Bilingual Audio Description for Reputed Event Production Company

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Bilingual Audio Description for Reputed Event Production Company

Bilingual Audio Description for Reputed Event Production Company

Event Production Company

A Minnesota-based Company, a prominent player in the industry, recognized the importance of making their content inclusive for individuals with visual impairments. We, the leading provider of captioning and audio description services, played a pivotal role in helping the client achieve this goal by delivering high-quality Bilingual Audio Description (AD) services.

Client Background & Requirement

The client is a global Event production giant known for its diverse range of handling Hybrid events, Live Events, Virtual Events, and Other Creative Services. Understanding the significance of catering to a wide audience, the company decided to invest in accessibility features, with a particular focus on providing audio descriptions for visually impaired viewers.

The client requested us to provide the files with a run time of over 6 hours and requested us to make 6 hours of Audio Description in 2 languages – German and French. After a brief discussion and a few exchanges, the client understood the difficulties and closed the deal with us.

The Challenge

The primary challenge for us was to ensure that their content could be enjoyed by individuals with visual impairments without compromising the quality of the viewing experience. They sought a solution that not only met accessibility standards but also maintained the professional and emotional integrity of their client’s meetings and discussions.

Why Bilingual Audio Description?

Given the global reach of clients’ content, they recognized the need for a bilingual approach to audio description. This involved providing audio descriptions in multiple languages to cater to their target audience base. CaptioningStar’s expertise in delivering bilingual services made them the ideal partner for this ambitious project.


We began the project by conducting a comprehensive assessment of the video. This involved understanding the unique characteristics of each production, including tone, pacing, and cultural nuances. The next step was to create a customized workflow to seamlessly integrate Bilingual Audio Description into the existing content delivery pipeline.

1. Customized Workflow:

We collaborated closely with the Event Company Experts to develop a tailored workflow that ensured the efficient creation and delivery of Bilingual Audio descriptions. This involved the integration of audio description scripts into the post-production process without causing delays or disruptions.

2. Script Creation and Translation:

Our team of experienced native language writers and translators worked on creating audio description scripts that captured the essence of the visual elements in a concise and engaging manner. The scripts were then translated into German and French to meet the bilingual requirement.

3. Authentic Voice Selection:

To ensure authenticity and cultural relevance, We sought help from industry experts pertaining to the language. The goal was to provide visually impaired viewers with an immersive experience that reflected the original intent of the content without disrupting the language’s essence.

4. Quality Assurance:

Rigorous quality assurance processes were implemented to guarantee the accuracy and coherence of the Bilingual Audio Description. This involved thorough reviews by linguistic experts and double checks from the client, even vetted with visually impaired individuals to validate the effectiveness of the audio descriptions.


The implementation of Bilingual Audio Description services brought about significant positive outcomes for the client.

1. Enhanced Accessibility:

By providing a Bilingual Audio Description, they made their content accessible to a broader audience, including individuals with visual impairments who spoke different languages. This move demonstrated the company’s commitment to inclusivity.

2. Global Reach:

The bilingual approach facilitated the client’s company into international markets, where language diversity is a significant consideration. The availability of a Bilingual Audio Description contributed to increased viewer engagement and satisfaction.

3. Positive Viewer Feedback:

The client received positive feedback from visually impaired viewers and advocacy groups for the visually impaired. The accurate and culturally sensitive Bilingual Audio Description added a new layer of appreciation for the company’s commitment to accessibility.


“Our collaboration with CaptioningStar for Bilingual Audio Descriptions was a game-changer. The meticulous attention to detail and cultural nuances not only met accessibility standards but elevated the viewer experience, making our content truly inclusive and immersive for a diverse global audience. Exceptional service that exceeded our expectations!”


                                                                  – Senior Production Manager

Captioningstar’s Mission

CaptioningStar’s collaboration with the Event Company exemplifies how innovative solutions in accessibility, such as Bilingual Audio Description, can not only meet industry standards but also contribute to a more inclusive and globally connected media landscape.

As event companies continue to recognize the importance of catering to diverse audiences, partnerships with specialized service providers like CaptioningStar play a crucial role in achieving these goals. This case study emphasizes the measures taken by Captioningstar to create a society where everything and everyone feels included.