Audio Description Elevates the Story Telling for Brands - A Case Study

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Audio Description Elevates the Story Telling for Brands – A Case Study

Audio Description Elevates the Story Telling for Brands – A Case Study
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Brand StoryTelling

Brand storytelling, a casual way of reaching out to customers with a crafty, attractive, and finessed touch. The brand storytelling videos feature how the product/service is blended into people’s daily life elevating their lifestyles. With a big budget, these videos will be made as a visual treat to capture the attention of the target audience. This accentuates the brand value and directly connects with the customers within the stipulated time.

Client Background

A Famous Brand Evangelist Company, based in Minneapolis, USA. Their major client base includes a large variety of Fortune 500 Companies. With over more than 500 projects, they are successfully gaining a lot of momentum in the industry. Their ideas include reaching all the customers without no one leaving them behind. As a company, they care and focus on creative inclusive brand videos.

Initial Approach

The client, a video producer from the firm, approached us looking for audio description services, and specially requested us to provide a transcription for a four-minute-long video. It was a vivid video with multiple colors featuring a brand. We accepted the project and equipped ourselves to proceed forward.

Pre- Analysis

Our team took a quick analysis of the video content and revised it twice and drafted the script meticulously without any errors. After sending the script for review with the client, we waited for some time. Later, once we got the thumbs up from the client, We immediately proceeded to the next step.

Objective of the Project

Brand Visibility and Accessibility:

The Core idea of video production is to expand the reach of the brand, As the major aspect of the video is to transfer the feelings of the brand to the viewers. With the power of descriptions, the video acts as a tool to enhance accessibility, the video will reach even the lesser-known audience, the visually challenged.

Narration and Dubbing

Our narration and dubbing process involved the careful selection of skilled narrators with expertise in audio description. They were chosen based on their vocal qualities, understanding of project requirements, and ability to convey emotions effectively.

The narrators recorded their descriptions in a professional studio, ensuring high-quality audio. Our audio engineers then meticulously edited the recordings, using noise reduction techniques and balancing audio levels for clarity and consistency.

Quality Checks

To ensure quality, a dedicated team reviewed the audio description tracks, checking for accuracy, precise timing, and adherence to client specifications. Regular feedback loops with the client allowed us to incorporate any necessary revisions promptly.

The Outcome

The outcome of our audio description services was outstanding. They greatly enhanced the accessibility of our client’s content for visually impaired viewers. The brand video now provides a detailed audio description that effectively conveys visual elements and happenings and surroundings, creating an inclusive viewing experience.

Good Comments

The audio description tracks received highly positive feedback from visually impaired viewers and mainstream audiences alike. The seamless integration of audio descriptions allowed all viewers to understand the video without distractions, increasing its accessibility.

Our client’s commitment to accessibility demonstrated their dedication to reaching a diverse audience. This improved their brand image among individuals with disabilities and advocates for inclusive media.

Overall, our comprehensive approach to audio description services successfully provided an inclusive and enjoyable viewing experience for visually impaired individuals, meeting our client’s needs and expectations. We were delighted as our client expressed complete appreciation for our work.

Our Commitment

Furthermore, this case study highlights how audio description services can elevate a brand’s reach by impacting visually impaired individuals. The success of implementing audio description services serves as an inspiration and blueprint for future videos and adverts aiming to create a truly inclusive environment. It demonstrates our unwavering commitment to accessibility and our consistent ability to deliver outstanding results for clients seeking inclusive media experiences.