zoom, Brightcove, Vimeo, Kaltura, and Youtube.

Most of the time, videos might not efficiently deliver 100% learning outcomes. Captions and subtitles improve clarity and retention for students, especially for students with hearing and learning disabilities.

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Vendor Comparison Table

Here is a Comparison Template that has all our features and specialties listed. You can use this online template to compare the services and features provided by other vendors with CaptioningStar. Thus, this template would be easy to analyze the features and price of services from multiple providers.

Finally, you are free to download the table for further reference.

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Seamless integration with almost all the widely used platforms, tools

24/7 Support

We offer Email, Phone, and Live chat support round the clock.

No boundaries on formats

Any format in, any format out approach of us allows you to share your files without worrying about formats and conversions.

.SRTPopular caption file format
.WebVTTThe new W3C standard for captioning in HTML5.
.SBVSubViewer file format.
.DFXPW3C standard for captioning, used widely in Flash players
.SMISAMI captions for Windows Media Player.
.QTQuickTime captions.
.RTRealText captions for RealPlayer.
.SLTSpruce subtitle format for DVD Studio Pro.
.SUBCaptions for Sonic DVD Creator.
.SMPTE-TTThe FCC safe harbor format for IP captioning. Similar to DFXP.
.SCCScenarist Closed Caption format.
AVID SSSubtitle format supported by Avid systems.
JSONWord-level timing and confidence data.
MULTILUNGUAL .DFXPMultilingual DFXP file generated via machine translation. Translation into multiple languages is available. Available to enterprise customers.

Post-Event Services

Provide interactive transcripts/ verbatim print materials

Enable Closed captions to your videos and upload them to various video platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Veho, and more.

Live stream your pre-recorded videos on your favorite social media platforms

Upload videos to an OTT platform or VOD platform of your choice

Upload videos to an e-learning platform/ Learning Management System(LMS)

Video enhancement services like editing/trimming

Providing optimal Search Engine Optimization(SEO) to your videos

Converting videos into podcasts and uploading them on platforms like Buzzsprout, Podcasts, and more

Case Studies

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University of New Hampshire

The Institute on Disability (IOD) is a research university that undertakes innovative, academic, and dissemination initiatives to promote full access, equal opportunities, and participation for all persons in local, state, and national capacities by strengthening communities by promising practices, education and research.

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Brandeis University

Due to the new norm there has been a significant rise in Virtual events and using Closed Captions /Subtitles to the Webinars &Meetings have become imperative. Scheduling team had a great challenge in assigning a captioner as they were swamped with plenty of other projects.

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