Increasing the Effectiveness of Audio Description Services with Languages

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Increasing the Effectiveness of Audio Description Services with Languages – Case Study

Increasing the Effectiveness of Audio Description Services with Languages – Case Study
Audio Description Services

Languages & Localization

Languages serve as a primary tool of communication for humans, however, people with disabilities are never included in the communication circle. There is always a need exists for the right medium to connect with the rest of humankind with disabled people. To bridge the gap, various communication methods and techniques are invented to provide an inclusive experience for them. These mediums sometimes need to be localized to reach a wide variety of audiences who are separated by ethnicity, geography, and linguistics. We have served a client to fulfill the demand for localization.

Client Background

An Interpretation Service Provider company based in Los Angeles, USA. Offering various services like Interpretation, Translation, and Sign Language, their core philosophy revolves around reaching all customers and ensuring inclusivity by helping them with professional interpreters.

First Approach

An expert from the firm approached us with a request for audio description services, specifically requiring a translation plus audio description for 10 Children’s Videos. We accepted the project and prepared ourselves to proceed.


Our team thoroughly analyzed the content in the videos, revising it twice to create an error-free script. After sending the script for client review, we awaited their feedback. Upon receiving their approval, we swiftly moved on to the next step.

Project Objective: Enhancing Reach & Localization

The primary objective of this project was to expand their services to a wider audience by localizing and by creating inclusive content. Through the power of audio descriptions, the video aimed to reach a wider audience, including those with visual impairments. By implementing the translated version, they target non-native speakers to be included in the target pool.

Script Translation

After the script review, our team sat down to translate the approved script to spanish, as the client required us to do audio description in Spanish as well.

Narration and Dubbing

We carefully selected skilled narrators with expertise in audio description for the narration and dubbing process. Our narrators were chosen based on their vocal qualities, understanding of project requirements, and ability to convey emotions effectively. They recorded their descriptions in a professional studio, guaranteeing high-quality audio. Our audio engineers then meticulously edited the recordings, using noise reduction techniques and balancing audio levels to ensure clarity and consistency.

Quality Assurance

To ensure top-notch quality, a dedicated team reviewed the audio description tracks, meticulously checking for accuracy, precise timing, and adherence to client specifications. Regular feedback loops with the client allowed us to promptly incorporate any necessary revisions.

The Yields

Our audio description services yielded outstanding results, significantly enhancing the accessibility of our client’s content for visually impaired viewers. The brand video now offers a detailed audio description that effectively conveys visual elements, surroundings, and actions, creating an inclusive viewing experience.

Positive Feedback

The audio description tracks received highly positive feedback from both visually impaired viewers and mainstream audiences. The seamless integration of audio descriptions allowed all viewers to understand the video without distractions, thereby increasing its accessibility.By prioritizing accessibility, our client showcased their commitment to reaching a diverse audience and improved their brand image among individuals with disabilities and advocates for inclusive media.

Our comprehensive approach to audio description services successfully provided an inclusive and enjoyable viewing experience for visually impaired individuals, meeting our client’s expectations and needs. We were delighted to receive complete appreciation from our client for our work.

Our Commitment

This case study provides a prime example of how the incorporation of audio description services can broaden the reach with a little help of localization thereby making a meaningful impact on individuals with visual impairments. The successful implementation of these services not only serves as an inspiration but also sets a precedent for future videos and educational content aiming to foster a genuinely inclusive environment. It showcases our unwavering commitment to accessibility and our consistent track record of delivering outstanding outcomes for clients who prioritize inclusive media experiences.