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CASE STUDY-Streaming LIVE Captions for ‘No Code Conference’ Organised In San Francisco CA

Introduction on Enterprise Event Group EEG Skip Jansen is a Director of Production at Enterprise Event Group EEG, the event management company is located in San Rafael, CA . The company was in the process of  organising a 2-Day conference in San Francisco, CA, titled ‘No Code Conference’ on behalf of an IT company Webflow. […]

Nitty-Gritty Details of Remote CART Captioning for Honda Center

Honda Center is a premier entertainment and sports center in California. Located in Anaheim, this center is owned by the Honda Motor Company. It’s a popular venue for several concerts and sports, including Elton John and USA Basketball, to name just a few. ADA compliance and Honda Center The center’s director of events, Quinn Macklin […]

Case Study-Live Captioning Services for (NACE ) National Association of Colleges and Employers

Know how CaptioningStar assisted a renowned organization the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) host an international career development event-Case Study Technology has made it easier for the globalization of industry and organizations to operate in an international environment. CaptioningStar assisted a renowned organization the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) host an […]

TEDx Live Captioning Case study | Real Time Transcription

TED is a leading non-profit media organization that organizes events to enable thinkers, doers, and idea generators articulate their viewpoints on a range of topics. The speakers are given 18 minutes or less to speak on a podium in front of live audiences. An associate organization TEDx was set up to facilitate local self-organized events […]

Know how CaptioningStar offered a video production company word-perfect captions

About Us Our CEO’s mantra has always been aiming for the stars. CaptioningStar started as a fledgling enterprise. Though it has not been a bed of roses, facing stiff competition, determination and sheer hard work by our team of experienced and professional captioners saw CaptioningStar rise to its heights. We are thankful to our team [...]

Captioning 30 hours of YouTube Videos for a Florida Based City Government’s Council Meetings – Case study

Each of our captioning stories explores how CaptioningStar helps clients to resolve their common captioning problems. From marketers to healthcare professionals, hundreds of businesses use CaptioningStar’s service to caption their videos. ‘’ CaptioningStar, I learned, should've been my first route, because their captions are accurate and well-placed’’ Client, Multimedia and Broadcast Manager, City Government. For a [...]

Client of the week – A video production company from New York

CaptioningStar has been the choice across multiple domains for their streamlined captioning workflow and perfect accuracy. Of course, that’s what each of us look for in a captioning service provider, right. When working with varied client base, understanding and interpreting each client’s expectation is little complicated. But, with a deep client-centric focus and vast experience [...]

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