Audio Description Services for a Renowned Creative Video Agencys

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Audio Description Services for a Renowned Creative Video Agency

Audio Description Services for a Renowned Creative Video Agency
Case Study ADS

Case Study: Delivering Audio Description Services for a Creative Video Agency

This case study highlights our successful provision of audio description services for a prestigious client. Our company specializes in accessibility solutions, including audio description, to make various forms of media accessible to individuals with visual impairments. In this project, we were entrusted with delivering high-quality audio descriptions for our client’s content, ensuring an inclusive and enjoyable experience for visually impaired audiences.

Client Background

Our client, based in the US, has a successful journey of more than 20 years in the field of branding. Having more than 100 clients, They are one of the biggest video branding agencies in the US, delivering customized branding solutions to multiple companies of varied backgrounds. Their expertise in the Advertisements and Promotional Industry speaks volumes.

Project Scope

The client approached us to provide audio description services for their promotional campaign, with a request seeking Audio Description Services for 2 promotional videos. The scope of the project involved creating detailed audio descriptions that would seamlessly integrate with the videos, providing comprehensive narrations of visual elements and action sequences while maintaining the artistic integrity of the film.


To ensure the highest quality audio descriptions, we established a collaborative approach with the client, employing the following steps:

Understanding the Client's Vision

We have connected with the client to understand their expectations, style preferences, and specific requirements for the audio descriptions. We also analyzed their previous audio description projects to align our work with their existing brand voice.

Pre-Work Analysis

Our team meticulously analyzed the movie script, storyboard, and visual elements to gain an in-depth understanding of the content. We paid close attention to crucial visual cues, character appearances, and significant action sequences to capture the essence of the film accurately.

Professional Narrators

We employed experienced and professional narrators with expertise in audio description to ensure exceptional delivery and vocal performance. The narrators went through a rigorous selection process, considering their vocal qualities, understanding of the project requirements, and ability to convey emotions effectively.

Script Development

Using the insights gathered from the analysis, our team developed a detailed script for the audio description. The script adhered to timing constraints, ensuring that descriptions seamlessly integrated into the movie’s natural pauses, dialogue breaks, or non-dialogue sequences.

Recording and Editing

As the next part recording and dubbing. The selected narrators recorded their descriptions in a professional studio environment, ensuring optimal audio quality. Our audio engineers meticulously edited the recordings, applying noise reduction techniques and balancing audio levels to guarantee clarity and consistency.

Quality Assurance

A dedicated quality assurance team reviewed the audio description tracks to ensure accuracy, timing precision, and adherence to the client’s requirements. Feedback loops were established with the client to incorporate any necessary revisions promptly.

What’s the Yield?

The audio description services we provided for our prestigious client yielded exceptional results, enhancing the accessibility of their content for visually impaired viewers. Key outcomes of the project included:

Inclusive Viewing Experience

Visually impaired individuals could now enjoy the movie with detailed audio descriptions that effectively conveyed the visual elements and action sequences.

Positive Feedback

The audio description tracks received highly positive feedback from both visually impaired viewers and mainstream audiences. The integration of audio descriptions was seamless, allowing all viewers to enjoy the movie without distractions.

Increased Accessibility

The client’s commitment to accessibility was evident, showcasing their dedication to ensuring that their content reached a diverse audience. This improved reputation bolstered their brand image among individuals with disabilities and advocates for inclusive media.

The Praise Words

Through our comprehensive approach to audio description services, we successfully provided our prestigious client with an inclusive and enjoyable viewing experience for visually impaired individuals. By understanding their vision, employing professional narrators, and adhering to high-quality standards, we ensured that the audio descriptions seamlessly integrated into the movie, enabling visually impaired individuals to fully engage with the content. This case study exemplifies our commitment to accessibility and our ability to deliver exceptional results for clients seeking to create inclusive media experiences.