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Municipal Spaces from Council Chambers to Historic Landmarks with Audio Descriptions

.ra_section_title_66997ce8a1451 h3{font-size:30px;border-bottom-color:normal;color:#3c3e79;font-family:Poppins;font-weight:600;font-style:normal;} Civic Engagement in Municipal Spaces Municipal spaces, from the bustling council chambers where policies are forged to the revered historic landmarks that echo our shared past, are the bedrock of civic engagement. These venues are the epicenters where crucial decisions shaping our communities are made, where our collective history is preserved, and where [...]

Event Accessibility – A Case Study on Exceptional Closed Captioning Services

.ra_section_title_66997ce8bf920 h3{font-size:30px;border-bottom-color:normal;color:#3c3e79;font-family:Poppins;font-weight:600;font-style:normal;} A Journey with Our Closed Captioning Services Our client initially approached us to enhance event accessibility service during their live events. This case study outlines the evolution of our collaboration, highlighting how our high-quality closed captioning services have become a cornerstone of their event management strategy. As a result, we have significantly increased [...]

Multilingual Milestone in Real-Time Captioning from Portuguese to Arabic

.ra_section_title_66997ce8e1736 h3{font-size:30px;border-bottom-color:normal;color:#3c3e79;font-family:Poppins;font-weight:600;font-style:normal;} Partnership Journey from Portuguese to Arabic An organization committed to harnessing the digital economy to deliver high-quality, curated language services by refugees and their host communities recently approached us with a unique requirement. They needed a Portuguese captioner for a live webinar, aiming to ensure accessibility and inclusivity for all participants. This case [...]

County Public Schools: Elevating Accessibility through Live Closed Captioning

.ra_section_title_66997ce902720 h3{font-size:30px;border-bottom-color:normal;color:#3c3e79;font-family:Poppins;font-weight:600;font-style:normal;} Committed to Inclusion This project involved providing live closed captioning services for the County Public Schools, which educate over 129,000 students in Jacksonville, Florida. The client initially requested live closed captioning for their content on the Vimeo platform and subsequently asked for a year-long contract. We were tasked with delivering high-quality captioning services [...]

Effective Closed Captioning Services for 180 Hours of Content

.ra_section_title_66997ce919b2c h3{font-size:30px;border-bottom-color:normal;color:#3c3e79;font-family:Poppins;font-weight:600;font-style:normal;} Race Against Time This project involved providing closed captioning for 180 hours of English content to enhance accessibility for all students. Starting from October 10, with a pressing deadline of October 23 and just 13 days to complete the task, they sought our expertise. This case study outlines our structured approach to delivering [...]

The Triumph of Human-Centered Dubbing for Video Action Fund (VAF)

.ra_section_title_66997ce93328f h3{font-size:30px;border-bottom-color:normal;color:#3c3e79;font-family:Poppins;font-weight:600;font-style:normal;} Introduction Digital educational platforms face the vital challenge of engaging a globally diverse audience. Language and cultural relevance play crucial roles in making educational content accessible and engaging across different regions. This case study explores how Prescient Global Solutions, a leader in educational webinars, collaborated with CaptioningStar to extend its outreach to the [...]

The Triumph of Human-Centered Dubbing for Media Production Company

.ra_section_title_66997ce94d794 h3{font-size:30px;border-bottom-color:normal;color:#3c3e79;font-family:Poppins;font-weight:600;font-style:normal;} Introduction The integration of technology has revolutionized many processes, including dubbing. However, there are instances where human expertise outshines artificial intelligence (AI). This case study explores the journey of media production company, a prominent media production company, as they navigated the challenges of AI in dubbing and found resolution through human resources. This [...]

Breaking Language Barriers- Prescient’s Success with AI Voice-Over and Captioning

.ra_section_title_66997ce965bd5 h3{font-size:30px;border-bottom-color:normal;color:#3c3e79;font-family:Poppins;font-weight:600;font-style:normal;} Introduction Prescient Global Solutions specializes in effective project management and professional language translation services. The company approached us seeking Voice-Over and Dubbing services in six different languages: Chinese Simplified, Hmong, Korean, Punjabi, Spanish, and Vietnamese. Initially, the plan was to use human voice actors. However, budget limitations and specific specifications led to a [...]

CaptioningStar’s Remote Audio Description Triumph for The Second City

.ra_section_title_66997ce980a8d h3{font-size:30px;border-bottom-color:normal;color:#3c3e79;font-family:Poppins;font-weight:600;font-style:normal;} Introduction This case study examines how CaptioningStar navigated the challenges of The Second City with agility and creativity, ultimately providing a remote audio description solution that upheld its high standards of accessibility and patron experience. .ra_section_title_66997ce980e9a h3{font-size:28px;border-bottom-color:normal;color:#3c3e79;font-family:Poppins;font-weight:600;font-style:normal;} Client Background The Second City, a premier name in improv-based sketch comedy and education, is renowned [...]

From Transcript Trouble to Content Confidence- Explore how CaptioningStar Resolved Challenges

.ra_section_title_66997ce996b1e h3{font-size:30px;border-bottom-color:normal;color:#3c3e79;font-family:Poppins;font-weight:600;font-style:normal;} Introduction In the ever-evolving landscape of digital content, accessibility is paramount. One of our esteemed clients faced a significant challenge in ensuring their content was inclusive and accessible due to transcript discrepancies. However, their journey with CaptioningStar transformed their experience, alleviating their concerns and elevating their content strategy to new heights. .ra_section_title_66997ce996edf h3{font-size:28px;border-bottom-color:normal;color:#3c3e79;font-family:Poppins;font-weight:600;font-style:normal;} [...]

Transcription Services for an Ivy League University’s Conference

.ra_section_title_66997ce9b30ac h3{font-size:30px;border-bottom-color:normal;color:#3c3e79;font-family:Poppins;font-weight:600;font-style:normal;} Introduction Mental health awareness has gained significant momentum in the modern setting, especially in academic institutions like Ivy League universities. Recognizing the importance of addressing women's mental health concerns, an Ivy League university organized a conference focusing on this critical issue. To ensure inclusivity and accessibility, the university sought our expertise in providing [...]

GoToWebinar Captioning for a DEI Consultant Organization

.ra_section_title_66997cea3cea9 h3{font-size:30px;border-bottom-color:normal;color:#3c3e79;font-family:Poppins;font-weight:600;font-style:normal;} Client Background A leading Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) consultant organization from Seattle, USA was hosting a Learning Series Conference, aiming to provide valuable insights and discussions on DEI topics to a diverse audience. Recognizing the importance of accessibility, they sought a reliable partner to provide live captioning for their virtual conference conducted [...]

Enhancing Environmental Education an Environment Based Nonprofit’s Ecourses

.ra_section_title_66997cea5a02e h3{font-size:30px;border-bottom-color:normal;color:#3c3e79;font-family:Poppins;font-weight:600;font-style:normal;} Introduction The importance of environmental education cannot be overstated in today's world, where environmental challenges are becoming increasingly urgent. Nonprofit organizations dedicated to environmental causes play a crucial role in educating the public about sustainability, conservation, and environmental stewardship. This case study delves into how Captioningstar, a leading captioning service provider, collaborated with [...]

Audio Description for a Renowned UK university

.ra_section_title_66997cea7ccd6 h3{font-size:30px;border-bottom-color:normal;color:#3c3e79;font-family:Poppins;font-weight:600;font-style:normal;} Client The UK-based University has a heritage of teaching all experts for over 200 years, from the beginning of the industrial revolution. They are known for their academic excellence and tradition. However, in its commitment to inclusivity and accessibility, the university sought to make its lectures accessible to individuals with visual impairments. Recognizing [...]

Onsite Cart Solution for a Renowned New England University’s Training Event

.ra_section_title_66997cea95101 h3{font-size:30px;border-bottom-color:normal;color:#3c3e79;font-family:Poppins;font-weight:600;font-style:normal;} Introduction Accessibility has become a paramount concern for institutions aiming to provide equal opportunities for all individuals including top-tier universities. For universities, ensuring accessibility during significant events like graduation ceremonies is crucial. This case study delves into how We, a leading captioning service provider, partnered with a renowned university in New England to [...]

LMS Captioning Solution for a Renowned New York-based University

.ra_section_title_66997ceab5726 h3{font-size:30px;border-bottom-color:normal;color:#3c3e79;font-family:Poppins;font-weight:600;font-style:normal;} Introduction Universities are increasingly relying on Learning Management Systems (LMS) to deliver course content to students. However, ensuring accessibility for all students, including those with hearing impairments, is a critical concern. This case study explores how Captioningstar, a leading provider of captioning services, collaborated with a renowned university to implement LMS captioning solutions, [...]

Combined Digital Accessibility Services for an Art Museum

.ra_section_title_66997cead7105 h3{font-size:30px;border-bottom-color:normal;color:#3c3e79;font-family:Poppins;font-weight:600;font-style:normal;} Introduction Accessibility is a fundamental aspect of cultural institutions, ensuring that everyone, regardless of disabilities, can fully engage with art and exhibitions. This case study explores how Captioningstar collaborated with an art museum, based in Salem to enhance digital accessibility, thereby elevating visitor services and fostering inclusivity. .ra_section_title_66997cead7739 h3{font-size:28px;border-bottom-color:normal;color:#3c3e79;font-family:Poppins;font-weight:600;font-style:normal;} Client Background The Salem-based [...]

Promoting Learning Accessibility with SCORM Support for LMS Captioning Solutions for a Texas-based University

.ra_section_title_66997ceaedd14 h3{font-size:30px;border-bottom-color:normal;color:#3c3e79;font-family:Poppins;font-weight:600;font-style:normal;} Introduction For universities, providing equal access to educational materials for all students is not just a legal obligation but a moral imperative. One critical aspect of accessibility is captioning content within Learning Management Systems (LMS). .ra_section_title_66997ceaee10b h3{font-size:28px;border-bottom-color:normal;color:#3c3e79;font-family:Poppins;font-weight:600;font-style:normal;} Client Background The client, a prestigious university in Texas, has a diverse student body with varying [...]

Enhancing Brand Content Reach: French Subtitling Solution for a Production Company

.ra_section_title_66997ceb15c03 h3{font-size:30px;border-bottom-color:normal;color:#3c3e79;font-family:Poppins;font-weight:600;font-style:normal;} Brand Content Production Company Brand content production companies aim to engage diverse audiences through compelling visual narratives. However, to expand their reach, they often require localization services such as subtitling to cater to specific linguistic demographics. A famous brand content production company based in New York and Los Angeles has approached us with [...]

Providing Interview Transcription for an Ivy League University Research

.ra_section_title_66997ceb2fb63 h3{font-size:30px;border-bottom-color:normal;color:#3c3e79;font-family:Poppins;font-weight:600;font-style:normal;} Client Background In response to a research student's request from a prestigious Ivy League university in New York, we were entrusted with the task of transcribing over 12 interview files, each averaging 20 minutes in duration. Recognizing the importance of timely and accurate transcription services to facilitate the completion of the research study, [...]

Combined Accessibility Services for a Renowned Health & Wellbeing Company

.ra_section_title_66997ceb5c994 h3{font-size:30px;border-bottom-color:normal;color:#3c3e79;font-family:Poppins;font-weight:600;font-style:normal;} Introduction The Client, based in Arizona specializes in clean wellness products and supplements. They offer a range of products to support weight loss, nutrition, skincare, and more. Their products are designed to help individuals achieve true, multidimensional changes in various areas. They recognized the importance of inclusive communication within their organization and sought [...]

Case Study – Enhancing Accessibility in Translation Company Webinars with Zoom Closed Captions

.ra_section_title_66997ceb7e4e0 h3{font-size:30px;border-bottom-color:normal;color:#3c3e79;font-family:Poppins;font-weight:600;font-style:normal;} Introduction As the demand for accessible and inclusive communication continues to grow, translation companies are seeking innovative solutions to cater to diverse audiences. In this case study, we explore how Captioningstar partnered with a leading translation company to provide Zoom Closed Captions for their webinars, thereby enhancing accessibility and engagement for all participants. [...]

Spanish Closed Captioning for Summer Camp Organizers via Zoom

.ra_section_title_66997ceb976b8 h3{font-size:30px;border-bottom-color:normal;color:#3c3e79;font-family:Poppins;font-weight:600;font-style:normal;} Introduction A New York-based summer program provider designed to provide enriching experiences for students from Schools. The camp offers a variety of activities aimed at fostering academic growth, personal development, and community engagement. The program focuses on building essential skills such as critical thinking, teamwork, and leadership through a combination of academic classes, [...]

Remote Cart Services for a Healthcare Community Webinar

.ra_section_title_66997cebb2b64 h2{font-size:30px;border-bottom-color:normal;color:#3c3e79;font-family:Poppins;font-weight:600;font-style:normal;} Remote Cart Services for a Healthcare Community Webinar.ra_section_title_66997cebb2d9c h3{font-size:30px;border-bottom-color:normal;color:#3c3e79;font-family:Poppins;font-weight:600;font-style:normal;} Healthcare The healthcare community educates itself to stay relevant especially, where effective communication can be a matter of life and death. With the rise of virtual events, such as webinars, ensuring accessibility for all participants is crucial. This case study explores how Remote CART [...]

Making Online Tutoring Classes Accessible for a Big Community School via Live Captioning

.ra_section_title_66997cebc9640 h3{font-size:30px;border-bottom-color:normal;color:#3c3e79;font-family:Poppins;font-weight:600;font-style:normal;} Client Overview A California-based community school, known for its commitment to educating kids both online and offline, hosts various classes through virtual platforms like Zoom. However, they recognized the need for live captioning to accommodate individuals with hearing impairments and enhance overall accessibility. The client's primary goal was to ensure that live Zoom [...]

Bilingual Audio Description for Reputed Event Production Company

.ra_section_title_66997cebe140e h3{font-size:30px;border-bottom-color:normal;color:#3c3e79;font-family:Poppins;font-weight:600;font-style:normal;} Event Production Company A Minnesota-based Company, a prominent player in the industry, recognized the importance of making their content inclusive for individuals with visual impairments. We, the leading provider of captioning and audio description services, played a pivotal role in helping the client achieve this goal by delivering high-quality Bilingual Audio Description (AD) [...]

English and Spanish Subtitles for a Media Distribution Company

.ra_section_title_66997cec04cd7 h2{font-size:36px;border-bottom-color:normal;color:#3c3e79;font-family:Poppins;font-weight:600;font-style:normal;} Media Distribution The Client is a New York-based film distribution company that specializes in delivering films and television series to a global audience. They have a substantial reach, distributing content to over 110 countries worldwide across more than 30 platforms. Their success is underscored by impressive numbers, boasting over 5,000 digital assets and [...]

Zoom Closed Captions for Consecutive Sessions for Peace Organization

.ra_section_title_66997cec22f70 h2{font-size:36px;border-bottom-color:normal;color:#3c3e79;font-family:Poppins;font-weight:600;font-style:normal;} Peace Agency A Significant Peace agency of the United Nations that focuses on the critical issue of disaster risk reduction (DRR). It was established in 2000 to promote a global culture of risk awareness and resilience. The Agency operates under the United Nations Secretariat and plays a pivotal role in coordinating international efforts [...]

Enhancing Global Accessibility for OTT Providers with English and Spanish Captions

.ra_section_title_66997cec3c99f h2{font-size:36px;border-bottom-color:normal;color:#3c3e79;font-family:Poppins;font-weight:600;font-style:normal;} Rise of Over The Top Platforms The rapid rise of Over-The-Top (OTT) platforms marks a paradigm shift in the entertainment industry, representing a seismic boom in content consumption. OTT platforms, such as Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+, have disrupted traditional media channels by delivering a diverse array of content directly to consumers via the [...]

Supporting Virtual Alternative K-12 System with Comprehensive Accessibility Solutions

.ra_section_title_66997cec564ff h2{font-size:36px;border-bottom-color:normal;color:#3c3e79;font-family:Poppins;font-weight:600;font-style:normal;} Free Online Education In the United States, the democratization of education has taken a significant leap forward with the advent of free K-12 online education platforms. These innovative virtual environments offer students across the nation an opportunity to access a comprehensive curriculum, from the comfort of their homes or wherever they may be.  [...]

LMS Closed Captioning for a Renowned Medical University

.ra_section_title_66997cec6cb1c h2{font-size:36px;border-bottom-color:normal;color:#3c3e79;font-family:Poppins;font-weight:600;font-style:normal;} Medical University from Illinois Accessibility remains a fundamental pillar for institutions around the world. A prominent medical university from Illinois, renowned for its commitment to excellence in healthcare education surrounding 500 counties, has built its own educational support system for the students with their intranet portal. This case study explores the implementation of [...]

Subtitling Solution for Informational Videos for Municipal Community Developers

.ra_section_title_66997cec8d358 h2{font-size:36px;border-bottom-color:normal;color:#3c3e79;font-family:Poppins;font-weight:600;font-style:normal;} Subtitling Services CaptioningStar is a leading provider of captioning and subtitling services. With over 17 years of experience, serving over 16000 clients, CaptioningStar is dedicated to providing top-notch accessibility services. As a wide range of accessibility services provider, we would strongly say that other than common closed captioning, subtitling takes the second spot [...]

Fulfilling the TV Accessibility Needs with Open Captions for Modern Television Series

.ra_section_title_66997ceca8673 h2{font-size:36px;border-bottom-color:normal;color:#3c3e79;font-family:Poppins;font-weight:600;font-style:normal;} Introduction In an increasingly diverse and inclusive media landscape, accessibility to content has become a paramount concern. Open captions, a form of on-screen text that displays dialogue and relevant audio cues, have emerged as a solution to make television series more accessible to individuals with hearing impairments. This case study explores the implementation [...]

Audio Description Solutions for a Reputed Home Furnishing Retailers – Case Study

In today's inclusive society, accessibility for people with disabilities is of supreme importance. One significant aspect of accessibility is ensuring that individuals with visual impairments can fully engage with various forms of media. The customer base knows no difference as every human regardless of their impairments consumes furniture. This case study explores our collaboration with [...]

Increasing the Effectiveness of Audio Description Services with Languages – Case Study

.ra_section_title_66997cecda66b h2{font-size:36px;border-bottom-color:normal;color:#3c3e79;font-family:Poppins;font-weight:600;font-style:normal;} Languages & Localization Languages serve as a primary tool of communication for humans, however, people with disabilities are never included in the communication circle. There is always a need exists for the right medium to connect with the rest of humankind with disabled people. To bridge the gap, various communication methods and techniques [...]

Audio Description Elevates the Story Telling for Brands – A Case Study

.ra_section_title_66997ced03b52 h2{font-size:36px;border-bottom-color:normal;color:#3c3e79;font-family:Poppins;font-weight:600;font-style:normal;} Brand StoryTelling Brand storytelling, a casual way of reaching out to customers with a crafty, attractive, and finessed touch. The brand storytelling videos feature how the product/service is blended into people’s daily life elevating their lifestyles. With a big budget, these videos will be made as a visual treat to capture the attention [...]

The Inclusive Implementation of Audio Description Services in Educational Videos

.ra_section_title_66997ced1fd8e h2{font-size:36px;border-bottom-color:normal;color:#3c3e79;font-family:Poppins;font-weight:600;font-style:normal;} Educational Videos Educational Videos serve their primary purpose of making a bigger impact on the resulting factors. Reading materials are already past, now fast-paced consumption took over the entire system, adjusted to the needs of the learners. The Trainers focus on providing live examples and case studies, this needs to use all the [...]

Accessibility Success Story: How Audio Description Services Elevate a Scientific Conference with Post-Production Magic

.ra_section_title_66997ced3bd7c h2{font-size:36px;border-bottom-color:normal;color:#3c3e79;font-family:Poppins;font-weight:600;font-style:normal;} Scientific Conference Scientific conferences play a crucial role in knowledge dissemination and fostering collaborations within the scientific community. However, these events often present challenges for individuals with visual impairments, who rely on visual cues and presentations. To address this issue, the conference organizers decided to integrate audio description services into the video post [...]

Audio Description Services for a Renowned Creative Video Agency

.ra_section_title_66997ced55082 h2{font-size:36px;border-bottom-color:normal;color:#3c3e79;font-family:Poppins;font-weight:600;font-style:normal;} Case Study: Delivering Audio Description Services for a Creative Video Agency This case study highlights our successful provision of audio description services for a prestigious client. Our company specializes in accessibility solutions, including audio description, to make various forms of media accessible to individuals with visual impairments. In this project, we were entrusted [...]

On-Site CART captions for the Loyola Marymount University

CaptioningStar has been a stalwart in the media industry for the past two decades, revolutionizing accessibility services with our innovative solutions. Our expertise extends to major sectors such as IT, media, industries, and more. Over the years, we have proudly served over 16,000 clients from diverse domains, consistently enriching the media landscape. Let's delve into [...]

Live Captioning for SIDEM – Supporting Concurrent Sessions in Zoom

.ra_section_title_66997ced862e3 h2{font-size:25px;border-bottom-color:normal;color:#3b3e7a;font-family:Roboto;font-weight:700;font-style:normal;} SIDEM Group CaptioningStar, one of the pioneers of live, post, and open captioning services, was recently approached by the SIDEM Group. SIDEM Group is a full-service creative, event planning, and management company based out of Washington D.C., They devised strategies for various government institutions, private sectors, and various other global events on Seminars, [...]

Utzu Logigan – A Rare Client’s Request for Our Services

CaptioningStar is a renowned provider of a wide range of captioning services, catering to clients ranging from small businesses to large organizations. Our expertise in captioning has made us a go-to option for many clients, and we always strive to deliver exceptional services that exceed their expectations. In this case study, we will discuss our [...]

Live Captioning for Bootcamps/Webinars in Bizzabo via Vimeo’s Direct Streaming Support

Our services cover a wide range of pre, post, and live captioning services pertaining to accessibility. The easy onset of business gives a variety of opportunities to conduct multiple workshops to boost the employees’ morale. Communication poses a greater obstacle when educating employees and people with disabilities. We specialize in offering the right solutions to [...]

ASR Live Transcriptions from CaptioningStar on ZOOM.

.ra_section_title_66997cedb1615 h2{font-size:25px;border-bottom-color:normal;color:#3b3e7a;font-family:Roboto;font-weight:700;font-style:normal;} Introduction For over 20 years, this outstanding event management company has been the ultimate solution for teams and individuals to create memorable in-person, virtual, and hybrid events. They have been crafting engaging consumer experiences for various organizations and their customers. They act as an experience arm for companies emphasizing consumer-based, in-person event programming. [...]

Authorized third-party vendor for the giant Digital Media Distribution System.

.ra_section_title_66997cedb3645 h2{font-size:25px;border-bottom-color:normal;color:#3b3e7a;font-family:Roboto;font-weight:700;font-style:normal;} Introduction This platform successfully got through the digital age by incorporating new technology to develop an enhanced digital distribution platform that could deliver music and videos directly to 30,000+ broadcast, streaming, and publisher destinations in no time. This formed their core patented technology which was called the Digital Media Distribution System (DMDS).  At [...]

Embedded Closed Captions- CEA 708 Captions for Commercial Ads.

.ra_section_title_66997cedb52e9 h2{font-size:25px;border-bottom-color:normal;color:#3b3e7a;font-family:Roboto;font-weight:700;font-style:normal;} Introduction An award-winning marketing and advertising agency, has created history by pooling in many customers to its clients through its innovative advertising models on any platform. They can offer search ads, product listing ads, YouTube advertising, Gmail ads, and more. The company offers various solutions to video production, search engine optimization, social media [...]

End-to-end accessibility services for the University of New Hampshire- IOD

University of New Hampshire- An introduction The Institute on Disability (IOD) is a research university that undertakes innovative, academic, and dissemination initiatives to promote full access, equal opportunities, and participation for all persons in local, state, and national capacities by strengthening communities by promising practices, education and research. It focuses on the improvement of knowledge, [...]

Multilingual Subtitles for the Best Experiential Marketing Company

About OBE Founded in 1995, OBE specializes in experiential marketing, including online and virtual events, consumer marketing events, social media campaigns, B2B conferences, retail experiences, internal events, pop-up marketing, influencer marketing, and press events. They also create campaigns for sports marketing events, music, entertainment, product launches, international events, etc. This culture-centric agency is into full-service-producing [...]

Translations and Subtitles for Sapling Pictures

CaptioningStar’s finest captions to Emmy®'s award-winning Sapling Pictures. It all started when Sapling Pictures, the best video production company in the Northern Virginia/Washington, D.C. area, got in touch with us to avail captioning services for their attractive videos. Sapling’s skill is storytelling through images. They are fast learners and love getting immersed in the amazing [...]

Experts Discuss about Organising a virtual event – Challenges and Ways to overcome them

Challenges facing while organising Virtual Events Virtual events can be as challenging as conventional events, if not more. When an event takes place entirely online, fresh and new strategies are needed right from promotional activities to audience engagement. They have become the highly opt-in option post-pandemic, owing to the flexibility, reach, accommodation, and increased ROI. [...]

Legal Webinar Captioning Services

Why did JD Advising need Transcripts and Captions? JD Advising offers premier MPRE and Bar exam courses to students nationwide. The Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination (MPRE) is an exam developed by the National Conference of Bar Examiners (NCBE). It is required before taking the bar. It consists of 60 multiple choice questions, and the duration [...]

Pre-Recorded Captioning Service For WRG

Introduction to WRG live Over 25 years in the communication industry, WRG is a pioneer live communication agency in the UK that effectively harnesses the full potential of digital technologies in delivering a powerful brand experience to target consumers and client-marketers. They engage the internal and external audiences through the exotic creation of live experiences. [...]

Captioning Service For Non-profit Organisation

CLIENT INTRODUCTION: Founded in 1906, the American Alliance of Museums (AAM) is a non-profit organization that has brought all the museums- art museums, science centers, arboretums, zoos, history museums, etc., together. AAM is providing them strong support in developing their standards, improving their excellence, helping them adopt best practices, sharing knowledge, and advocating on issues [...]

Zoom Automated Live Captioning for ASTC Annual Conference

INTRODUCTION CaptioningStar helped a Massive Zoom Event conducted by ASTC and Live Captioned 74+hours of Live sessions in Zoom successfully. ASTC connects people with science backgrounds and often engages them with scientific activities. The ASTC Annual Conference was held in the month of October with the topic below as “This is the annual conference for [...]

Zoom Live Captioning For Mallika Dutt

Client’s Background Mallika Dutt specializes in creating plans and courses that help start a change in organizations and teams which are customized based on the practical understanding of the team and delivers unique possibilities. Executive Summary Ambika Pressman representing Mallika Dutt reached out to us with a requirement to live caption their zoom live training [...]

Case Study Zoom Live Captioning for a Leadership conference

LEADERSHIP - A VITAL SKILL FOR ALL Leadership is a vital skill for all to possess, at CaptioningStar we make it accessible for all with our live translation and captioning services. Contact us for a free trial. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY GPS Production was first incorporated in the year by 2013 by Mr Jeff Goodin and his [...]

Case Study – Meeting Request for Live Caption Services UN

WHEN THE UN COMES KNOCKING The United Nations is one of the largest welfare organisation on earth, when we received an enquiry for translation and captioning services from them, we were honoured. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY UN – DESA: United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs is part of the United Nations and is responsible for [...]

Case Study – Live Captioning in Eventfinity Virtual platform for Sacnas organization

BACKGROUND SACNAS – Society for Advancement of Chicanos/Hispanics and Native Americans in Science – is an inclusive organization dedicated to fostering the success of Chicanos/Hispanics and Native Americans, from college students to professionals, in attaining advanced degrees, careers, and positions of leadership in STEM. HOW DID WE MANAGE THE CRITICAL DEADLINE Deb McIntosh,Assistant Director of [...]

Case Study – Otter.Ai’s Automated Live Captioning + CaptioningStar’s Post event Spanish Translation & Subtitling services for Brandeis University

INTRODUCTION Brandeis University is a private research university located in the Boston suburb of Waltham, Massachusetts.We received an inquiry for Zoom Live Captioning services for Brandeis University’s Events “Advisory Board Meeting” and “Disability Rights are Civil Rights: A Conversation on Inclusive Democracy heal” that was held on October 6th and 8th respectively .Wendy Peverill ,Senior [...]

CASE STUDY – Real Time Spanish/English Subtitling For Causa – Oregon’s Immigration Rights Organization’s ‘Digital May Day Rally’

Many events of significance have either been rescheduled or cancelled due to COVID-19, but Causa, Oregon's Immigration Rights Organization, planned an innovative May Day rally, hosting it digitally, and naming it 'Digital May Day Rally'. This non-profit organization based in Salem, Oregon, hosted a digital rally on International Workers Day, to highlight the rights of [...]

CASE STUDY – End-to-End Live Captioning and Post Captioning services of an Online Study Material for the District School of Florida.

IMPACT OF COVID-19 ON EDUCATION SECTOR The Corona pandemic has severely disrupted the lifestyle of young and adults alike, the scale has been so widespread that it has resulted in the closure of schools in the United States, causing unprecedented disruptions of schools in every state. Almost 124,000 U.S public and private schools have been [...]

CASE STUDY – LIVE Captioning of Virtual Special Assembly Meetings for the City and Borough of Juneau, Alaska

COVID-19 has drastically altered the day-to-day workflows of U.S Federal and State Government offices, with regulations of 'social distance' diligently being observed. Matt Scranton, Director of Management Information Systems at the City and Borough of Juneau, Alaska, called our office to understand the modalities of our captioning services. Captioning LIVE Stream of Special Assembly Meetings [...]

CASE STUDY – LIVE Captioning of City of Coldwater, Michigan, Council Meeting

In the backdrop of COVID-19, our office received an email from Mr. Patrick Pool, who is Director of IT at City of Coldwater & Board of Public Utilities Kalamazoo, Michigan Area. Patrick in his email wanted to find out about our captioning services, and specifically wanted to determine if the captioning services could be provided [...]

CASE STUDY-Streaming LIVE Captions for ‘No Code Conference’ Organised In San Francisco CA

Introduction on Enterprise Event Group EEG Skip Jansen is a Director of Production at Enterprise Event Group EEG, the event management company is located in San Rafael, CA . The company was in the process of  organising a 2-Day conference in San Francisco, CA, titled 'No Code Conference' on behalf of an IT company Webflow. [...]

Case Study-Live Captioning Services for (NACE ) National Association of Colleges and Employers

Know how CaptioningStar assisted a renowned organization the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) host an international career development event-Case Study Technology has made it easier for the globalization of industry and organizations to operate in an international environment. CaptioningStar assisted a renowned organization the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) host an [...]

TEDx Live Captioning Case study | Real Time Transcription

TED is a leading non-profit media organization that organizes events to enable thinkers, doers, and idea generators articulate their viewpoints on a range of topics. The speakers are given 18 minutes or less to speak on a podium in front of live audiences. An associate organization TEDx was set up to facilitate local self-organized events [...]