ASR Live Transcriptions from CaptioningStar on ZOOM

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ASR Live Transcriptions from CaptioningStar on ZOOM.

ASR Live Transcriptions from CaptioningStar on ZOOM.


For over 20 years, this outstanding event management company has been the ultimate solution for teams and individuals to create memorable in-person, virtual, and hybrid events. They have been crafting engaging consumer experiences for various organizations and their customers. They act as an experience arm for companies emphasizing consumer-based, in-person event programming. Thus, they focus entirely on Live Events & Meeting Production, Virtual & Hybrid Events & Meetings, Multi-generational & Cultural Marketing, and Activations & Promotions. You can simply thrust them with all your needs if you are looking for a full slate of creative event planning services with innovative strategies from diverse perspectives. 

AI Technology at CaptioningStar

This event management company approached CaptioningStar to live caption their conference conducted on the Zoom platform. They kept hunting for AI-based captioning services and understood that our ASR technology seamlessly integrates with any platform to deliver captions that are in accordance with ADA guidelines and other requirements. We offer professional grade accurate word-to-word live transcripts/ captions in no time. These titles can even be used when the sound is off. Captions produced by AI intelligence are fact-checked by our transcribers for enhanced accuracy to users that is cost-effective.

Why did they prefer AI-generated Captions?

Although AI-generated captions are less accurate, auto-captions can be a last-minute gift. These captions aren’t as flawless as human-generated captions. Still, various companies consider using automated captions when they are limited by a budget, fail to hire a third-party captioning company, it’s the eleventh hour, or maybe they simply prefer automated captions. In this case, it was the last-minute schedule, and their client was limited by budget.

Captioning Requirements

They reached out to us two days prior to their healthcare-related virtual conference conducted on Zoom. After a detailed call, we completely understood their live captioning requirements. The two days event had concurrent sessions held in various breakout rooms, and they needed AI English captioning for each breakout session. We had to ensure that AI bots join the main Zoom meeting and thereafter join each breakout session. A technical human captioner was also assigned to confirm the same. Overall, they had 31 sessions, which was around 50 hours of live captioning distributed across 6 different breakout rooms.

The Captioning Process

Integrating with Zoom is a cakewalk for CaptioningStar. The AI solution we offer seamlessly integrates with any video conferencing or event management platform of your requirement. Our AI engine would start captioning the event with just Zoom’s meeting link for the main event and the breakout sessions. Captions would then appear at the bottom of the Zoom window with the least time delay. If you use the same meeting ID for all the sessions, there would be a brief delay in closed captions. It’s always better to create separate links for each breakout session.  Separate AI bots would automatically take over each session to provide live captions.

Quite Demanding Course

We received the Zoom meeting links for the two days conference, but they weren’t aware of the breakout room links. We suggested they make our captioning supervisor the co-host as the API tokens to the session can be obtained by us. AI would then automatically identify the breakout rooms to caption the event, and our supervisor behind the scene would address all their queries. Before the actual event, we also demonstrated how our AI bots would caption concurrent sessions and how links to breakout rooms are created. Everything fell in place, and we successfully started live captioning all their sessions.

Meanwhile, there was some interference in the flow of captions. When cross-checked, the technical team understood that the event host had enabled Zooms AI captions. This stopped us from assigning captions to breakout sessions as well. Later, we disabled the Zooms AI Captions to ensure the regular flow of automated captions. The rest were absolutely faultless. We also added a human touch to this ASR technology to clean up the transcripts. Clean-ups increase the benchmark of accuracy to 99%. 

Other services from CaptioningStar

We were credited as a super efficient team and ensured that they would continue using our services. The client mentioned that the captions were appropriate and that the flow to each breakout room was seamless. We later understood that they increased their user engagement with live closed captions from CaptioningStar. The proofread transcripts were sent to them within 12 hours of the event’s completion. We also suggested other post-event services like adding closed captions for absolute synchronization, editing, and trimming their videos.