#1 Captioning Company in NewYork with 99.99% Accurate Closed Captions

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CaptioningStar is trusted by 500+ Californians

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Captioning service Workflow

Our captioning workflow is simple and transparent

  • We offer you an integration platform- iTranscript. You can be integrated with our iTranscript portal in just a simple sign up. Select your files to be captioned and click send to caption. Yes, it’s finished.
  • Once your files are captioned, you will be notified and download your files. Also get downloadable transcripts for free.
  • Signup with iTranscript Integrate  Select files Send to caption Download captions-embedded files

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*50% off on your first upload

Top captioning services we offer (but not limited to)

Closed captioning service

40% of video production companies in NY use our closed captions.

Open captioning service

About 90% of the clients recognized us as a worthwhile resource.

Real time captioning service

History of captioning around 1000+ hours in real time.

Embedded captioning service

Delivered captions in 15+ customized output formats.

Remote live captioning service

Captions streamed in seconds even when kilometers apart.

Broadcast captioning service

Captioned 25+ types of TV shows in top-rated channels.

Know why we are the Best?

What we do

  • Our captioning professionals provide captioning service for television programs, online videos, documentaries and movies.
  • We are affordable and also offer flexible payment options via credit cards, debit cards and PayPal.
  • We protect your data and store it in cloud. It’s purely confidential with limited access.
  • Our quality experts examine the files under several stages of quality analysis to avoid errors

What you receive

  • Download captions-embedded files and free transcripts from the iTranscript platform once you receive email notification.
  • Get 50% discount on first upload. Also receive discounts on bulk uploads and on friend referrals
  • 100% safety to your data and no privacy concerns needed.
  • Accuracy over more than 99% with quick turnaround time

Words from happy customers!