Closed Captioning Services for Cultivator Labs

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Cultivator Labs – Closed Captioning – Arabic, and Portuguese to English

Cultivator Labs – Closed Captioning – Arabic, and Portuguese to English

Client’s Background:

A leading videography and photography with a talented and skilled team of passion-driven individuals, who strive to create cinematic content for their client’s business. They provide end-to-end service in the field of videography and photography. From script to delivery, they provide it all.

Executive Summary:

David Hildreth – Editor and Colorist from Cultivator labs contacted us with a requirement to closed caption 4 audio files from Arabic to English and Brazilian Portuguese to English in SRT file format.


The client had 4 files that required translation and closed captioning SRT files. Two out of the four files that were assumed to be in Portuguese turn out to be Spanish – this had us having to find a different captioner altogether. The Brazilian Portuguese files had multiple languages- Spanish, Portuguese, English. So we had to take a little more time and effort to deliver.
Webex live Captioning

Our Solution:

  • Our team worked with the best translators and captioners and delivered top-quality SRT files to the client.
  • We were communicating in real-time the findings with the client every step of the way and got their approval before we proceed further
  • Despite the challenges delivered the product within the said timeline.

With our amazing translators and team at CaptioningStar we were able to deliver the best captioning service and SRT Files to our client.

Client Feedback:

The client was extremely pleased with our service quality and hopes to work with us again in the future.
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