Services for Legal Webinar Captioning

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Legal Webinar Captioning Services

Legal Webinar Captioning Services

Why did JD Advising need Transcripts and Captions?

JD Advising offers premier MPRE and Bar exam courses to students nationwide. The Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination (MPRE) is an exam developed by the National Conference of Bar Examiners (NCBE). It is required before taking the bar. It consists of 60 multiple choice questions, and the duration of the exam is two hours. They have also partnered with a number of top law firms to help students prepare for Bar examinations.

Services offered by CaptioningStar

Mr. Nicholas, the director of business operations, managed to get in touch with CaptioningStar to transcribe and caption their videos. These videos were seminars related to the MPRE. There were over 20 videos, and the total duration of the videos was around 20 hours. 

Having no prior association with CaptioningStar, Mr. Nicholas wanted to assess our working standards. We were asked to demonstrate our expertise. Initially, they sent us two video files for which they needed transcriptions.

The efforts of our team

Our team first audited the video and audio quality and realized that the audio quality was not satisfactory. Despite the poor audio quality, our professionals worked hard to transcribe the tapes. The legal working nature forced us to consult various experts, who guided us in formulating the appropriate terms for transcribing. It would have otherwise been tedious for a commoner to understand these law terminologies. After two days, the sample transcripts were sent to JD Advising.

Mr. Nicholas was impressed with our dedicated staff as they delivered accurate captions, although the audio was poor. The advising company also knew that the audio quality was poor. They immediately wanted a quotation. Knowing the other services we provide, they asked us to include captions to their videos. Our team sent an updated quote. Further, a question regarding the privacy of information was discussed. We ensured maximum security to the files and signed a Master Service Agreement (MSA).

The following day, professional transcribers from our company started working on converting these seminars into scripts. In 48 hours, transcriptions were ready, and real-time captioners time-coded the captions, and it was synchronized with the seminar videos. Our editors thoroughly checked all the captions as they had many new terms (legal related) and were eventually edited by the QC team. After that, they were proofread and were ready for upload. 

The output delivered

They demanded we deliver the files in VTT format(to enable closed captions) and sort the course materials according to the class. As instructed, our team uploaded the files in VTT format after segregating the materials. All the videos were uploaded to Dropbox as it is one of the best platforms for sharing data.

We also supported them by providing files in SRT format. Nothing was charged for the SRT format as we got more orders from JD Advising for transcription services. Laura, the Legal Research, Writer, and Coordinator at JD advising, reviewed the captioned videos and transcripts. She was pleased with our quick work. Mr. Nick appreciated the timely delivery of files. We are happy to tell you that we are still a part of their projects.