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You may be from any sector, especially say healthcare sectors like hospitals, individual practitioners, clinics, surgical centres, birth centres or may be any video production companies creating medical videos, or any organization where waiting rooms are available, all you need now is customized captions for your videos.

At first, how much do you think captioning for waiting room videos are important? Actually, where will be the waiting room videos played? And who does produce such waiting room videos?

Videos in waiting rooms of hospitals are the most necessary ones to decrease the perceived wait time.

Do you know, videos present in a waiting room can decrease the perceived wait time by up to 33%. (A 30 minute waiting time will feel like a 20-minute wait)

In hospitals, mostly patients along with their beloved family members or friends are in the waiting rooms. At times, they may be required to wait even for hours. This is actually difficult to do nothing and be still.

So to engage such public in an informative way, the hospitals telecast general videos about health- like alcohol recovery programs, the importance of child care assistance, the organization’s services and specialization, different physicians interviews and so on. Sometimes local news and weather reports are also telecasted.

Now in most cases, the hospital waiting room videos provide more personalized healthcare videos for their patients. Actually, videos educate patients by explaining

  • Treatment procedural processes
  • Medication directions
  • Treatment side effects
  • Physical condition implications
  • Various treatment plans and alternate treatment options
  • Test results
  • Diagnostic procedures
Waiting Room TV

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Worried about format conversions?

Our any format in and any format out approach will help you get rid of nagging format conversion worries.

.SRTPopular caption file format
.WebVTTThe new W3C standard for captioning in HTML5.
.SBVSubViewer file format.
.DFXPW3C standard for captioning, used widely in Flash players
.SMISAMI captions for Windows Media Player.
.QTQuickTime captions.
.RTRealText captions for RealPlayer.
.SLTSpruce subtitle format for DVD Studio Pro.
.SUBCaptions for Sonic DVD Creator.
.SMPTE-TTThe FCC safe harbor format for IP captioning. Similar to DFXP.
.SCCScenarist Closed Caption format.
AVID SSSubtitle format supported by Avid systems.
JSONWord-level timing and confidence data.
MULTILUNGUAL .DFXPMultilingual DFXP file generated via machine translation. Translation into multiple languages is available. Available to enterprise customers.

Generally, these waiting room videos are produced by video production companies and to produce health & medical related videos is a cakewalk only if you have a sound experience in the healthcare domain.

Captioning those waiting room videos makes it accessible to all the patients without any discrimination against non-native English speaking people or people with deaf or hard of hearing public. Moreover, captions to the videos allow patients to understand the video even when audio is inaudible or muted.

It’s just all about what can you do for them!

In many hospitals, it is now mandatory as per NAD and FCC, to display captions to the waiting room videos without any restrictions between normal and hard of hearing patients.

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  • Since we are embraced with captioning professionals who are well-versed with the medical terminologies, our captioning job became a cinch.
  • Our captions embedded waiting room videos reduce the patient’s waiting time and boosts patient’s satisfaction. To add on, our captions are displayed with standard fonts and styles so as the captions are visible to all public of all age groups.
  • With our 99.9% accuracy, you may be surprised to know our shorter TATs and lower price.

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