Audio Description Solutions for a Reputed Home Furnishing Retailers

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Audio Description Solutions for a Reputed Home Furnishing Retailers – Case Study

Audio Description Solutions for a Reputed Home Furnishing Retailers – Case Study
Audio Description Services

In today’s inclusive society, accessibility for people with disabilities is of supreme importance. One significant aspect of accessibility is ensuring that individuals with visual impairments can fully engage with various forms of media. The customer base knows no difference as every human regardless of their impairments consumes furniture. This case study explores our collaboration with a famous home furnishing retailer with a heritage of more than 43 years in the US to enhance the accessibility of their product videos for visually impaired customers.

Client Background

A renowned brand of Home Furnishing Retailers that offers a wide range of home decor products, furniture, and accessories. Hailing from Minneapolis, Minnesota, their history goes back to 1980, providing unparalleled services all over the US with over 900 employees. Recognizing the importance of accessibility, the company embarked on a mission to make their online shopping experience more inclusive for visually impaired customers, their first approach was to include Audio Descriptions in their product videos.

The Need for Audio Description

The Client recognized that their visually impaired customers faced barriers when browsing their website and viewing product videos. These videos showcased the features, design, and functionality of their products, which were inaccessible to those who couldn’t see the visual content. To address this challenge, the founders sought our expertise to provide audio description services for their video content.


We specialize in the organized delivery of audio description services without compromising on quality. We have served more than 16000 clients globally in various sectors and industries. The client approached us to discuss their requirements and explore potential solutions for their problems. The collaboration began with an in-depth consultation, during which the client requested a demo and discussed their goals and expectations.

Developing a Customized Solution

We understood the unique needs of the client and developed a tailored solution to meet their specific requirements. The requirements follow:

  1. Total Number of Videos – 150
  2. Total Number of Runtime – More than 5 hours
  3. Requested ADS Format – Inline/Standard Audio Description
  4. Accent – American

After getting all the primary requirement details, we moved on to production.

Video Evaluation

We conducted a comprehensive evaluation of their product videos to identify the key visual elements that needed to be described. This evaluation helped determine the level of detail required to provide an effective audio description. Also, we used the transcripts of the videos to ease the process of scripting.

Script Development

Based on the video evaluation, our team of writers and audio description experts developed detailed scripts that described the visual elements, nature, and important contextual information of the product present in each video. The scripts were carefully crafted to complement the existing audio, providing a seamless and immersive experience. We consulted an SME to evaluate the script, looked for errors, and reviewed it with the client twice.

Professional Voice-over Recording

We employed professional voice-over artists with experience in audio description to record the scripts. The voice-over artists were trained to convey the necessary information while maintaining an engaging and expressive tone, enhancing the overall user experience.

Synchronization and Integration

Once the audio descriptions were recorded, We seamlessly synchronized them with the client’s existing product videos, ensuring that the descriptions matched the timing of the visual elements accurately. With our top-notch technical expertise, we achieved perfect alignment between the audio and video components.

Quality Assurance and Testing

We are committed to delivering high-quality services which included a rigorous quality assurance process. Our QA team conducted thorough testing to ensure the accuracy and clarity of the audio descriptions with the client’s help. The videos were tested with individuals from the visually impaired community to gather feedback, ensuring that the final product met the desired accessibility standards.

Implementation and User Feedback

After the successful completion of the audio description process, the client integrated the enhanced videos into their website. The visually impaired customers were then able to access the videos, which provided a rich and descriptive experience. The feedback received from these customers was overwhelmingly positive, highlighting the significant improvement in accessibility and the enhanced shopping experience.


The Client’s partnership with us- CaptioningStar demonstrates the commitment of the home furnishing retailer to inclusivity and accessibility. By incorporating audio descriptions into their product videos, they successfully eliminated barriers for visually impaired customers, allowing them to fully engage with their products and make informed purchasing decisions. CaptioningStar’s expertise and dedication to quality played a crucial role in creating an inclusive and accessible shopping experience. This case study serves as an example for other retailers to embrace accessibility initiatives and enhance the experiences of all their customers.